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Washing your own car may seem like a habit of the past, but many folks simply love the hands on approach of a self car wash or coin operated car wash. Both are more cost effective means to washing a car without having to do so at home without professional level equipment.

Are you interested in finding a self car wash near you? Simply browse self car wash near me on the map below and find a list of self car wash establishments located in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on a self car wash? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and information.

Self Car Wash Near Me – Find it on the Map

Self Car Wash Near Me – Self Car Wash Trivia

True or false: The first car wash was invented in 1914.

Ever since cars were first invented, people have been finding innovative ways to wash their vehicles and keep them looking newer even longer. Then, in 1914, two men from Detroit opened the very first car wash business which as dubbed the “Automated Laundry.” Unfortunately for the workers, the car wash wasn’t really automated at all. Instead, it worked as a pail and sponge operation where cars were pushed down an assembly line in a tunnel. One Attendant was tasked with soaping the car as it rolled past, another would rinse, and a final attendant would dry. After a few cars went down the line, the attendants were essentially wiped out, feeling more than a bit beguiled by the whole experience. The first automatic car wash opened in Hollywood, California where car culture was reaching peak status in the 1940s. Instead of having to manually push the cars through the line, this car featured a handy winch system that hooked onto the bumper and pulled the car through as attendants splashed, soaked, soaped, and wiped the cars as they were pulled through. By the time 1946 rolled around, a man by the name of Thomas Simpson had invented the first semi-automatic car wash that took much of the manual labor out of the tunnel via a conveyor belt that hooked onto the automobiles. This car wash also implemented automatic overhead sprinklers and a 50 HP air blower to dry the car. It goes without saying that if you’re searching self car wash near me, that car washes have come a long way. Not only are automatic car washes still highly popular, but self serve and do it yourself washes are also climbing in popularity everyday.

self car wash near me

A self car wash leaves all the soapy fun for you!

How many sides of the car do today’s car washes clean?

Even though you’re searching, self car wash near me, you may be interested in learning just how far the automatic car wash has come. Early on, customers relied on attendants to soap and clean the car, meaning that not every aspect of the vehicle received a thorough cleaning. Today’s car washes are literal cleaning machines. Not only do they wash all five sides of the car at once, but they also scrub the tires and clean out the undercarriage of the vehicle as well. Modern car washes are also far more eco-friendly, often employing milder soaps and lower water and electric requirements than their early counterparts. Many new car washes also employ express tunnels to get your car through quickly and efficiently, meaning more clean cars and even happier car owners.

Self Car Wash Near Me – Self Car Wash Facts

Setting Your Time Wisely

Something many individuals forget when searching self car wash near me is that so much of your experience depends on planning and setting your time wisely. Though many self serve car washes now take credit and debit cards, most still rely on quarters to fund machines. This means that you’ll have to do some planning as to how many quarters or dollars (to make quarters) you will essentially need to completely clean your car. You certainly don’t want to be scrambling in between the seats for quarters with wet hands while losing precious time you already paid for on the wash or vacuum. On average, it will take around 10-15 minutes to wash a mid sized sedan at a self serve car wash. It will take longer to wash an SUV, mini-van, or other larger vehicle. The amount of time spent also depends on the number of steps you implement. If you’re going to do a waxing step, add more time. At most local coin operated car washes, 10 minutes will cost around five bucks in quarters. Some charge higher or lower rates. This means you should plan out more than five dollars of quarters ahead of time in case the wash takes a bit longer than you anticipated. If you’re also planning on vacuuming your car, bring extras. Some vacuum services cost more than the wash itself. Don’t always plan on every car wash having working change machines either. Though most will boast those little kiosks to turn your dollars into quarters, many of them haven’t worked in ages and likely never will.

What to Clean First

Since time is of the essence when searching self car wash near me and actually washing your car, there are a few areas of the vehicle that should be cleaned first to get the most out of your time. Experts recommend that you alway start with the wheels. Wheels are the grimiest visible bits on your car. When you clean them, the salt and soot and accumulated brake dust comes off and might get on other parts of the vehicle. By cleaning the wheels first and eliminating this grime, you’ll save yourself the extra step of cleaning the car again if you save the wheels for last. Some washers have a separate scrubber for wheels, which is always a good idea. This can help you to break off the most grime in the quickest way possible. After you’ve finished the wheels, hose them off and do a pre rinse. You’re now ready to soap up your car and start the washing process!

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