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Beloved by professionals and novice beauty lovers, Sally’s Beauty Supply has become synonymous with quality affordable beauty goods. From salon hair care and quality dyes to budget friendly makeup and nail supplies; Sally’s Beauty is truly a destination for anyone who loves all things cosmetic.

Are you interested in finding a Sally’s Beauty Supply near you? Simply browse Sally’s Beauty Supply near me on the map below and find a list of locations in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on Sally’s Beauty Supply? Read on for facts and trivia on this amazing beauty mecca!

Sally’s Beauty Supply Near Me – Find it on the Map

Sally’s Beauty Supply Near Me – Sally’s Beauty Supply Trivia

What year did Sally’s Beauty Supply First Start?

For any beauty minded individual, Sally’s Beauty always tops the list when it comes to places to find your new favorite cosmetic product. While searching Sally’s Beauty Supply near me, consider how this chain first got its start. Sally’s Beauty Supply began operations at a single store in New Orleans in 1964. By 1969, the brand saw massive success. So much so, that consumer products company Alberto-Culver decided to purchase what had then grown to be an 11 store operation. Mike Renzulli, a former pharmacist from Philadelphia was put in charge as the brand manager of Sally’s Beauty Supply. He even located to New Orleans to take the gig and ensure that millions of women were treated to the beauty supply store experience that he believed they deserved.

sally's beauty supply near me

A typical Sally’s Beauty Supply offers one on one assistance for every major concern you may have.

True or false: There is a Sally’s Beauty Supply in every state.

If you’re searching Sally’s Beauty Supply near me, you’re in luck. There is currently a Sally’s Beauty location in every US state. The massive rollout of stores in the Sally family began in 1978. It was during this time to that brand made an aggressive push to roll out at least 25 stores and to continue growth in new locations on a yearly basis. By 1982, the brand counted 119 stores. It began international ventures in 1987. Not only was this the year that Sally’s Beauty Supply celebrated its 500th store opening, but this is when the brand acquired UK based beauty brand Ogge Beauty. With that acquisition Sally quietly moved into the international market and enjoyed sales of over 130 million annually.

True or false: Sally’s Beauty Supply sells over 7,000 professional quality products.

True! If you’re searching Sally’s Beauty Supply near me, then you’re probably seeking some new beauty products. You’re in luck, every Sally’s Beauty Supply offers more than 7,000 quality products for your hair, skin, and nails. Not only are these professional quality products given at a discounted price to salon professionals, but retail customers can also enjoy great deals and the same selection without the degree in cosmetology. Sally’s Goal is to appreciate their customers and to help them with every hair issue or beauty frustration. This is why Sally’s only employs beauty savvy sales associates who are familiar with the products and have a strong knowledge base when it comes to beauty.

Sally’s Beauty Supply Near Me – Sally’s Beauty Supply Facts

Loyalty First

While many beauty stores may boast loyalty programs, many only offer free samples or a small dollar off amount at the end of the month or when a certain amount of dollars are spent over time. Sally’s Beauty Supply offers the beauty club card for non-professional customers, which results in discounts, frequent coupons, and percentages off your entire purchase. Sally’s also offers a procard for professional customers. These cards offer discounts on every item in the store. If you become a member of the Sally’s loyalty program, you’ll receive a monthly email newsletter that includes coupons, beauty tips, and information regarding new products. You’ll also be alerted first when new new programs or events are to be hosted at your local Sally Beauty.

Sally and the Great White North

If you’re an American visiting Canada searching Sally’s Beauty Supply near me, you’re not out of luck! In fact, Sally’s Beauty expanded its presence to Canada in 2004. At this time, Sally opened its first location in Canada and took large strides in ensuring that it would always have a role in the international beauty scene. It was during this year that Sally’s Beauty Supply also launched charitable efforts in supporting Breast Cancer. Sally supported the City of Hope cancer research facility and presented a check for $100,000 at their annual gala event in Las Vegas. This brings the total that Sally’s Beauty has given to breast cancer to more than three million dollars. It’s always nice when you find that your favorite stores are your favorite for a reason. Not only does Sally’s always offer the best products, but they’re focus on charity, community, and the customer itself is truly refreshing.

4,000 Stores

If you’ve lost track of store locations while searching Sally’s Beauty Supply near me, fret not, Sally’s locations are in a constant state of growth. Currently, Sally’s boasts a whopping 4,000 locations throughout the world, including Mexico, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Not only does this mean that no matter where you go, you’ll always be able to find a Sally’s Beauty Supply; it means that this store will be around for the long haul!

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