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To get a job done right, you need the right equipment. When it comes to paints, coatings and finishing there are few places that can compete with Sherwin-Williams and its wide range of supplies for pretty much any type of coating job.

So, if you are looking for some kind of surface to be covered, just check out the Sherwin Williams Near Me Map below. It will show you all of the various branches of Sherwin-Williams in your area. Just click on a branch and it will show you the address, phone number, hours of operation and reviews from past customers. After you have finished finding a location, you may wish to keep reading to learn more about the Sherwin-Williams company and tips for painting.

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Sherwin-Williams a Brief Company History

Sherwin-Williams is one of the largest paint and finishing companies in the world. Today, it has branches all across North and South America and even in Europe; however, it started much smaller. The first branch was started in Cleveland, Ohio in 1866 by Henry Sherwin and Edward Williams, using the two business partners last names to create the company name.
The company started out small and focusing on paint. They created several large innovations in the industry including the first pre-mixed paints and reseal able paint cans. The sales within their first year of operation started out at $400,000, by 1907 they had broken $10,000,000 in a single year of operation.

sherwin williams near me

Sherwin-Williams is one of the world’s largest paint, coating and finishing producers and retailers.

Today, the company has expanded into many different markets, not only having more than 4,000 branches of just their paint division, which you are very likely to find when searching Sherwin Williams Near Me.

Sherwin-Williams Divisions

Sherwin-Williams Paints

The largest branch of the Sherwin-Williams company is their Sherwin-Williams Paints. This was the first division and remains the biggest today. You will find their branches all over and they have generally everything you need for general painting. They have large supplies and offer paint, coatings, and finishes needed for architectural projects as well as industrial and marine purposes.

Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes

Got some cars that you need painted and finished? This is the branch of Sherwin-Williams you are looking for. The company produces paints, coatings and furnishes to a wide range of manufacturers and detailers and also operates 76 paint stores or over 200 Automotive Finishes branches.

Sherwin-Williams Spray Source

Need a paint spray gun? This is the division you are looking for. The Sherwin-Williams Spray Source deals with all of the technological side of actually spraying the paints and coatings. They sell, rent, troubleshoot and repair a wide range of parts and accessories that help you get the painting jobs done. With over 100 different centers around the United States, they are there for you.

STIR Magazine

Did you know that Sherwin-Williams has its own industry magazine? Well, it does, and it has even won awards for its publication. So, you can pick up your own copy and be on top of all of the new industry developments.

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Painting Tips

While Sherwin-Williams does a lot working with professionals as far as painting goes, not everyone is a professional. If you have a wall or room that needs a new coat of paint, you may want to look into getting the job done yourself. So, here are some important steps to help make sure that you get the job done smoothly and easily. Painting can be a rather enjoyable task, if you are ready to get the job done.

1. Clean the walls before you get started.

Cleaning the walls that you plan on painting first is extremely important. You may think that no one will see those hand prints or that grime after you are done, but the honest truth is that you wont get as nice of a paint job if you don’t clean it. Cleaning the walls helps remove grease, dirt and other things that can prevent the paint from going on smoothly, evenly and even sticking properly. So, make sure to wash and dry the surfaces before you get started. You can get professional cleaners that will do a great job if you have really dirty walls or a nice dish soap and warm water that is rinsed with vinegar and water will do the trick. Either way, make sure it is clean and dry.

2. Prepare the room.

Weather it is just a single wall or an entire room, you need it prepped. Once the walls are clean you will want to add painters tape on corners, ledges and finishing that you don’t want to get paint on. Covering the floor in a large canvas (cloth) or drop cloth will help protect your carpet or floor from the paint. Plastic can be slippery and needs to be taped down.

3. Prime the surface

This step is a bit optional as many new paints are both a primer and paint. If you aren’t sure, ask the staff. If you have a non-priming paint, be sure to cover the surface in a nice primer. It helps get the wall ready for a fresh coat of paint and helps get the right texture and evenness of the paint.

4. Prepare your paint.

Unless you are doing one small wall, you will need more than one can of paint. To help make sure that your paint is the same shade, pour the right number of buckets into a nice 5 gallon bucket. Just a side tip, measure the surface area of the room or wall you need to cover and check the paint buckets to make sure you have enough. If you don’t know, at the store your find using Sherwin Williams Near Me the staff will be able to help you with getting the right amount of paint, as long as you know the surface area, or at least a good estimate.

5. Start Painting

When you are painting, remember to go up and down the entire height of the wall using long even strokes that slightly overlap along a wet edge. The overlapping will help give you a smooth look, as long as you are overlapping the wet parts. If you can’t keep the edges wet, feather it out. This will allow it to slowly become covered up over several layers.

6. Let it dry and see if another coat is needed

Let the paint fully dry, this can take several hours depending on the paint you are using. In a warm, well ventilated room, you should be able to get a good idea after an hour or two if you need to do another coat. If you need another coat, just follow the same steps as before.

7. Clean up

Clean up your area. Use a knife to cut the paint tape away in clean strips. Know your local rules for disposing of excess paint in an environmentally safe fashion and store any extra paint in a re-sealable can for touch-ups later, as life happens.

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