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Your local sheriff’s department is devoted to protecting and serving the communities they reside in. From dealing with small petty crimes, to tackling big cases impacting lives, the sheriff’s department is a stalwart of protection. Whether you need to report a crime, pay a fine, or simply file a report, there’s a sheriff’s department near you ready to tackle the job.

Ready to find a sheriff’s department in your local area? Simply browse sheriff’s department near me on the map below and find a list of departments near your current location. Need more information on your local sheriff’s department? How about tips on reporting crimes? Read on for facts, trivia, information, and so much more!

Sheriff’s Department Near Me – Find it on the Map

Sheriff’s Department Near Me – Sheriff’s Department Trivia

True or false: The word sheriff is a thousand years old.

Many Americans think that the word ‘sheriff’ began with this country. In reality, the word is far older than America itself. Where does the word sheriff come from? The modern office of sheriff in the United States actually stems from a one-thousand year old tradition known as the ‘shire-reeve’ aka: a shire keeper. This is oldest appointment of the English crown. When America was first being settled, county governments were typically the first established units of government. Sheriffs were the first elected officials in an area. They protected and served, developing a leading role in law enforcement. As you search sheriff’s department near me, consider just how old the office of the sheriff truly is. Is it older than you would have thought?

True or false: A sheriff is the highest ranking county law enforcement officer.

sheriff's department near me

Your local sheriff’s department is there to keep you safe!

When it comes to rank, a sheriff is often the highest ranking county law enforcement officer in most states. However, it is up to the states themselves to decide what powers a sheriff will have. Not every state chooses to give their sheriff’s office much in the way of power. In many states, a sheriff is a court officer and law enforcement is left to the police force (local or state). In other states, sheriffs are tasked with enforcing laws, solving crimes, investigating, operating jails, and transporting prisoners.

Because of these often heavy work loads, a sheriff will appoint deputies to carry some of the weight. While a small sheriff’s department can be run by a single sheriff on their own, a large department will typically have many deputies and regular employees. While a sheriff’s office and police department have many similarities, a sheriff will operate correctional facilities and civil functions, whereas a police department does not. While searching sheriff’s department near me, consider if you’re in need of the police or a sheriff. Sometimes one is more helpful than the other depending on the case!

Sheriff’s Department Near Me – Sheriff’s Department Facts

Sheriff Qualifications

What qualifications must one possess in order to become a sheriff? Consider this as you search sheriff’s department near me.While many of us think of sheriff’s as those uniformed guys downing doughnuts, that couldn’t be any farther from the truth! Sheriff’s are employed by counties themselves. Their departments can be small or large, but the duties are relatively the same. Every sheriff needs to be physically fit and should have a strong desire to want to help those in the community. A college degree is not required to become a sheriff, but many sheriff’s and deputies do hold an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in criminal justice or a similar field. The county sheriff is generally elected into their position. Because of this, candidates are required to have several years of experience and familiarity with the county their choosing to serve.

How To Report A Crime

If you’ve witnessed a crime or are a victim of a crime, you’re going to want to report what was seen to law enforcement as soon as possible. Reporting in a timely manner ups your odds of having your case solved, as evidence is fresh and free from being tampered with. There is also less of a chance that the perpetrator has fled a considerable distance. With that said, there are several ways to report a crime.

If it is an emergency and the crime is taking place when you come upon the scene or is happening to you, call 911 immediately. This will get police on scene as quickly as possible. If it is not an emergency, do not call 911. Instead, call the non-emergency number of your local sheriff’s office or police department.
Another option is to go to your local police station or sheriff’s department and report the crime in person. You can find the address and telephone number by searching sheriff’s department near me. Make sure you double check the hours that your local sheriff’s department is open. Not every department is open 24/7. If all else fails, you can also contact your local crime stopper group or tip line and report anonymously.

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