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One of the easiest way to get some nutrition is to drink a smoothie! Depending on how you make it, they can contain a ton of nutrition. Smoothies are quick to make and just as delicious. They can be created with almost anything you desire and you can add as many fruits and vegetables that you desire.

It’s also quite easy to make a very unhealthy smoothie if you desire to. There are a ton of coffee shops and restaurants that actually serve smoothies to their customers. If you’re interested in finding a place that will serve you a smoothie, just search Smoothies near me.

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There are multiple ways that smoothies can benefit you even if you don’t realize it! It’s a quick way to get your daily allowance of fruits of vegetables. It can be quite a challenge to get your recommend servings usually but when you blend them all in a smoothie, it makes it so much easier. Smoothies are also known to help you detox whether you believe it or not! Because of all the chemicals in our food nowadays, it can leave our bodies wanting some nutrition. Adding items such as kale or dandelion greens can help aid your body in it’s detoxification process. Smoothies can also help strengthen your immune system. It’s no fun at all to get sick so help strengthen your immune system by drinking some smoothies! These smoothies will help supply you with a ton of energy as well! Another great thing that smoothies can help with is boosting your brain! When you consume all those vitamins and nutrients, it definitely helps your brain. It improves your mental clarity, focus and memory. After a few repeated drinks of smoothies, it’d be no surprise if you suddenly lose that brain fog.

smoothies near me

There are hundreds of recipes nowadays for smoothies!

Can Smoothies help you lose weight?

There’s quite a few things out there to help you lose weight and one of those things actually helps to be smoothies. The vitamins and nutrients they provide can help your digestive system and aid in weight loss. If you add delicious and healthy smoothies to your diet and cut out the things that help you gain weight, you’ll definitely start seeing the pounds melt away. It’s also a good meal to have on the mood since it’s a drink so you won’t be tempted to sit front of the TV and indulge.

Is there a difference in fresh and frozen fruit?

There definitely a difference between the two! Adding ice or frozen fruit is quite an important part in creating a smoothie. The frozen fruit will give the smoothie a cooler temperature and thicker texture. Mixing in extra ice can also tone down the sweetness while make the smoothie more cool and refreshing. If you’re interested in finding a place that will serve you a smoothie, just search Smoothies near me.

Smoothies Near Me – Smoothies Facts

When you think of the 60s, you probably don’t think of smoothies at all. But it’s actually where this delicious treat got its name! In the 1970s, a lactose intolerant teenager named Steven Kuhnau began making smoothies because he wanted to enjoy something similar to milkshakes that everyone else was drinking. With their blend of fresh fruit, ice and fruit juice, he realized what a great thing he stumbled upon. Not only did these smoothies taste amazing but they also helped control his allergies and his blood sugar levels. Kuhnau was so excited by his discovery that he opened up the store called “The Smoothie King” and began to sell vitamins alongside his healthy drinks.
The thing is, Kuhnau didn’t invent the name, he just branded it. He heard these fruit based drinks made by “hippies” sometime in the late 60s. Smoothie was used to refer to multiple things but it wasn’t until Kuhnau branded it that the name itself took off.

Many may not know this but smoothies are not an American invention. They go back centuries all around the world and South America actually refers to it as a “fruit slush”. The first american smoothie actually began in the early 1920’s when Julius Freed began to look for a way to enjoy fresh squeezed orange juice. His stomach couldn’t handle the acidity of the freshly squeezed oranges and so he found a way to make his orange juice a little less acidic and more frothy, this actually led way to his store “Orange Juilius”.

It didn’t take long for people to seize the idea and the concept of pureed fruit juices from Brazil and other countries. The invention of the blender and the refrigerator actually made the drink even more popular and more accessible to people. Nowadays there are hundreds of recipes to choose from nowadays. You can choose to have an extremely healthy smoothie or maybe make one a little more indulgent. No matter what you choose to do with your smoothie, there is no way you can go wrong. If you’re interested in finding a place that will serve you a smoothie, just search Smoothies near me.

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