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If you’re not too familiar with what a smog check is, it’s something that’s quite important for the environment. It’s an important part of the State’s efforts to improve the air quality. Smog check inspections are designed to identify vehicles with excess emissions so the can be properly repaired. They can be quite important to get in order to do your part to help with air pollution. If you think you’re car may need a smog check, just search smog check near me so you can find a automobile shop or other type of service that will preform the check for you.

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Which vehicles don’t need a smog check?

Smog checks are required for all vehicles except diesel powered vehicles that are a 1997 year model or older with a vehicle weight of more than 14,000 pounds. The other type of vehicles that are exempt are electric, natural gas powered vehicles over 14,000 pounds, motorcycles, trailers and gasoline powered vehicles 1975 or older.

smog check near me

Smog can really affect your city and your health

Do all states require smog checks?

While you may think that all states require smog checks, you would actually be incorrect with that information. Certain states such as Michigan do not currently require automobile or truck emission testing.

What can smog cause?

Exposure to smog can actually cause quite a lot of harm if it’s not taken care of. It’s important for every driver to do their part in trying to limit smog production to try and prevent certain health concerns. Some things that can arise with exposure to smog is respiratory diseases, low birth weight and even death.

How is smog formed?

Smog happens to be formed when vehicle exhaust is combined with industrial air pollutants and sunlight. This can cause quite a few probably especially in areas such as Los Angeles. Facilities also require that if you bring in your vehicle for a smog check, they are allowed to make any necessary repairs to the vehicle within compliance.

Is it easy to be a certified Smog Check center?

It’s actually quite difficult and expensive to become a Smog Check center. The equipment for just one store alone can cost up to about $55,000. If you’re a technician who wants to conduct smog checks, you must either earn a basic license or an advanced license. These license can require more than 60 hours of training as well as ASE certification in electronics, engine performance and advanced engine performance. Some states have equipment ready for you so you don’t have to purchase them like California. If you’re interested in getting your vehicle checked out, just search for smog check near me to find your nearest location.

Smog Check Near Me – Smog Check Facts

The average person breathes about 2 gallons of air per minute which means that’s about 3400 gallons of air a day. If you inhale polluted air, it can take up to at least 1-2 years of your life away.

When you get a smog check for your vehicle, it’s testing quite a few things. A smog check analyzes the vehicle’s exhaust, checks for acceptable levels of hydrocarbons, oxygen, nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.
One thing to do when preparing for a smog check is to make sure your tank is full of 10% ethanol gas if your state mandates it. Ethanol gas does practically nothing for your car but it does end up burning a little cleaner which may help you pass exception.

If you need to clean out any carbon buildup or anything else in your engine, you can use some fuel additives which will help lower emissions by the time testing rolls around. Adding fuel cleaner on a regular basis is a good thing but adding fuel cleaner a few months before taking a smog test can be a bad thing. The reason for this is because of the way fuel cleaners work. They tend to remove carbon buildup and gunk which causes it to be burned away and this burning can result in increased emissions. Adding any other additives prior to taking the test can also be bad for the same exact reason.

Before getting a smog check, the higher the humidity, the better your engine will run. Temperature can be pretty important when it comes to smog checks and your car will do better on a smog check if it’s 60 degrees outside compared to when its 90 degrees out. It’s also best to do the test first thing in the morning and make sure your engine is fully warmed up beforehand. If you’re interested in getting a smog check for your vehicle, just search smog check near me to find the nearest location that will give you one.
One more important thing to consider before a smog check is to make sure your battery is fully charged before the test. Most people tend to only use their cars for short trips and this doesn’t provide sufficient time for the battery to fully recharge after starting. If a battery is not fully charged, a weak ignition spark can occur which will result in poor mileage and higher smog pollutants.

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