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Shoprite is a prominent east coast supermarket chain that features both brand name and house label groceries, bakery items, a deli, and even hot in store made meals. Many Shoprite locations also include a pharmacy for customer convenience. With low prices and a large selection, Shoprite remains a top rated grocery store that shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Of course, every grocery store has a few things in common and you can save money no matter where you shop with a few simple tips.

Interested in finding a Shoprite near you? Simply browse Shoprite near me on the map below and find a list of Shoprite locations in your area. Need a bit more information on Shoprite? How about some tips on saving money on your next grocery order? Read on for facts, trivia, and more!

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Shoprite Near Me – Shoprite Trivia

What does it mean when an item’s price has an end number of “7?”

At Shoprite, items that are priced with a “7” at the end all have one thing in common. But what does it actually mean when a price ends in “7?” Consider this as you search Shoprite near me. According to brand insiders, items whose prices end in “7” are store specific manger special sale prices. These manager specials are most often unadvertised deals since they can differ from location to location. Still, a manager special can save you a lot of dough at the checkout lane. Why are these items marked down? Well store specific sales depend on a variety of things, including: overstock of one particular item, expiration dates nearing, or even new product packaging. Sometime it’s all a matter of having too much stock on hand and a need to move one particular item for space. Keep your eyes peeled when shopping and if you spot a “7” at the end, you may want to pick that item up on sale!

shoprite near me

Shoprite is one of the biggest grocery chains on the east coast!

What is Shoprite’s coupon policy?

If you plan on searching Shoprite near me, you may want to read up on coupons and stock up before your big outing. What exactly is Shoprite’s coupon policy? As a shopper, your goal is always to try and stack coupons. That’s using two different types of coupons in order to get more savings. Typically, stacking occurs between a store provided coupon and a manufacturer’s coupon. This means that you can stack coupons found in fliers or sales ads along with manufacturer coupons from the newspaper or internet. While Shoprite allows you to stack coupons, you cannot stack an online e-coupon with a manufacturer coupon. In most cases, Shoprite ecoupons are manufacturer coupons, which is strictly frowned upon at every Shoprite location. Luckily, you can still stack manufacturer coupons with the coupons often present on the front page of a Shoprite flyer. In fact, it’s recommended!

When should you buy baked items for an event?

If you’re searching Shoprite near me in hopes of finding a great bakery cake for an event or party, you might want to read on for an interesting tip. When you see a baked item on sale at Shoprite, such as sheet cake or cupcakes, you should buy the bakery item while the price is low even if your event is still 30 days away. At Shoprite, you can buy baker items up to a month in advance, this means that if you see a sale you can pay the lower price and bring in the receipt later to pick up your goods closer to your event. This might vary from store to store, but most locations offer the same service.

Shoprite Near Me – Shoprite Facts

Don’t Be Afraid to Ditch Items

Whether you’re searching Shoprite near me or a different grocery chain, odds are you’re keen on saving money at the store. Unfortunately, most stores are making it more and more difficult for consumers to truly make their own decisions and save money on the foods they love. One thing that many stores have done to encourage spending is to narrow the checkout lanes. You may have noticed on your grocery chips that check out lanes are a lot like cattle shoots. There’s not much room to turn around or even stand, let alone organize your thoughts. The lanes were designed this way on purpose. Checkout lanes are decidedly narrow to discourage shoppers from changing their mind about an item while waiting in line. Apparently more than 60% of shoppers think about ditching a few items last minute to stay on budget. Stores don’t want you to do this, so they make it difficult for you to return items back to the store shelf at the last minute. Obviously, if you’re really set on getting rid of something, you’ll find a way. Many people have taken to simply handing unwanted items otto the cashier or bagger. Other will simply leave them where they may. Whatever goes through your mind while checking out, don’t let a narrow lane pressure you into a purchase you’re not quite ready to buy.

Don’t Attempt To Fill The Cart

One thing that’s hard to ignore while searching Shoprite near me is just how big and deep many grocery carts have gotten in recent years. Despite the lack of space in many stores, carts are taking up more real estate than ever. But is there a reason for this? Of course! Store’s are decidedly ordering larger shopping carts because testing shows that a bigger cart encourages customers to buy more food. Even if someone only enters the store for one or two things, a large cart can trigger the impulse to buy more and fill the cart. Instead of simply throwing in every item you want in an attempt to fill up the cart, grab a basket or small cart whenever possible. This Can help to keep you on track and save your budget!

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