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Known as America’s drive in, Sonic restaurants have been serving up American eats in a fun atmosphere since 1953. While many drive-in restaurants have fallen by the wayside, Sonic still serves 3 million customers across 44 states each and every day. From cherry limeades to bacon double cheeseburgers, America’s favorite and longest running drive-in knows how to exceed customer expectations all while having more than a little fun.

Are you interested in finding a Sonic near you? Simply browse Sonic near me on the map below and find a Sonic in your location. Want a bit more information on Sonic? Read on for facts and trivia on this twist on the classic drive-in!

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Sonic Near Me – Sonic Trivia

True or false: Sonic was originally just a root beer stand.

True! If you’re searching Sonic near me, then you’re likely itching to get your hands on a triple thick milkshake or a reasonably priced corn dog; but back in the day, Sonic was known more for it’s root beer than anything else. Sonic founder Troy Smith had tried his hand at running everything from a steakhouse to a diner, before opening a root beer stand in Shawnee, Oklahoma. Smith outfitted the root beer stand with an innovative car to kitchen intercom, after stumbling upon a similar setup at a restaurant along the Texas border. Before long, Smith realized that his root beer stand was consistently turning a higher profit than all of his other restaurants. In 1953, Smith decided to ditch his other business permanently and focus entirely on the root beer business. The end result is the Sonic drive-in we all know and love today.

sonic near me

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What was Sonic originally named?

At a certain point in time you could have never searched Sonic near me, for the restaurant bore a name that few people know today. What is now known as Sonic, was once the Top Hat root beer stand. Founder Troy Smith had initially loved the name and had planned on keeping it when expanding his restaurant. However, Smith’s lawyers discovered that the phrase Top Hat had already been trademarked and for legal reasons Smith was forced to settle upon a different name. The rest is Sonic history.

What is the Sonic name meant to invoke?

When one thinks of Sonic the first thing that probably comes to mind is their epic take on American fast food. The second thing that comes to mind is the speediness of the restaurant and their roller skating staff. When Troy Smith discovered that he would no longer be able to use the name “Top Hat” for his growing line of restaurants, his business partner Charles Peppe came up with a name to take it’s place. Peppe’s idea was based on the slogan “Service at the Speed of Sound” which lead the dynamic business duo to the name Sonic. The restaurant officially adopted the name in 1959 when Peppe and Smith opened their first official Sonic location in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Sonic Near Me – Sonic Facts

Endless Options for A Changing America

If you’re searching Sonic near me with the hopes of quenching your thirst with one of their signature beverages, you’ll have no shortage of options. In fact, Sonic boasts a whopping 168,984 drink combinations. If you ever tire of adding Jolly Ranchers or Nerds to your beverage you’ll still be left with plenty of options. Even though Sonic only admits to having 168,894 combinations for its famous beverage line, the Wall Street Journal believes otherwise, reporting that it found an amazing 688,133 different ways to order a drink at Sonic. With those numbers, you’ll never grow tired of the drinks on this menu.

The Milkshake Masters

While searching Sonic near me, you’ll be happy to know that this drive-in considers themselves to the milkshake masters and most American’s would happily agree. Though Sonic only offers 7 standard Real Ice Cream shake flavors (chocolate, strawberry, hot fudge, caramel, pineapple, fresh banana, and vanilla), customers can order up a shake with any combination that they like. From chocolate covered strawberry to very cherry cheesecake, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to this drive-ins milkshake fortitude. Sonic has even recognized their customer’s love of strange concoctions and recently introduced 25 new flavor combinations including the sweet and salty peanut butter bacon. Sources say Sonic is constantly looking to expand their shake menu and might even be working on some slightly spicier offerings.
Fast Facts About Sonic

Sonic has been America’s favorite drive in since the 50’s and by the look of it, this brand isn’t going anywhere soon. Read on for fast facts about this fast food giant.

1. Sonic currently has a location in almost every US state, with plans for expanding to all 50 states within the next few years.

2. Sonic sells enough tots each year to circle the globe twice!

3. Sonic currently sells enough cherry limeade drinks to fill a staggering 15 olympic sized swimming pools.

4. The brand currently donates $5 million dollars annually to public schools across the country.

5. During the summer most Sonic locations are open until midnight or later! That’s fast food greatness at any hour!

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