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Buying in bulk is one of the easiest ways to save money on items you frequently use and run out of. Whether it’s buying a massive 32 pack of paper towels or a two month supply of cereal, warehouse clubs such as Sams can help keep your pantry stocked without the high prices of a traditional grocery store. Not only does Sams offer thousands of brand name and store brand items, but they also sell home goods, tires, electronics, and even clothing.

Are you interested in finding a Sams near you? Simply browse Sams near me on the map below and find a list of Sams locations in your area. Need a bit more information on club shopping and Sams? Read on for facts, trivia, tips and more!

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Sams Near Me – Sams Trivia

What year did Sams first open?

The warehouse club trend might seem like a fairly recent venture, but stores of this vein actually date back to the 1980s. What year did the first Sam’s Club store open? Consider this as you search Sams near me. According to brand insiders, the very first Sam’s Club opened its doors on April 7, 1983 in the region of Midwest City, Oklahoma. The first Sam’s was a rousing success, as many Americans embraced the opportunity to buy items they love in bulk. In just four years, Sam’s expanded to include several new locations. That expansion only increased as they acquired other warehouse clubs such as PACE and SuperSaver. Today, Sam’s is well established as one of the top three warehouse clubs in the US, along with Costco, and BJS. Sam’s is also rated as the eighth largest retailer in America, with more than 47 million individuals frequenting Sam’s locations in 660 regions of the US and Puerto Rico.

sams near me

For bulk items, Sams is one of the best warehouse chains there is.

How much is a Sam’s Club membership?

One thing every warehouse club has in common is that they all charge every customer an annual membership fee in order to shop at the store. Just how much will a Sam’s Club membership set you back? Consider this as you search Sams near me. Currently, Sam’s offers three membership levels. Sam’s Savings costs $45, Sam’s Business costs $45 and Sam’s Plus costs $100. Unlike the $45 options, the Sam’s Plus membership includes rewards points, earlier shopping hours, gas perks, tire and auto perks, free shipping on all items with no minimum fee, and free select prescriptions. Knowing what membership works for you is based entirely on your individual needs. Most find that the $45 membership is just the ticket. In contrast, Costco charges between $55-$60 annually for a basic membership to their club stores. Money aside, it all comes down to preference.

Can a non-member shop at Sams?

If you’re not sure if committing to a full on annual Sam’s Club membership is for you, there is a way to try before you buy. As you search Sams near me, consider printing out a one day pass online or procuring a temporary one day pass at the service desk of your local Sams location. If you want to see what shopping at a Sam’s Club is like and what kind of items they offer, a one day pass can give you the best idea of what a membership could potentially offer. Keep in mind that when you shop at Sams without a full on membership you will pay around 10% more than full on members do. This means that your price at checkout will not be the same as the prices you’ll enjoy should you buy a full on year long membership. Still, doing a trial run is always a good idea before making a long term commitment.

Sams Near Me – Sams Facts

What Not To Buy At A Club Store

Shopping at a club store such as Sams can be an excellent way to save money and stock up on items you go through frequently. However, there are a few things that experts recommend buying at your local grocery store rather than at Sam’s Club or Costco. What should you not buy at a club store? Consider this as you search Sams near me. Firstly, never buy books or DVDs from a club store. Though most club stores have a massive section dedicated to best selling books, magazines, and DVDs, they’re not typically going to be the best bang for your buck. Instead visit sites like and Amazon when looking for books or DVDS. You can even get free e-books from sites such as eReaderIQ. Another thing you shouldn’t buy at a club store is condiments. While some condiments can be a pretty good buy at a club store, the value actually depends on how big the jar or package is. Ketchup and mayo can last a long time in the fridge, but they are also known to lose their freshness. Buying a massive three pack of 44 ounce ketchup containers might be worth the initial cost if you’re having a party or host a lot of parties, but typically buying condiments on sale at the grocery store can save you the most money in the long run. Buying olive oil and cooking oil might also seem like a great thing to buy in bulk, but according to the USDA, these oils can expire faster than you may think. Olive oil and vegetable oils only last about 3-5 months after being opened. Buying a giant tub will likely just end up wasting your hard earned cash. Instead, check local grocery ads for sales on smaller or mid sized bottles. Giant bottles of olive oil are really only a good buy for restaurants or those who cook or bake for a living. Lastly, though every club store has a produce section, you may want to walk on through to the other side. Unless you plan on eating a huge quantity of produce or are hosting a party, most of what you buy will likely go bad before you even get to use it in a dish or eat it as a snack. Not to mention, prices on produce at warehouse clubs is typically not any cheaper than the fresher produce you can find at a grocery store or farmers market. If you want produce at the lowest possible cost, you’ll want to hit up stores such as Aldi or Walmart instead. Buying local and going to the grocery store in your region are also better options when it comes to produce.

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