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These days there are plenty of ways to watch new films without making a trek out to the movies, most of them are even legal. While it’s always appealing to curl up on the couch with some microwave popcorn, there are some experiences and moments you can only enjoy when visiting your local cinema. Now more than ever, a trip to the movies can be a totally immersive experience that you won’t soon forget.

Are you interested in finding movie showtimes near you? Simply browse showtimes near me on the map below and find a list of movies playing near you. Need a few more reasons to go to the movies? Read on for facts, trivia, and more! You’ll quickly find that few things in this world actually beat a trip to the cinema!

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Showtimes Near Me – Showtimes Trivia

True or false: Movies are designed to be best enjoyed in a theater.

Though you might have a giant LED TV and a pretty good surround sound system, you simply can’t beat the quality of seeing a film while it’s still in theaters. In fact, many movie insiders agree that movies are actually designed to be best enjoyed within the confines of a theater. While a great film will continue to be great no matter where you see it, filmmakers obviously intend for their movies to be seen in a darkened theater on a big screen where an individual can’t pause in the middle of a scene or step out for a few moments. Not only is the quality higher at a theater, but the sound, lighting, and overall experience of seeing a movie in theaters can help you to actually enjoy the movie a bit more. Without the distractions of everyday life, you can totally slip into the world of a character or the life coming to life before you on the big screen. As you search showtimes near me, think about your last movie outing. Was it more enjoyable than simply watching a flick at home?

showtimes near me

A night out at the cinema is always guaranteed fun!

What do most people love most about a night out at the movies?

You might think that the only reason to go to a movie theater or search showtimes near me is to see the latest flick, but for many people that’s not always the case. While some of us are driven to the theater out of a desire to see a certain film, others are driven by a need for some time out of the house and a true craving for theater snacks. Given that most movie theaters make a majority of their profits from concessions rather than from ticket sales, it’s no wonder that many have been upping their snack game in recent years. Now more than ever, movie theaters are branching out from the old standards of popcorn and nachos and including meal items such as cheeseburgers, fries, chicken fingers, hummus, pretzels, and so much more. Some niche theaters will even offer wait staff services within the theater. Sure, it might be distracting, but there’s something pretty satisfying about having a bacon cheeseburger delivered while taking in a great film. Many theaters are even implementing cocktails and bar service into their concessions. More and more multiplexes are beginning to place bars in the lobby. You can order a tasty beverage and sip on it throughout the film, guilt free. Of course, these luxuries are enjoyed for what are known as 21 and over showings.

Showtimes Near Me – Showtimes Facts

Support the Movies You Love

The movie business is a complicated web that many of us outsiders can’t even begin to understand. But no matter how complicated the industry gets, one thing is for sure, the movie business is just that, a business. This means that the bigwigs who are in charge of executive decisions ultimately decide what movies will get made and which won’t based on how well a given type of movie does at the box office. By visiting a theater when a movie is released, you’re helping to support the kinds of movies that you love. In a way, it’s as if you’re voting with your dollars by letting the Hollywood elites know what you really love. If you can’t stand the idea of another Superhero sequel or Transformers movie, make your voice heard by patronizing the kinds of films you would like to see more of. If that romantic drama flops, you might not see another like it for a few years to come. A great reason to search showtimes near me is to help build up an audience for the kind of movies you love to watch, that way you’ll always have more movies to go to in the future!

Connect and Engage

In a world where social media reigns supreme, it’s not easy to stay away from spoilers, reviews, and insights on a popular film. While some of these posts can offer great information on whether not the film is worth the price of admission, they can also ruin great films by spoiling great moments and twists that you otherwise would’ve been shocked by. If you want to be privy on the latest pop culture information and connect with your pals, you’re going to have to step outside of your box and see things as soon as they come out. This means you’ll probably have to leave your couch on a Thursday or Friday and see that new film if you want to be able to engage in conversations both in person and online regarding the film and the culture surrounding it. As you search showtimes near me, consider just how important pop culture truly is. Isn’t there something special about connecting with others over a common opinion or shared experience?

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