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Whether you’re looking to steady your shot, join the police academy, or just feel like stepping outside of your comfort zone, going to a shooting range can be a stress relieving adventure. Believe it or not, there are many benefits or participating in shooting sports. Some studies show that a visit to the shooting range can improve your health both physically and mentally.

Are you interested in finding a shooting range near you? Simply browse shooting ranges near me on the map below and find a list of shooting ranges located in a close proximity to your current location! Need more information on shooting ranges? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

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Shooting Ranges Near Me – Shooting Ranges Trivia

True or false: Shooting can help build physical strength.

In an age where people are becoming more and more sedentary, it’s not easy to find an activity that can inspire one off of the couch and into the world of physical activity. While many people aren’t keen on a traditional workout, visiting a shooting range can be a great way to build physical strength without the mundane routine that an ordinary workout can boast. According to experts, visiting a shooting range on a regular basis can increase strength, stamina, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills. These physical disciplines won’t only come in handy when honing in on your shot, but they can be applied to all areas of life. One thing you’ll notice immediately after going shooting a few times is an increase in overall arm strength. Shooting a gun require strong sturdy arms and hands. In order to aim straight and shoot at a target, one must always be able to keep their arms and hands in a steady position. Simply going shooting a couple of times can help build arm strength and parlay muscle weakness in the biceps and forearms. In addition to helping one to build arm strength, shooting can also help you to strengthen your eyesight. In fact, some argue that practicing shooting on a regular basis can help exercise eye capabilities and build upon strengths you already have. By giving your eyes a break from staring at screens, you’re relieving eye stress and increasing the ability to focus on a target or particular object. Consider the benefits of shooting as you search shooting ranges near me.

shooting ranges near me

Visiting a shooting range can be a great way to build hand eye coordination.

True or false: Shooting can increase mental discipline.

True! If you’re searching shooting ranges near me, then you’re already aware that shooting can be a great recreational activity. What you might not know is that shooting can also help one to increase their mental discipline. To the surprise of many, shooting sports are primarily mental sports. Experienced marksmen often boast the fact that shooting is around 90% mental. Because of this shooting can help to increase concentration levels and sharpen logic. Shooting can also help with creative thinking and “outside of the box” thinking.

Shooting Ranges Near Me – Shooting Ranges Facts

Before You Pick Up A Gun

Going shooting on a whim or searching shooting ranges near me out of the blue might seem like a good idea, but experts recommend that one should always take a firearms safety class before ever picking up a gun for the first time. Before you decide to go shooting at a gun range, call ahead and find out if you can take a gun safety class. It is very important to get a hands on look at both gun safety and how firearms actually function. No two guns are exactly the same and there are things to learn before you take to the range. Safety is of the utmost importance for both novice and expert shooters, learning the basics can help lend you peace of mind and confidence. Another thing to consider before visiting the range are picking up some good fitting eye and ear protection. While you can rent these items at most gun ranges, you’ll want to make sure that your protection fits you perfectly. For example, many female shooters won’t always find proper fitting ear protection at a range and will need to purchase their own protection prior to visiting. Experts also recommend finding an instructor at our local range if you plan on making shooting a regular hobby. Let them know just how far along you are in your gun journey and what you’re looking to accomplish when you visit the range for the first time. Many ranges offer many classes for inexperienced shooters that can allow even the most fledgling shooter to become familiar with both firearms and with safety. Before you jump feet first into shooting, follow these tips and prepare yourself for the adventure that is recreational shooting.

Always Choose The Right Caliber

One thing many novice shooters get wrong after searching shooting ranges near me, is the caliber of the gun they will shoot for the first time. While it may seem exciting to go with a gun that looks good, you’ll have little fun if the overall experience is marred by sore hands, blistered fingers, and sore shoulders. First time shooters should always choose a smaller caliber semi-auto pistol as it features little in the way of kick back or resistance. Never choose a large high caliber rifle when shooting for the first time. Not only will it likely leave you hurting for days, but it will tarnish your overall view on shooting guns for recreation. If you follow some simple tips and do your research, you’ll have a good time!

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