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Seafood can be an expensive indulgence, but by visiting a seafood market, you can help to cut out some hefty costs and still prepare a delicious dinner at home. Seafood markets tend to sell fish, shellfish, and other types of seafood at a much lower cost than a typical grocery store. The seafood is also often much fresher and more ethically sourced than what you’ll find at the market.

Are you interested in finding a seafood market near you? Simply browse SeaFood market near me on the map below and find a list of seafood markets located in your area. Need a bit more information on seafood? Read on for tips, trivia, and more!

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Is seafood healthy?

One reason you may be searching SeaFood market near me is due to the potential health benefits of eating seafood. Though it might seem like seafood is equal in nutrients to say chicken or beef, experts cite otherwise. According to nutritionists, seafood is extremely nutrient rich and a great source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Unlike many protein based foods, scientific studies have found that there is a unique type of fat that is found in seafood- omega-3 acids known as DHA and EPA. These fatty acids aid in the prevention or mitigation of common chronic diseases. They are also great for your skin, hair and nails. Next time you’re looking for a healthy meal with benefits, try salmon, tuna, or even shrimp!

seafood market near me

You’ll find the freshest seafood by visiting a seafood market!

Should you buy organic seafood?

In recent years, buying foods that are “dubbed” organic has become more and more of a priority for many American families. After all, organic foods are often prepared without pesticides and other harmful chemicals. While it might be a good idea to buy many foods organic, some advise against buying organic seafood. This is because many experts cite that the organic seafood market is about as organized and monitored as the wild west. There’s really no official designation. While there are European and organic standards that many labels will refer to, it’s important for consumers to remember that those labels don’t necessarily mean the same thing in the US as they do overseas. Many manufacturers may not adhere to strict standards and will simply slap an organic claim on a seafood label to push their product. This doesn’t mean that there’s no such thing as organic fish, but every consumer must be wary of the label and know that not all seafood is created equal.

Can you eat fish everyday?

Exactly how much fish is too much fish? Consider this as you search SeaFood market near me. According to government guidelines, the average person can consume fish twice a week. While it’s technically safe to eat fish everyday (given that the type of fish is very low in mercury), it’s not clear if there is any benefit to eating fish on a daily basis. If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, eating fish everyday is not recommended.

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A Boost for the Brain

Looking for a brain boost? Try adding fish that is rich with omega-3 fatty acids to your diet. These fatty acids can boost cognitive function and improve working memory. So which fish should you consider while searching SeaFood market near me? Experts say you’ll get the most bang for your buck by purchasing Alaskan salmon, Atlantic mackerel, sardines, anchovies, and freshwater trout. These types of fish are packed with health benefits and are extremely low in toxins.

Always Choose Sustainable Seafood

Choosing seafood might seem as simple as searching SeaFood market near me, but even while browsing your local seafood market, you’ll want to choose sustainably sourced fish. Sustainable seafood is seafood that is caught or farmed in an eco friendly way. If you’re wondering how you can figure out if that beautiful fillet you have your eye on was caught sustainably, you’ll want to download the Seafood Watch app. This app can quickly recommend what you should and shouldn’t buy when it comes to sustainable seafood. Use it at the fish market or even when dining out at a seafood restaurant. The app can offer insight into retailers in your area and fish markets that are offering sustainably caught seafood. Before you hit the market, try downloading the app and seeing what options are available in your area.

Mind the Mercury

As you search Seafood market near me, you may want to consider just which fish may contain high levels of mercury. Mercury can negatively affect the central nervous system and cause issues if consumed in high amounts. So which fish contain the highest levels of mercury? According to experts, swordfish, shark, tilefish, and king mackerel are known to contain the highest levels of mercury. Keep in mind, the average person won’t get mercury poisoning by simply eating recommended amounts of seafood that is commercial sold (this means any seafood that is sold in restaurants or supermarkets. Of course, if you’re of childbearing age, pregnant, or breastfeeding, you should try and avoid eating fish that may contain high levels of mercury as this can cause defects and possible fertility issues. Air on the side of caution and eat fish with low mercury levels, such as salmon, tilapia, shrimp tuna, cod, and catfish.

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