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Sam’s West, Inc. is an American company that owns a chain of members-only retail warehouse clubs, under the name Sam’s Club. The store sells most of its products directly off the delivery pallets, or in large steel bins inside the warehouses. The clubs are owned and operated by Walmart, and named after the founder of Walmart Sam Walton.

Sam’s Club is among the largest US retailers in the United States, with over eight hundred locations. The company was founded in the early 1980s in Midwest City, Oklahoma, and today is headquartered in nearby Bentonville. To find your closest Sam’s Club warehouse, just search for Sam’s Club near me!

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How did Sam’s Club begin?

Sam Walton, founder of Walmart, wished to help other entrepreneurs access products and services necessary to help their small businesses succeed. He opened the first Sam’s Club in Midwest City, Oklahoma, in 1983, under the original name of Sam’s Wholesale Club. The business continued until 1987, where it made its first acquisition. Sam’s Club bought out the SuperSaver Wholesale Warehouse Club, in West Monroe, Louisiana. This purchase gave Sam’s Club an additional 24 locations. By 1989, Sam’s Club first entered the Northeast, by creating a location in an old warehouse in Delran, New Jersey. The company entered Pennsylvania in 1990. The largest Sam’s Club is located in Pineville, North Carolina. It has a retail space of 185 thousand square feet, which is almost the size of a city block in Manhattan!

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Most Sam’s Club locations are large warehouses, where items can be purchased directly off the pallets.

How large is Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club currently has just over 47 million club members inside the United States and Puerto Rico. The company has 655 locations inside America, and a further 200 abroad, including 160 locations in Mexico, 27 in Brazil and 13 in China. Sam’s Club is the eighth-largest retailer in the US in terms of net sales annually. In terms of sales among other warehouse clubs, Sam’s Club is the ranks second. It is just behind Costco, with $56.8 billion compared to Costco’s about $97 billion. This is despite the fact that Sam’s Club has more locations than Costco. Sam’s Clubs exist in 47 US states today. The only states that do not contain Sam’s Clubs are Oregon, Vermont and Rhode Island. Sam’s Club attempted to enter into Rhode Island, but their only store closed in 2016. In 2009, Walmart Canada announced it was to close all six of the Canadian Sam’s Club locations. Some industry experts believe this was because Sam’s Club was struggling to compete with Costco and The Real Canadian Superstore.

Who are Sam’s Club’s competitors?

Sam’s Club’s main competitors are Costco and BJ’s Wholesale Club. Costco has 705 locations around the world, with 493 in America, 90 in Canada and 36 in Mexico. BJ’s Wholesale Club is much smaller than Costco and Sam’s Club, with just 213 locations, mainly on the East Coast. In Canada, the former competitors were Costco and The Real Canadian Superstore, which has 113 locations in six provinces and territories. It is known as Maxi & Cie in Quebec.

What items does Sam’s Club sell?

Sam’s Club is organized into various departments. These include Furniture, Toys and Games, Construction and Repair, Books and Computers. The furniture includes bedroom and living room items, such as bedroom sets, bed frames and bedding, and sofas, loveseats, coffee tables and entertainment units. Their games include video games, ping pong tables and trampolines. Construction and repair items include step ladders, generators and power supplies.

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Sam’s Club has recently started to take steps to look less like warehouses. These include wider aisles, more organized departments, and improving cleanliness and brightness. Sam’s Club hopes to create a more enjoyable shopping experience.

The store also sells various medical products, including optical and hearing aid items. Some stores have photo centers, battery centers and tire centers too. The stores also offer free monthly health screenings!

Sam’s Club tests every single food product they sell. They use blind taste tests at their corporate headquarters. If a product does not rate at least 7.5 out of 9, then it will not be sold. Inside most Sam’s Club stores, there are also food sampling stands. These allow customers to try some of the food sold before they purchase it.

Non-members of Sam’s Club must pay an extra 10% markup in order to shop at the warehouses. Membership is required to purchase everything except cafe foods, prescription medicines, alcohol and gasoline. One-day passes are available for customers who are unsure if they wish to purchase a full membership or not. Memberships also offer free or discounted access to other services, like auctions, automatic buying, cell phone plans, rental cars and more. There are many levels of memberships available. The cheapest plan is a business membership and allows business owners access. The most expensive plans are $100, and are the Advantage Plus membership, which offers health and medical discounts, or the Business Plus membership, which offers the standard business services, and additional financial services and check printing.

Before 2006, the company slogan was “We Are In Business For Small Business”. This was changed to remove the emphasis on business customers, and to open up to more individual customers.

Sam’s Club has its own credit card that it offers to customers, the Sam’s Club 5-3-1 MasterCard. The name refers to the cashback offers. The card features 5% cashback on fuel, 3% on dining and travel at Sam’s Club and other select retailers, and 1% cashback on all other MasterCard purchases. In 2014, the store became the first major US retailer to offer a credit card with special chip technology embedded. This chip makes the card more difficult to duplicate, and so helps to reduce fraud.

The store also stocks some private brands, including Daily Chef, which consists of quality fresh groceries, and Members Mark, which is general merchandise and office supplies.

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