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Are you looking to treat yourself with a scrumptious plate of seafood delicacies? Find restaurants and hotels serving seafood by browsing the map below. Using our fast and efficient site, you can discover all kinds of amazing seafood joints near you. Simply search for Seafood to reveal a list of “seafood near me” showing all places within your vicinity that serve seafood dishes.

Details about the places are also provided, such as; the exact location, working hours and contact information among other things. Simply click on a location to access full details about it. Remember to turn on your phone’s GPS location for this to work. Don’t miss out on the fun around you, start searching now to discover a new, amazing seafood place near you.

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Astonishing benefits of seafood.

Health experts and nutritionists recommend eating seafood at least twice a week. This is because seafood delicacies are good for the much needed omega-3 fatty acids. Sure, you can get omega-3 from supplements, but why do that when you can whip up a plate of seared tuna alongside some fine Pinot Noir. Apart from the pallet fulfilling experience you gain from eating seafood, these savory dishes come with a boatload of other benefits. If you are still not a believer, these four benefits of seafood will convert you.

Seafood for a better brain. Research has discovered that the people who eat fish regularly have more grey matter in the brain compared to non-consumers. This will benefit you in promoting your memory and preventing cognitive diseases like Alzheimer’s in old age.


Get on the seafood diet!

Eat fish for a happier life. Studies has shown that omega-3 found in fish and other seafood is a good anti-depressant. Regular seafood eaters tend to be happier and more jovial thanks to omega-3. Adequate consumption of fish can therefore give you a happier depression free life.

A stronger, better heart all thanks to seafood. One of the common killer diseases in the world is heart attacks. Consumption of fish has been shown to reduce the risk of a heart attack by a stunning 30% rate. I’ll just leave this information here and let you decide what to do with it.

Unborn babies also benefit from fish. Doctors recommend an adequate consumption of omega-3 to expectant women, especially derived direct from the source; seafood. This is due to its benefits in the brain development of an unborn child. Fish should however be eaten with caution when it comes to expectant mothers so as to prevent mercury poisoning. Having fish which are down in the food chain like salmon, sardines and trout will eliminate this possibility.

Now that you are armed with this knowledge, you can search for the best seafood places around you by revealing a long list of seafood near me from the map. Simply have a look on the map and get to munching.

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Top five amazing sea food destinations in America.

If you are a lover of seafood, you probably know that to get the best seafood you have to go where the water is. Why? Because there no good fish like fresh fish. Even though there are many cities that serve delicious seafood dishes, the best are those found near water bodies. So, without further ado, I give you the top ten sea food destinations in America.

1.Seattle in Washington

For a long time now, Seattle has been the home of seafood to Americans. In fact, millions of people visit Seattle’s Pike Place Market to get the seafood experience of a lifetime. Other top spots for seafood in Seattle include: RockCreek Seafood & Spirits, Canlis, Blueacre Seafood, Shuckers and Manolin.

2.Boston in Massachusetts

New England cities are known for making the best seafood dishes, but if I were to pin point the best, I’d pick Boston. This city in Massachusetts is known as the hot spot for amazing sea food dishes such as lobster rolls, the best oysters and clam chowder among the many delicacies offered. Boston is also the home of many seafood festivals that will ensure your thirst for seafood is quenched. The best restaurants for seafood in Boston include; The Neptune Oyster, The Daily Catch, Legal Harbor side, and The Union Oyster House.

3.Key West in Florida

Florida is full of cities that serve good seafood dishes. But if you want to experience seafood to another level, Key West is the place to be. Known for deep sea fishing and delicious seafood cuisine, Keys will give you an unforgettable seafood experience. Among the best joints for seafood in Key West are; Hot Tin Roof, ABS Lobster House, Louie’s Backyard, One Duval, Seven Fish and the Stoned Crab. This place is also known for throwing ‘off the chain’ festivals such as The Keys Fest and Florida Keys Seafood Festival.

4.Georgetown in Maine

This list cannot be complete without mentioning Maine. Maine is simply the home for lobster. If you are a lover of seafood, lobster in particular, visiting Maine should be on your bucket list. To narrow it down, Georgetown in Maine is the home of one of the largest Lobster Companies as well as beautiful restaurants serving seafood delicacies. The best seafood joints in Georgetown include: Luke’s Lobster, Fiola Mare and Sea Catch Restaurant.

5.Charleston in South Carolina

Charleston offers one of the best seafood dishes in the country. Being the home of the famous Hank’s Seafood, (a restaurant that has maintained its title for the best seafood, for a good 15 years) your seafood fetishes are guaranteed to come to life. Apart from Hank’s other restaurants that serve a mean dish of seafood goodies are: Blossom, Fig, 82 Queen, Fish, Fleet Landing and Pearlz Oyster Bar.

To discover this and more fun places with seafood delicacies reveal seafood near me from the search above.

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