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Since the early 1900s, Shell gas station has been providing the motoring masses with a way to fill up their tanks with high quality and beneficial gasoline. With top of the line pumps and gas that’s chock full of good for your engine components, it’s no wonder Shell gasoline has withstood the test of time.

Are you interested in finding a shell gas station in your area? Simply browse Shell gas station near me and find a list of shell gas stations located in your area. Need a bit more information on shell gasoline? Read on for facts, trivia, and history on this epic fuel company!

Shell Gas Station Near Me – Find it on the Map

Shell Gas Station Near Me – Shell Gas Station Trivia

When did Shell begin selling gasoline?

Like so many fuel companies with long histories, the Royal Dutch/Shell Group began to sell gasoline that was imported from Sumatra in the United States in early 1912. The brand hoped to capitalize on the growth of the country’s automobile industry and to compete with the major hub known as the Standard Oil Company. In order to locate and produce crude oil in Oklahoma, the Shell Group also founded the Roxana Petroleum Company in 1912. This was followed by the opening of several refineries in the the New Orleans are in 1916 and in Wood River, Illinois in 1918. After seizing several Southern opportunities, the Shell group realized that there was a wealth of potential for gasoline in California. They decided it was impractical to continue to import the product for sale in the Pacific Northwest, and set out to acquire California Oilfields in 1913. They coupled the acquisition with a new refinery that they built two years later in Martinez, California, which allowed the company to integrate all operations. With this, Shell set out to dominate the oil industry in the US through continuous innovation, investment, and good faith in American oil. If you’re searching Shell gas station near me, you likely already know that Shell met its goal in becoming a global leader in gasoline.

shell gas station near me

Shell gas stations are prominent throughout much of the country.

Which major city proved to be Shell Gasoline’s primary market in the 1920s?

While searching Shell Gas Station near me, you’ve probably wondered which city truly helped to establish Shell as a true tour de force in the oil industry. The answer: Los Angeles, CA. When the oil boom began in the 1920s, particularly at Shell’s Signal Hill California site, the company saw a massive opportunity to penetrate the Los Angeles area with sales of Shell gasoline and petroleum products that they were manufacturing at nearby refineries during the decade prior. In 1922, Shell of California and Roxana, officially merged with the Union Oil Company of Delaware to form a holding company called the Shell Union Oil Corporation. Not only did this solidify shell in major cities such as Los Angeles, but it allowed Shell gas stations to splinter out into the more rural towns and cities of the continental US. This allowed for major and continuous growth throughout much of the early 20th century.

Shell Gas Station Near Me – Shell Gas Station Facts

Nitrogen Enriched Gasoline

When you search Shell Gas Station near me, you can rest assured that the fuel you’re getting at your local shell is far from basic. In fact, Shell Gas prides themselves on offering high quality top of the line fuels that boast benefits far beyond just getting you from Point A to Point B. For example, in the past decade Shell proudly introduced nitrogen enriched gasoline. How does this benefit the consumer? Nitrogen enriched gasoline helps you to protect your precious investment (your vehicle) with a patented enriched cleaning system that actively cleans and protects intake valves and fuel injectors from gunk that lower the performance of your vehicle. Shell extensively tested the gasoline for more than half a million miles in various engines and vehicles to ensure that their nitrogen enriched blend actually benefits motorists in a way typical gasoline cannot. The gasoline actually acts as a protective barrier to shield fuel injectors and intake valves against build up and future gunk build up.

Ways to Save

If you’re searching Shell gas station near me, you’re likely also keen on saving at the pump (what motorist isn’t). The good news? Shell offers its patrons many ways to save at the pump, including their fuel rewards program. The Shell Fuel Rewards program makes it easy members to earn 10 cents a gallon after every 8 gallon fill up with Shell V-power Nitro+ gasoline. For the motorist who fills up more than once or twice a week, this can provide a great deal of savings. Shell also offers a grocery rewards program with chains such as Kroger, Jewel-Osco, Winn Dixie, Stop and Shop, Bi-Lo, Fred Meyer, Giant, Homeland, Hyvee, and Shoprite. This means as you buy groceries (which you were likely planning on doing anyway), you can also be earning fuel rewards the pump and saving big on gasoline!

States where you can’t pump your own gas

Keep in mind while searching Shell Gas Station near me that there are a few states in the US that will not let you pump your own gas. These states are New Jersey and Oregon. In these states , gas station attendants are required to assist you in pumping gas, though there is some legislation on the table looking to change these requirements. Most Americans admit that they feel a bit more comfortable pumping their own gas than relying on an attendant.

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