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Whether you’re craving a delicious burger or a crispy fried chicken sandwich, you can get iconic burger joint style digs at your local Shake Shack. Once a New York city establishment, Shake Shack now has several locations in several major cities, including Philadelphia and Los Angeles.

Finding a location no longer means waiting in long lines or bumming around the your local city looking for what is the equivalent of a unicorn. Why? Because we’ve done the leg work for you! Simply browse Shake Shack near me on the map below and find a list of Shake Shack location nearest you. Need a bit more information on this iconic brand? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

Shake Shack Near Me – Find it on the Map

Shake Shack Near Me – Shake Shack Trivia

True or false: Shake Shack started as an art installation.

What does art have to do with burgers? A lot if you live in New York. Way back in the summer of 2001, an art show known as “I Heart Taxi” was put in place in the famed Madison Square Park in Manhattan. In addition to featuring all kinds of tax-themed displays, there was a little hot dog stand that quickly became a hit for offering up friendly service and delicious Chicago-style dogs. Patrons didn’t know that the little hot dog stand was run by famed restaurateur Danny Meyer and was staffed by workers from his upscale restaurants. Though the operation didn’t turn a profit in the three summers it was in business, Meyer was encouraged by the enthusiasm and the turnout. He asked the NYC parks department for a full-time business permit and pledged to donate some of the earnings to the park’s development. They agreed to the terms and a permit was granted. In 2004, Shake Shake was officially opened. Long lines ensued and great burgers were had. As you search Shake Shack near me, consider how this iconic NYC establishment first found its footing.

shake shack near me

Shake Shack is known for its amazing burgers and epic milkshakes!

Where did the name “Shake Shack” come from?

What’s in a name? When it comes to the brand “Shake Shack” the name is not everything that it seems. Since opening in 2004, many have attributed the “Shake Shack” name to the fact that the restaurant serves up milkshakes along side of its burgers. In reality, the name “Shake Shack” comes from a far different source of inspiration. Danny Meyer told Fortune magazine that he came up with the name after watching the movie “Grease.” In the final scene of the film, Sandy and Danny dance on a carnival ride called the “Shake Shack” while singing “You’re the One That I Want.” Given that Meyer was a big fan of the film, the name stuck and Shake Shack was born. Even though the name wasn’t derived from the milkshake, this restaurant still prides itself on offering triple thick shakes along side of its amazing and classic grub. Every time you search Shake Shack near me, think about how this film drew heavy inspiration from pop culture!

Shake Shack Near Me – Shake Shack Facts

Which midwest chain inspired Shake Shack?

Businesses often draw inspiration from those who came before them. Shake Shack isn’t the exception. When creating Shake Shack, Danny Meyer was influenced by his midwest upbringing in St. Louis. In the midwest, burger joints and frozen custard stands were customary. Places like Ted Drewes, Fitz’s, and Steak n’ Shake all offered the burger, custard, and fries format that Shake Shack drew upon. When it came time to develop Shake Shack, Meyer wanted to reach back in time and honor his midwest roots. That’s why you’ll find crinkle style fries and chocolate malts on the menu. When you search Shake Shack near me, think about the nostalgia that went into bringing this burger joint to the masses.

How long did it take to create the Shake Shack menu?

Some restaurateurs agonize over creating the perfect menu for months, sometimes even years. After all, a restaurants food speaks louder than marketing or branding. Without the right menu, even a good idea can go bad pretty fast. How long did it take Shake Shack to create its now famous menu? Well, not as long as you may think. According to Danny Meyer, the menu was created on a napkin in exactly nine minutes. There was no agonizing or second guessing. Meyer had a gut feeling and went with it. The rest is Shake Shack history. While searching Shake Shack near me, consider how a nine minute menu became a worldwide sensation.

What kind of meat does Shake Shack use?

Ever had an epic Shake Shack burger? It’s far more tender than the average burger and seems to offer up a little something more than say Five Guys or McDonalds. What kind of meat is in a Shake Shack burger. Consider this as you search Shake Shack near me. Every Shake Shack burger is a custom blend of brisket, chuck, skirt steak, and short rib made for the business by Pat LaFrieda. Of course, there’s more than just the meat. Only a few executives know the exact recipe and ratios. Back in the early days of Shake Shack, more than 20 different types of ground beef combinations were tested before selecting the blend

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