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Anyone who works in the medical or healthcare industry knows that a good pair of scrubs can go a long way. Not only are workers in these fields required to wear scrubs, but scrubs have a number of benefits beyond making making professionals easy to identify. Of course, as is the case with any uniform, some scrubs are of a higher quality than others. Finding the right scrubs for you depends on your preferences, needs, and personal color preferences.

If you’re interested in finding scrubs near you, you’ve come to the right place! Simply browse scrubs near me on the map below and find a list of stores selling scrubs near you. Looking for a bit more information on scrubs? Read on for facts, trivia, and so much more!

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Scrubs Near Me – Scrubs Trivia

True or false: The appearance of scrubs was highly influenced by a nuns habit.

When you think of scrubs, you most often think about doctors, nurses, or healthcare aides. You likely don’t think about nuns or religion. Strangely enough, the appearance of scrubs was highly influenced by the iconic nun’s habit. Consider this as you search scrubs near me. According to historians, the way scrubs currently look in the modern day initially evolved out of a nun’s habit since nuns used to be the primary caretakers of all ill and injured people when modern medicine was first developing. Though scrubs have certainly come a long way, you can still see some similarities to a habit in terms of fabric choices. Of course, nurses no longer have to wear any type of headgear and are typically fairly free in terms of what patterns or colors they choose for their scrubs.

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Scrubs are vital for both doctors and nurses in the medical field.

Which famous nurse first suggested that nurses wear uniforms?

Enter any hospital or medical building and you’ll quickly be able to identify nurses from doctors. Doctors will typically wear a white coat along with scrubs, where as a nurse will only wear a pair of scrubs. Ever wondered who first suggested this difference? Consider this as you search scrubs near me. Historians suggest that it was iconic nurse Florence Nightingale who first brought up that nurses should be dressed differently than doctors so that patients would be able to tell the two apart. Up until this point, it was very difficult for one to discern one medical professional from another, something that was confusing to both patients and other individuals who worked amongst those healing the ill. Scrubs first rose in popularity in the 1970’s because they were easy to clean, sturdy, comfortable, and could be made in a variety of colors. Nowadays, every nurse is required to wear scrubs, especially if he or she works in a hospital setting. Private practices are more lax and will often allow nurses to wear fun scrubs with cartoon characters, holiday scenes, and even their favorite seasons!

Scrubs Near Me – Scrubs Facts

Identify Potential Contaminants

In the medical field, there are many benefits to wearing scrubs. Aside from being very comfortable and loose, scrubs can help identify potential contaminants, keeping doctors and nurses safe. Consider this as you search scrubs near me. One of the major selling points of scrubs is that they can easily help medical professionals to identify contaminants and bodily waste such as stool, urine, blood, vomit, and other types of chemicals. This is why in some healthcare facilities, nurses may be required to wear solid colored scrubs such as white or blue. The ability to identify contaminants is key in keeping all parties in the medical setting safe, especially the nurse or doctor wearing the scrubs. In facilities where there is not much contact with contaminants and the risk of being exposed to fluids is low, nurses are allowed to wear various colors and patterns to suit their personal tastes.

A Harsh Cleaning Process

If you’re searching scrubs near me, then you’ll quickly learn that scrubs are also quite popular in the medical community because they are sturdy and hold up to a harsh scrub. Health care facilities that clean the scrubs and nursing uniforms that those employed wear will often use special cleaning chemicals and very hot water in order to clean the scrubs of any bacteria or potential contaminants. This type of cleaning is very harsh and could potentially ruin a nurse or doctor’s clothing if they were to wear their own clothing to work rather than scrubs. Even if you’re washing your scrubs at home, it’s suggested to use the the sanitary cycle, which is more rigorous and utilizes very hot water to clean the clothing. Scrubs can hold up to this type of cleaning and tend to afford the wearer many months or years of use before needing to be replaced. In a field where it’s not always easy to find the time to care about what you’re wearing, knowing that scrubs will stand the test of time is of the utmost importance! Of course, this is just one of many reasons to own a pair of scrubs.

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