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American’s love a good seafood restaurant. From lobster to scampi and even stuffed clams, there’s so much to love about the variety and deliciousness of seafood. Whether you’re looking for a formal sit down seafood restaurant or a laid back seaside shanty, there’s a seafood restaurant to meet every one of your cravings.

Interested in finding a seafood restaurant near you? Simply browse seafood restaurants near me on the map below and find a list of seafood restaurants in your area. Need a bit more information on seafood restaurants in the US? Read on for fun facts, trivia, and even a list of the best seafood restaurants in the US.

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Seafood Restaurants Near Me – Seafood Restaurants Trivia

What is the oldest seafood restaurant in the US?

If you’re searching seafood restaurants near me in the US and are located in the Boston area you’re in for a treat. The oldest seafood restaurant in the US is located in Boston right on Union Street. Dubbed the Union Oyster House, this restaurant was established way back in 1636 and has been serving up seafood and oysters ever since. Famous patrons have included the Kennedy clan, John Adams, and John Hancock amongst many other famous politicians.

seafood restaurants near me

Seafood restaurants in the US can range from low end to high end, offering something for every budget.

What did Mahi Mahi used to be called?

Before this delicious fish was called Mahi Mahi it went by a slightly different name. This fish was actually once called dolphinfish. Keep in mind, this had nothing to do with their relation to dolphins, but because much like a dolphin, mahi mahi have a habit of swimming alongside boats. To avoid any confusion, these fish are now simply known as Mahi Mahi a Hawaiian term that literally translates to “strong-strong.” Of course, the dolphinfish name was rather off putting to a dolphin loving American public that saw the senseless slaughter of a dolphin like fish to be a bit much to swallow.

What vitamin is prevalent in crab meat?

If you’re searching seafood restaurants near me in hopes of getting your hands on some succulent crab meat, you’ll be happy to know that this meat is more than just tasty, it’s actually quite nutritious.
According to the FDA, crab meat is very high in Vitamin B12, a vitamin that can prevent anemia and keep nerve and blood cells healthy. While many people take supplements in order to get enough of this vitamin, 2-3 ounces of crab meat a day can meet an adult’s daily B12 requirement. Who knew that crab meat could be both delicious and nutritious?

True or false: American’s ranked Red Lobster as only the fourth best seafood chain.

True! While American’s love Red Lobster’s seafood offerings in a pinch, it’s far from top ranked amongst diners looking to eat at a seafood chain. The top ranked chain has consistently been the Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen, a small family owned chain of seafood restaurants centered in and around the Texas area. The second most beloved seafood chain is Bonefish Grill, followed by Bahama Breeze, and then Joe’s Crab Shack. Joe’s Crab Shack has consistently been on the rise for the past few years as diners have come to crave a more fun environment when it comes to getting their seafood fix.

Seafood Restaurants Near Me – Seafood Restaurants Facts

A Love Affair With Seafood

If you’re searching seafood near me in the United States, you’re not the only one looking to get their seafood fix. According to statistics, US consumers spend about two thirds of their annual expenditures on seafood in restaurants, cafeterias, and other food service businesses. Seafood is such an integral element to so many food service operations that many restaurants are constantly expanding their seafood options to involve more than just fish portions and breaded shrimp. In fact, many are starting to include seafood baked, pastas, and even more obscure fish offerings to meet a changing US palette.

The Great Shrimp Devein debate

Shrimp is unquestionably one of the most popular seafood dishes in the world. Not surprisingly, there’s a lot of confusion about whether shrimp need to be deveined or not before cooking it. The “Vein” is actually not a vein at all, it’s the shrimps intestines. Odds are, if you caught the shrimp, he still had the remains of his last meal. Since shrimp are bottom feeds, the remains in the intestines are believed to make the shrimp taste gritty. However, seafood chefs will tell you that this difference in taste on ly applies to larger shrimp, and is typically not noticeable in smaller shrimp. Still, most shrimp lovers agree that there is a total taste difference. Whether shrimp need to be deveined or not is a matter of personal opinion.
Top 3 Seafood restaurants in the US

If you’re searching for seafood restaurants near me, keep these three top notch restaurants on your radar. Not only are they known for their amazing food, they’re known for their atmosphere as well.

1. Le Bernardin, New York, NY

If you want your seafood dining experience to feel upscale and special, this New York City based restaurant is your best bet. With fresh seafood from local sources and an amazing chef, there’s no shortage of yummy dishes to choose from.

2. Hogfish Bar & Grill, Stock Island, FL

The Hogfish Bar & Grill in Florida is known for offering high end delicious dishes in a casual and less than stuffy environment. If you want high quality food without the need of a suit and tie, this is your best bet.

3. Red Fish Grill, New Orleans, LA

Nothing could be more fun than getting your seafood fix in this delicious seafood restaurant. Expect to be wowed by the food and expect to have fun. After all, it is New Orleans! Fun is bound to happen.

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