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Whether you’re eating a steaming lobster, a delicious plate of pasta with crab, a lightly sautéed shrimp scampi, or a salmon filet glazed to perfection, seafood is one of the most popular culinary choices all around the world. In many countries, seafood isn’t just the main meat that most people consume it is one of the most important food staples in general.

Are you interested in finding a seafood restaurant near you? Simply browse seafood near me on the map below and find a list of seafood restaurants located in close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on seafood restaurants? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more on

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Seafood Restaurant Near Me – Seafood Restaurant Trivia

True or false: You are only supposed to eat shellfish during months with the letter “R.”

If you’re searching seafood restaurant near me, then you may have heard of the common myth that states that one is only supposed to eat shellfish during months containing the letter “r.” At this point in time, the letters for doing such a thing seem both numerous and suspect. Though some people still follow this advice, others question its validity and if there is any need to do so. According to historians, this rule or myth first originated with the Native Americans, who then passed the advice onto the pilgrims who then passed it on to other international settlers. In the past, not eating shellfish during those select months made sense to most. All months that don’t contain an “r” in their name fall in the summertime. This is when algae can bloom and fill shellfish up with toxins that you probably don’t want floating around in your body. Shellfish also tend to breed in the summer months, leading some to conclude that they don’t taste as good in the summer when actively fertile. In the present day, you don’t really need to abide by the “r” rule as many of these past problems don’t pose much of a threat anymore. The shellfish that you are able to purchase at the store is typically cultivated or harvested commercially as a part of a very safe streamlined process. In addition, most shellfish in the Us are imported from somewhere else during the summer months. This means that unless you’re out catching your own shellfish, they’re pretty safe to eat year round.

seafood restaurant near me

Seafood restaurants can range from casual to upscale depending on your price point.

Is Mahi Mahi dolphin?

To put it plain and simple: nope. There’s a lot of confusion with mahi mahi and as you search seafood restaurant near me, it’s important to remember that mahi mahi are not dolphin. It’s easy to become focused as for a long time, mahi mahi was known as the dolphin fish. While a mahi mahi looks nothing like a dolphin, this name was likely earned by those catching the fish. Mahi mahi have a habit of swimming right alongside boats, much like dolphins do. This lead many to begin associating mahi mahi with dolphins. It might not seem like a big deal, but fisherman found the debacle to be pretty much the worst PR they could get. Most individuals are very against eating dolphins. They’re intelligent, cute, and have incredibly high levels of mercury. If someone were to confuse a product at the store with dolphin, odds are they aren’t going to purchase that item. Renaming the fish “mahi mahi” from dolphinfish was largely an attempt to keep this confusion from ever happening in the first place.

Seafood Restaurant Near Me – Seafood Restaurant Facts

Raw Fish Is Typically Frozen First

If you’re on the hunt for seafood restaurant near me in hopes of finding some sushi, here’s a fun fact for you. If you’ve ever eaten sushi or sashimi in the US, odds are it was frozen for a long time before it touched your plate. Despite having a reputation as being raw fish, US food inspection authorities are pretty against individuals eating raw food, believing raw food to be unsanitary and a harbinger of disease. That’s why any raw fish being sold in the United States must first undergo a deep freeze in order to kill off any potential bacteria that may be lurking on the fish itself. The only exception to the freezing rule is tuna, though many individuals and establishments that sell tuna end up freezing it anyway. As many US sushi bar frequenters are concerned with fresh fish, they also want fish that isn’t in season sometimes. This means that several sushi bars will opt to freeze their tuna for long periods of time (sometimes up to two years) in order to have it on the menu. Most individuals admit that they can’t tell the difference between frozen and fresh fish anyway.

To Devien or Not to Devein

Any seafood lover or individual searching seafood restaurant near me knows that shrimp is arguably one of the most popular seafood dishes in the world. Despite it’s popularity and availability, many are still confused as to whether or not shrimp should be deveined prior to cooking it. What is the vein in the shrimp? Well, it’s actually the shrimp’s intestine. Much of the fan fare around deveining stems from the fact that there’s a large chance that when the shrimp was caught it was still carrying the remains of his last meal within his intestine. Since shrimp are bottom feeders, leaving the remains of the intestine in tact can cause the shrimp to taste gritty and even give it an unpopular texture. In other words, whether to devein or not is entirely up to the person preparing the shrimp. If the potential for grit and texture leave your stomach feeling a little unsettled, go ahead and devein. If you’re not bothered, skip this step and get right to enjoying your shrimp!

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