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Feel like a little target practice? Maybe you want to try out some different firearms. Well, whatever your reason for searching for a shooting range, you are bound to find one. Just check out the Shooting Range Near Me Map below. On the map, you will get all of the shooting ranges in you area shown.

Just click on a location and it will give you the name, address and phone number of the shooting range. You will also get the hours of operation, a link to the company website, if they have one, and reviews from past visitors. After you are done checking out the map, keep reading below to find more information about shooting ranges across the country and learn about some of the best ones to visit.

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How to decide the best shooting range for you?

Before you go to a shooting range, you should take into account a number of preferences. Some of these things you might not care about too much, but you should give each some thought.

Type of Shooting Range

There are a number of types of shooting ranges out there, and each one will have advantages and disadvantages and your state laws may limit the type of ranges available.

First off, is it a private range or a public range? A public range is essentially a business that is open to the public. This being said, anyone who meets the minimum requirements, normally age, has money, identification may be required and in many states is not intoxicated, you are good to go. A private range is either owned by a person or a club and therefore is limited to those who become members of that club or are invited by an existing member, if the club’s rules permit. The public ranges have the advantage of flexibility of the times you can go, but you also deal with anyone who wants to can go there. At a private club, you depending on the size of the club, it may limit the number of people who can go at one time, so you can’t always just pop in.

shooting range near me

Most shooting ranges require you to use both ear and eye protection while in and near the shooting lanes.

The second thing to consider is if it is an indoor or outdoor range. The differences are generally pretty obvious, but if you want to practice shooting with a rifle or skeet shooting you generally need an outdoor range. Outdoor ranges are also highly influenced by the weather. So, there are some things to consider.

Finally, you have the types of targets. There are a wide range of target types from the classic paper ones that may be shaped like a person or a bullseye or the metal frames. You also have a range of clay targets that are also popular. If you are at an outdoor range you may also enjoy setting up and knocking down cans. So, check out the options that are available.

What are the costs for the range?

If you are looking for general range costs, often you have to consider the costs of going there for either the day or the hour and then costs that the range permits. Any item that you rent, such as the gun, eye protection and ear protection, may add a cost to the trip and some ranges require you to purchase ammo from them. Ranges that you can bring your own ammo and gun could charge you only between $20 – 30 for using the range for the day. If you are paying for everything from them, you might be looking at $60 – 100 depending on how many rounds you shoot.

Private clubs generally have a first time membership fee of less than $200 and then an annual fee of about $100, or more depending on the club. So, ask around at the different ranges you find using Shooting Range Near Me that fit your needs.

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Amazing Shooting Ranges

Are you looking for the best of the best or maybe just something a bit different? Well, there are some pretty impressive shooting ranges out there and if you see any of these ones on Shooting Range Near Me, you should check them out. Here are 5 seriously awesome ranges.

1. Colonial Shooting Academy?

What makes this gun range awesome? Well, lets just start with, it is the biggest in the country. At over 60,000 square feet, it has 51 different private shooting lanes. You can enjoy unlimited shooting for only $35/month, after paying a $100 membership fee, or just pay $20 to get a lane to yourself for an hour. This place is designed for general practice or even those working on professional skills. On top of that, they offer training classes and you have the choice of both renting or bringing your own gear. Seriously, what else could you ask for?

2. Waterloo Rifle and Pistol Club

Looking for a fun club? Over in Waterloo, New York, you can enjoy the Waterloo Rifle and Pistol Club at only $3 per hour, true you have to be a member of the club first. They have both indoor and outdoor lanes, training sessions and competitions. They even let organizations like the Boy Scouts an 4H enjoy 3 free visits per year. A wonderful community centric shooting range for you to enjoy.

3. Ben Avery Shooting Facility

This is a government funded facility, which is probably how they get a $7 / day fee. It has 67 different shooting tables and is situated on 1,650 acers of space. You have a wide range of options and up to 200 yard targets to practice extra long range shooting. You also have some set up for archery if you are interested. There is also a clay target center and 99 camp sites if you want to make a weekend of it.

4. Bird’s Landing Hunting Preserve

For those inclined to a bit more of a hunting practice, this California range is great for you. This location offers you both clay practice or live pheasant hunting. There is a fully stocked pro shop and an excellent restaurant on site at the club house. So, no matter what you are looking for, if bird hunting is your thing, check this place out. It is only about an hour out of Sacramento.

5. Autrey’s Armoury

This Georgia shooting range is custom built and designed to handle a wide range of caliber rounds, up to .300 Win. Mag. It has only 12 lanes, so it is a bit small but what it really has to offer is an on-site gun smith. Their annual membership is a bit pricier at $225/year for a person or a group rate of $325 per group of 4 people, so make sure to sign up with a friend or three. You also have the nice advantage of being able to try as many different firearms as you like at $10 per visit. Just 1 gun per lane at a time.

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    Shooting Ranges near me has an error. The Palo Alto Rifle and Pistol Club is in Ascension Parish near Donaldsonville … not at my personal residence in Metairie … which has my house as the location of the Palo Alto Club Range on your map. Please have Google erase this mistake.