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Much like clothing, shoes are a necessary part of life. Whether you buy shoes for comfort or for fashion, you know that all shoe stores are not created equal. Buying shoes can be a hassle for some individuals, especially if special sizes or costs are a concern. Luckily, Shoe Carnival exists to help bring stylish shoes with a good price tag to the masses.

Are you interested in finding a Shoe Carnival location near you? Simply browse Shoe Carnival near me on the map below and find a comprehensive list of every Shoe Carnival store within a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on shoes and shoe carnival? Read on for tips, facts, trivia, and more!

Shoe Carnival Near Me – Find it on the Map

Shoe Carnival Near Me – Shoe Carnival Trivia

Who first founded Shoe Carnival?

Shoe stores have always held a significant place in the American retail scene, but they do look much different now than they once did. Shoe stores in the 30s and 40s often felt a bit stuffy. Sales associates were often very particular and self service was out of the question. This inspired David Russell of Evansville, Indiana to start a shoe empire of his own. Russell carved out a name for himself by working for 20 years selling shoes in the traditional fashion. This meant lots of kneeling in front of customers, measuring feet, and carrying boxes back and forth from the stockroom. Russell earned a commission for every pair of shoes sold. While He was good at his job, he wasn’t exactly fulfilled. Deep down he suspected there was a better and more efficient way to sell shoes. In 1978, Russell had had enough of the traditional shoe game. He quit his job at the Kinney Shoe Corporation and struck out on his own. With slim savings from his bank account and a little help from his in laws, Russell opened a small shoe store that he dubbed “Shoe Biz.” The concept of the store was to make buying shoes fun. He sought to abandon the traditional way of buying and selling shoes in lieu of something that felt more special and unique. Because of this Shoe Biz offered hundreds of pairs of shoes on self service racks, no stuffy sales people required. Russell also kept the atmosphere light and fun by pumping tunes through the jukebox. Soon enough, Shoe Biz developed into Shoe Carnival. The rest is shoe history! As you search Shoe Carnival near me, keep these facts in mind.

shoe carnival near me

Shoe Carnival offers great styles for every member of the family!

Who wore heels first: men or women?

Here’s something to chew on while searching Shoe Carnival near me. Which gender actually wore high heels first? If you suspect it was women, you’re a bit off base. According to historians, in the 10th century, men who rode horses needed to have boots with heels in order to stay in their stirrups. Since owning horses was a sign of wealth and nobility, heels quickly became a signifier of the aristocracy and a high social standing. At this point in history, gender had nothing to do with it. Heels were worn by both genders, so long as they belong in a very specific income bracket!

Shoe Carnival Near Me – Shoe Carnival Facts

Is shoe addiction real?

Some people see shoes as a very utilitarian object, a necessity that should be comfortable and practical. Others see shoes as another form of self expression, a way to make a statement with fashion rather than through words. This has lead many to wonder if shoe addiction could potentially be a real thing, especially amongst those who regularly buy shoes for fashionable purposes. According to science, shoe addiction is very real and there is a pretty good reason why. Consider this as you search Shoe Carnival near me. Studies have shown that buying shoes can actually trigger an area in the brain’s prefrontal cortex. This region is known as the “collecting spot.” The brain sees shoes as a collector’s item, whether that’s how the person buying them perceives them to be or not. This is also why many individuals display their shoes on very organized racks, almost as if to show them off as they would a prized signed baseball or an autographed photo.

Who brought loafers into style?

Heels may be a part of life for many women, but thanks to one fashion forward woman, they aren’t the only stylish option on the market. Ever wondered which famous ingenue brought the loafer back into the forefront of fashion? Consider this as you search Shoe Carnival near me. It was Audrey Hepburn that truly brought loafers back in vogue. She was able to make the shoe look just as great on a woman’s foot as they already had on men. In fact, the Wall Street Journal credits the rise of the loafer’s popularity to Audrey Hepburn proudly wearing them in her hit 1957 film “Funny Face.” In the film, the actress wore and danced in black leather Ferragamos while playing the role of a bookstore clerk. The shoes were a hit and soon enough women from all walks of life were clamoring to get their hands on an identical pair of loafers. Audrey Hepburn also helped to popularize ballet flats and kitten heels. Suddenly, women had a few more comfortable options when trying to look stylish and stay practical.

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