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Since 1973, Smoothie King has been serving up delicious “smoothies with a purpose” to health conscious customers who wanted a smoothie with great taste and great health benefits. Now with a growing focus on health and wellness in the US, Smoothie King has never been more relevant or more highly sought after.

Are you interested in finding a Smoothie King location in your area? Simply browse Smoothie King near me on the map below and find the closest Smoothie King to your exact location. Need a bit more information on this nutritional smoothie giant (who doesn’t)? Read on for facts and trivia concerning America’s favorite smoothie maker

Smoothie King Near Me – Find it on the Map

Smoothie King Near Me – Smoothie King Trivia

How did Smoothie King begin?

If you’re on a quest to find a Smoothie King near me, then you’re likely wondering how exactly this delicious and nutritious chain first got started. Smoothie King first introduced the nutritional fresh blended smoothie onto the scene in 1973. This is when founder Steve Kuhnau began an experiment in which whe would mix real fruit, nutrient powders, and proteins into a blender at home. Kuhnau reportedly did this everyday and soon found that his concoctions were beginning to have a positive impact on his overall health and wellness. With this the first Smoothie King was born. Kuhnau began simply with one quest: make living a healthy lifestyle easier and more delicious. Whether you’re just trying to lose a few pounds or up your energy, a nutritious smoothie can be the best way to feel better about your diet and your day.

smoothie king near me

If you want nutrition that doesn’t taste like you’re eating healthy, Smoothie King is right for you!

When was the first Smoothie King franchise launched?

After opening it’s doors in 1973, Smoothie King grew quite rapidly. By 1989, it became the first ever smoothie franchise in the United States. Since then the brand has even expanded it’s reign with each “lifestyle center” by also offering healthy retail products, sport beverages, energy bars, healthy snacks, supplements, herbs, minerals, and other kinds of sport nutrition products. Since franchising, not only has the Smoothie King menu grown, but so has their following. Smoothie King has been named the #1 franchise in their category by Entrepreneur Magazine a whopping 20 times!

How many kinds of smoothies does Smoothie King offer?

If you’re searching Smoothie King near me, then you’re clearly jonsing for one of their famous smoothies. But are you aware of just how many different types of smoothies this brand actually offers? Smoothie King currently offers five different categories of smoothies: including Fitness Blends, Slim Blends, Wellness Blends, Take a Break Blends, and Kids Cup. Each blend serves a specific purpose and is chock full of relevant ingredients to help you get the most out of your smoothie. For example, fitness blends are very high in protein and low in sugar. They typically contain good fats from nuts and almonds, as well as cold brew coffee to give you energy during or after your workout.

Smoothie King Near Me – Smoothie King Facts

Smoothie King Enhancers

If you thought Smoothie King was just about Smoothies you’re wrong. Smoothie King also has a large range of enhancers that can help to fuel your day no matter which activity you plan on taking on next. Some enhancers offered at Smoothie King include:

-Fitness enhancers for muscle building
-Energy enhancers to recharge and inspire
-Slim enhancers to help boost metabolism and aide in your diet
-Wellness enhancers to help you feel and look your best at every moment in life

With these enhancers, anyone can take their smoothie or fitness beverage to the next level. Not only are these drinks great for anytime you’re feeling a bit rundown, but they are beneficial when dieting or attempt int to reach your fitness goals. Talk to a Smoothie King employee on how to get the most out of your next smoothie after searching Smoothie King near me.

Making it Simple

If there’s one thing that Smoothie King prides itself on more than anything else, it’s the ability to make life simple for individuals who work hard and don’t have a lot of time for complicated meals or routines. In addition to being an amazing fast food alternative, Smoothie King smoothies also fill a health requirement for many consumers. Diet, exercise and lifestyle changes are the best way for individuals to build a better quality of life and find more energy. This often means completely overhauling their diet and using supplements to help nutritionally. With a Smoothie King smoothies, you’re not only getting a nutritious meal replacement drink that is chock full of goodies, you can also get supplements and enhancers to make the entire process that much more enjoyable.

Smoothie King Core Values

While searching Smoothie King near me, consider the core values of this amazing smoothie brand. Of course, there is nothing more telling of a business than the values they hold near and dear to their hearts. Find below a list of Smoothie Kings major core values:

1. Purpose driven
2. Health
3. Knowledge
4. Respect and support
5. Balance
6. Honesty
7. Pride and enjoyment

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