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Almost everyone loves to take good care of their appearance. First impressions are everything and you want to look your best when you step out into the world. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right supplies for your beauty regimen. Certain products may be sold out at stores or you just can’t find them all in one place. That’s where Sally Beauty Supply comes into play. They offer a multitude of beauty supplies all in one location. If you’re interested in checking out a store, search Sally Beauty Supply near me.

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Where Was Sally Beauty Supply Founded?

Sally Beauty Supply LLC actually began as one small store in New Orleans back in 1964. The shop was located on Magazine Street and sold beauty supplies and equipment to registered beauticians. The original owner would go on to franchise the idea and there was about 12 Sally Beauty stores in the New Orleans area after just five years. The store kept humble until it was discovered by Leonard Lavin who was the chief executive of the Alberto-Culver company. He was intrigued by it because Sally Beauty offered a new way to distribute hair care products. Most large hair salons were serviced by traveling salespeople at that time. Leonard Lavin thought it was a great way to sell his products so Alberto-Culver went on to buy the company for around $1 million. After a few decades, Sally Beauty has now grown to become the world’s largest retailer of professional beauty supplies.

sally beauty supply near me

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When did Sally Beauty begin to buy out stores?

When Sally Beauty began to buy out stores, they first focused on buying beauty supply operations in the south. It first bought four southern beauty chains in the early 1980s which included a Tennessee business that has 20 stores and a Houston chain that actually had 26 stores and a warehouse operation. Sally Beauty would go on to purchase Gibson Beauty Supply in 1982 and they were located in Denton, Texas. Because of where Gibson Beauty Supply was located, Sally Beauty would go on to move their corporate headquarters to Denton. Since Alberto-Culver headquarters remained in Suburban Chicago, Sally would buy two beauty near the headquarters in Illinois and move Sally into the Midwest. This move to the Midwest would help the company buy out fifty more retail outlets. By the mid-1980s, Sally Beauty was opening up about six or seven stores a month and were becoming very prevalent in what they were doing. If you’re interested in checking out the nearest Sally Beauty store closest to you, just search Sally Beauty Supply near me.

Sally Beauty Supply Near Me – Sally Beauty Supply Facts

Sally Beauty definitely grew quickly as a store reaching about $135 million by 1986 and that was a third of Alberto-Culver’s total sales and income. Sally Beauty had about 440 stores spread across 24 states by 1987. Though at first the store focused on hair care items, Sally began selling cosmetics and skin care products as well by 1987. Sally bought in bulk from major suppliers so it could offer discounts that appealed to the professional beauty operators who made up the majority of its customers. Sally did not manufacture its own products but some manufacturers produced special lines exclusively for Sally. These stores were usually located in strip malls where customers could just pick up the supplies.

By 1997, chain wide sales had reached $880 million which was half of parent Alberto-Culver’s revenue and about 10 percent came from Sally’s international operations.Sally was domestically opening up a new store every three days on average in the mid-1990’s. By 1993, Sally has over a thousand stores and that year they also bought Beauty Biz Inc. which was an Oklahoma chain of 35 retail beauty supply stores. With the continuation of opening stores, Sally Beauty had more than 1,800 retail stores by 1997.

By the late 1990s and the 2000s, Sally began to grow in new and inventive ways. The retail outlets were served through four distribution centers by the mid-1990s and the company kept looking for ways to serve its southeastern market. In 1995, Sally made an investment of more than $15 million to build a new warehouse and distribution center in Jacksonville, Florida and made plans to close its older facility in Atlanta, Georgia. The company would go on to invest more in advertising in the late 1990s as Sally had previously handled much of their marketing and advertising internally and in 1995, Sally spent over one million on advertising. Sally had hired a Texas-based advertising firm, BJK&E, to come up with a new store image in 1998. If you’re interested in checking out your local Sally Beauty store, just search Sally Beauty Supply near me.

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