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Looking to get glam on a budget? Your local Sally’s Beauty has you covered. Whether you’re looking to try out the latest hair color trends or experiment with some new makeup, you’ll find a full range of colors and products to help you achieve the look you desire. Since many Sally products are professional quality, you’ll find long last hair dyes, creamy eye shadows, and professional tools for styling your hair and applying makeup.

Are you interested in finding a Sally’s Beauty near you? Simply browse Sallys Beauty near me and find a list of locations in your local area. Need a bit more information on Sallys Beauty? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

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True or false: Some civilizations believed that lipstick could work magic.

Lipstick has always worked magic in regard to perking up the face and bringing color to a look, but did you know that some civilizations believed that its powers went way beyond improving your appearance? Consider this as you search Sallys Beauty near me. Back during the Elizabethan era of England, people truly believed that their lipstick had the power to work magic. Many even believed that it could ward off death and evil spirits. Queen Elizabeth I even credited lipstick with having lifesaving abilities. She reportedly replied it quite heavily when she was ill, hoping to keep her illness at bay. When she finally passed away, it’s rumored that Elizabeth had nearly a half inch of lip rouge applied. Not everyone was so keen on lipstick’s magical powers. In fact, it had a tendency to cause outrage on every level for the church to the state. Both parties deemed the application of lipstick to be rather sinful, thus a campaign began featuring pictures of the devil putting on lipstick. One time, Parliament even declared that lipstick was likened to witchcraft because it could “deceive a man into marriage.” Aren’t you glad you live in the modern era?

sallys beauty near me

Sallys Beauty is a one stop shop for all of your beauty needs!

True or false: Drugstore makeup is always worse for you.

While Sally Beauty offers many professional products, they also feature makeup products that can best be compared to those found at the drugstore. For years, drugstore makeup has been getting a bad wrap from beauty junkies who deem it lesser than more mid-range or high range brands. In reality, is drugstore makeup always worse for you? Consider this as you search Sallys Beauty near me. In general, mass market brands such as Revlon or Maybelline will incorporate more synthetic and less expensive ingredients into their products, hence why they are able to keep their prices so low. High end products such as MAC, tend to have premium formulations and higher quality ingredients. They also boast more pigment and were created using more costly technologies. Simply put, high end makeup tends to have cleaner ingredients, a better shade range, and fewer fillers. Despite this, drugstore makeup has come a long way and many companies are becoming more cognizant of the ingredients they use and how it affects one’s skin and overall health. If you can only afford drugstore products, don’t worry, they’ll work just fine and won’t cause any long term problems.

Sallys Beauty Near Me – Sallys Beauty Facts

Finding the Right Foundation

One of the most vexing aspects of beauty is finding the right foundation for your skin type and tone. It isn’t always simple, which is why visiting Sally’s Beauty can help demystify the process. Thanks to a well trained and knowledgeable staff, finding the right foundation is a breeze. But when you’re on your own or aren’t able to ask for help, how do you find the right foundation? Consider these rules of thumb as you search Sallys Beauty near me. Before you even consider skin tone, you’ll want to choose a foundation that is going to be right for your skin type. Skin can either be normal, oily, dry, or mixed. The type of skin you have will greatly affect how certain foundations will wear on you and appear on the skin. Normal skin will work well with just about any type of foundation. If your skin is normal, you can basically choose any product you want and cater to a coverage level. Oily skin tends to work best with matte or powder foundations. They help to keep oil at bay and won’t pill on top of the skin. Dry skin works well with a very hydrating liquid foundation. Tinted moisturizers are often recommend for those with dry skin as they won’t cling to scaly or dry patches. For mixed skin types (also known as combination skin), liquid, cream, and mousse foundations tend to work the best.

Spend Versus Save

When it comes to the world of beauty, it’s always important to know where to spend and when to save. It can be tempting to only purchase high end or professional grade products, but sometimes, the cheaper version can work just or well if not better. How do the experts recommend spending and saving when it comes to makeup and beauty? Consider this as you search Sallys Beauty near me. Generally speaking, if you wear a product every single day and it lasts more than 6 months, it’s better to invest in the higher quality product. If you want to spend money and go high end, it should always be on face makeup. Not only does high end foundation tend to contain better ingredients, but it will often look more natural and feel better on the skin. Primers and setting powders are another place where high end products tend to reign supreme. Same goes for many eyeshadows or anything that should be pigmented and blendable. Where you’ll want to save your hard earned money is on trendy products that you don’t wear all the time or need to replace more often. For example, drugstore lipstick almost always looks just as good as more expensive brand. Since it’s cheaper, you can afford to choose lots of colors or try out that new trend color without breaking the bank. Mascara is another item you’ll want to save on. While many expensive mascaras are quite nice, the drugstore brands tend to be just as good. Given that mascara can dry out rather quickly and needs to be replaced often, it’s a good idea to go drugstore.

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