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Whether you need a cup of Joe or some grub on the go, Seven Eleven is known for being the one convenience store that can meet all of your needs in one easy to find location. From fresh hot dogs and pizzas to drinks and toiletries, there’s nothing that your local Seven Eleven doesn’t carry.

Ready to find a Seven Eleven near you? Simply browse Seven Eleven near me on the map below and find a list of locations in your local area. Need a bit more information on this iconic convenience store brand? Read on for facts, trivia, and more. You’ll learn more about this chain than you ever thought possible!

Seven Eleven Near Me – Find it on the Map

Seven Eleven Near Me – Seven Eleven Trivia

Why is it called Seven Eleven?

Seven Eleven is one of the most famous convenience store chains in the world. Despite this, few people understand where the name Seven Eleven came from or why it has stuck for several decades. Why is it called Seven Eleven? Consider this as you search Seven Eleven near me. When the brand was first conceptualized in back in 1927 in Texas, it was known as the Southland Ice Company. The store sold milk, eggs, and bread from the dock. Years later, the brand underwent another name change and was dubbed “Tote’m Stores” because customers toted away their purchases. In 1946, it changed to its current name, Seven Eleven, taking the numbers from its hours of operation, from 7 AM to 11 PM. Of course, now many Seven Eleven locations offer much different hours than the original store.

seven eleven near me

No matter where you live, there’s a Seven Eleven location near you!

What is Seven Eleven day?

You might want to mark your calendar now, because Seven Eleven day is no joke! What is Seven Eleven day? On this day, better known as July 11th, instead of celebrating its birthday with cake and candles, the world’s best and largest convenience store celebrates by handing out free Slurpee drinks to anyone who visits the store between normal operating hours. You can choose your own flavor and the only stipulation is size. Obviously, you won’t be granted the largest slurpee size for free. But who cares, free is free!

How many Seven Eleven stores are in the US?

It’s no mystery that Seven Eleven is a wildly popular chain with bombastic brand recognition. The chain has been featured in movies and has even been spoofed in cartoons like “The Simpsons.” Given their influence, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Seven Eleven has a bevy of chains to choose from. Right now, there are more than 10,300 Seven Eleven convenience stores in North America. Globally, there are some 52,800 Seven Eleven stores located in more than 16 countries. This means that no matter where you search Seven Eleven near me, you’ll find a great location to choose from!

Seven Eleven Near Me – Seven Eleven Facts

Is Seven Eleven Open 24 Hours?

Back in 1946, Seven Eleven changed its name from “Tote’m” to reflect their operating hours of 7 AM to 11 PM. Does the brand still operate on these same restrictive hours? Yes and no. Read on as you search Seven Eleven near me. Back in 1963, the chain got the bright idea to stay open 24 hours when its popular Austin, Texas location was so bustling after a University of Texas football game that it seemed foolish to turn away such profitable prospects at the expense of staying open all night. Soon enough, more franchise locations caught on. The brand changed its hours to 24 hours on weekends and eventually to seven days a week. Keep in mind, some Seven Eleven locations still close at midnight on weeknights.

Seven Eleven Coffee To-Go

Ever grabbed a cup of coffee to-go at your local Seven Eleven? You’re certainly not alone! Coffee is one of the most popular purchases at Seven Eleven locations across the globe. Did you know that Seven Eleven is the first place in the world where you could get fresh brewed coffee in a to-go cup? According to legend, the Long Island, NY location offered folks the chance to get coffee to go back in 1964. The idea caught on right away and became commonplace at Seven Eleven locations across the US and even abroad. Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to imagine not being able to get a hot cup of Joe from Seven Eleven while out on the go.

Slurpee Heaven

Been to a Seven Eleven? Then you know that this brands slurpees are second to none. Ever wondered just how many slurpees Seven Eleven sells each month? Odds are, it is more than you think. According to Seven Eleven, more than 14 million slurpees are sold each and every month. The top selling flavors are Coca-Cola and Wild Cherry. The slurpee was first introduced back in 1966. Since that day, more than 7.2 billion slurpees have been sold worldwide. That amounts to nearly one slurpee for every person on the planet. Will you pick up a slurpee after searching Seven Eleven near me?

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