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Whether you wear them to make a statement or simply because you have to, shoes are necessity no matter what your reason is for wearing them. While some opt for comfort, others opt for fashion. The choice is entirely yours when in the market for a new pair of shoes. With thousands of shoe retailers to choose from at every price point-the hard part is always finding the perfect pair for you!

Are you interested in finding shoes near you? Simply browse shoes near me on the map below and find a list of shoe stores in your region. Need a bit more information on shoes? How about some tips on buying a great pair? Read on for facts, trivia, tips, and more.

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Shoes Near Me – Shoes Trivia

Who really wore high heels first?

High heels are the epitome of high fashion and are worn by women from all walks of life. They can elevate any look from casual to dressy and tend to add a bit of oomph where other shoes fall flat. Strangely enough, the high heeled trend didn’t begin with women. Which gender really wore high heels first? Consider these facts as you search shoes near me. Though high heels are predominantly associated with the fairer sex, it was men in the 10th century who helped bring these shoes to the forefront. At this time, men who rode horses absolutely needed heels in order to stay snugly in their stirrups. This is the same reason why cowboy boots still have heels to this day. In the 10th century, owning a horse was a major sign of wealth and good social standing, thus heels became a signifier of class and aristocracy, not gender.

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Whether you’re looking for comfort or style, you can always find great shoes near you!

True or false: Platform shoes once signified status.

To this day platform style shoes and sandals are a popular choice for folks of all ages, but did you know that these shoes once held the key to high social standing? Consider this as you search shoes near me. Back in ancient Greece, plays were the epitome of entertainment. At these plays costumes were crucial in order for audiences to identify characters. Tragic actors would wear shoes known as “buskins,” which were simply raised platform shoes. The shoes were meant to symbolize their superiority over comic actors, many of which would only wear plain socks. Do you think shoes can still indicate social standing in the modern day? Sound off below!

Why are sneakers called sneakers?

Ever wondered how sneakers got their name? If you’ve ever rationalized that it’s because sneakers tend to squeak, you’re close, but not quite close enough. In the late 1800s, people started calling sneakers by their name because they were made with rubber soles. This type of sole allowed people to walk around or “sneak” without making any noises. Thus they earned the proper name “sneaker.” Of course, different regions have different names for this type of shoe. Some call them tennis shoes, others gym shoes, and some athletic shoes. What do you call sneakers? Sound off while searching shoes near me.

Shoes Near Me – Shoes Facts

The Best Time Of Day To Buy Shoes

If you’re searching shoes near me, you might not think that one time of day is better than another when it comes to buying shoes. After all, shoes are always shoes, aren’t they? Well yes, but your feet aren’t always the same size depending on the time of day. Experts recommend that you always wait until the afternoon to shop for shoes. Since your feet will naturally expand with use during the day, they might not fit into a shoe the same as they would first thing in the morning. Feet also have a tendency to swell in hot weather. This means that you may need to go up a size to accommodate for feet swelling or expansion. While you’re trying on shoes, always wear the same type of socks you intend to wear with the shoes. Since shoes can fit more snugly depending on your sock choice, it’s important to know exactly how your shoe will fit with the socks you wear most often. If you’re visiting a proper shoe store, always ask to have the salesperson measure both of your feet. Most people do not have even feet, meaning one foot tends to be larger or wider than the other. The rule of thumb is always to buy the size shoe that suits the larger foot best.

Leather Shoes Are Often Best

Many people don’t like the idea of wearing leather shoes due to personal moral objections or even because they’re too costly. Despite this many health experts agree that leather shoes are often the best for your feet, as they often mimic our own skin. Shoes made of leather tend to reduce the possibility of skin irritation. They’re soft, flexible, and can almost always match the shape of your foot. Shoes made of leather often wear well and stand the test of time, making them a great investment if you tend to stick with one style. As you search shoes near me, consider what kind of shoes suit your daily activity levels, your foot size, and your moral obligations. If you’re opposed to leather, there are many alternatives that are also great. Vegan or faux leather can often be just as soft and malleable as the real deal. It’s all about spending money to buy the best quality item, rather than cheaping out to buy something quickly and on a budget.

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