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When it comes to the US Secretary of State, foreign policy is the name of the game. Without this appointed official, our relationship with many countries would be less than ideal and working out complex political issues would prove far more taxing.

Are you interested in finding if the Secretary of State will be in your area soon? Simply browse Secretary of State near me on the map below and find a list of locations that the Secretary of State might be visiting near you. Need a bit more information on the current Secretary of State? Read on for facts, trivia, and history on this government position.

Secretary of State Near Me – Find it on the Map

Secretary of State Near Me – Secretary of State Trivia

Who is the current Secretary of State?

If you’re searching Secretary of State near me, then you possess an obvious interest in this government role. What you might not know is who is currently holding the position of Secretary of State. The Secretary of State is always appointed by the sitting president, with the advice and consent of the Senate, the Secretary of State is the chief foreign affairs adviser in the US government. The Secretary is tasked with carrying out any foreign policy initiatives enacted by the President through the State Department. This includes foreign service, civil service, and the US Agency for International Development. Upon winning the election and becoming president of the United States, Donald Trump appointed Rex W. Tillerson as the 69th Secretary of State in early 2017. Prior to Tillerson, Senator John Kerry held the role of Secretary of State under President Obama. Hillary Clinton also stepped into the taxing position during Obama’s first term.

secretary of state near me

Current US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson meeting with Vladimir Putin.

When was the position of Secretary of State founded?

Like so many roles in the US government, the position of the Secretary of State was founded shortly after the initial founding of the nation in the late eighteenth century. In 1791, Congress official created the Department of Foreign Affairs, but later abolished it and replaced it with the Department of State in 1789. Lawmakers saw a need for a position to assist the president in foreign policy matters and to represent the United States on foreign soil. With that, the position of the Secretary of State was formed. Nomination of the Secretary was left in the hands of the president, who made an appointment and then turned to the senate for approval of the nomination. The very first Secretary of State was Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson served under George Washington from 1790 up until 1793. Ever since the end of World War II, US Foreign Policy has greatly expanded and grown. The United States now maintains diplomatic relations with more than 180 countries worldwide. We also foster bonds with many highly regarded international organizations. Consider this as you search Secretary of State near me.

Secretary of State Near Me – Secretary of State Facts

The Current Secretary of State

If you’re searching Secretary of State near me in hopes of catching a local visit or press conference with the Secretary of State, then you’re obviously interested in learning a bit more about the current secretary of state. Rex Tillerson became Secretary of State in early 2017. One might think Tillerson possess a great degree of political experience given his high ranking position, but his past experiences state otherwise. Prior to being appointed as Secretary, Rex Tillerson worked at ExxonMobil for 41 years. Here he started as a production engineer, which lead him to a position of buying and selling oil in various parts of the world. His foreign policy experience comes from his business travels. Tillerson was tasked with making oil deals with the leaders of numerous countries, including Nigeria, Qatar, and Sudan (amongst many others). While being CEO of ExxonMobil may seem like enough experience to be Secretary of State, many site that these are two drastically different roles. As Secretary of State, Tillerson will be tasked with taking on many harrowing human rights issues, strengthening NATO alliances, and settling peace deals between feuding nations such as Israel and Palestine. While Tillerson may be up for the task, many wonder if his experiences will translate to a successful run as Secretary of State. What do you think about Rex Tillerson’s appointment as Secretary?

A Different Duty of the State Department

As you may already know while searching Secretary of State near me, the office of the Secretary is a part of the state department. What does the state department do aside from handling foreign policy issues? They also deal with passports. The term passport itself is derived from the old French word “passer” which means to enter or leave. It is literally a permit issued to leave a country and enter another. The issue of passports and travel documents were first mentioned in 1782, when it was a function of the Department of Foreign Affairs. The State Department was not granted the authority to issue passports until 1856. Prior to this date, governors, mayors, and notary publics were the only figures of authority who were able to grant passports.

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