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Spanish Cuisine is a varied and delicious selection of meals based of several different regions of Spain, and with so many dishes out there, you have a lot of options for dinner! If you are curious about Spanish food and want to try it out, look for “Spanish food near me”.

So many cultures have had influence on Spain’s food style, including the Romans, Muslims, Indians and even barbaric invaders from Germany. From areas like Andalucía to Galicia, meals take on their own cultural identity, yet make up one tasty cuisine!

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Spain would not have almost 3 million acres of vineyards if it weren’t for the knowledge of grapes they received from the Greeks and Romans. The expansion of Rome brought with it a new variety of culinary lessons, particularly, the science of Grape growing and their uses in wine.

spanish food near me

A yummy Paella dish that is a Valencia favorite.

What sorts of foods did Spain get from The New World?

With Spain being one of the first countries to exploit the exotic resources of the Americas, the ingredient list certainly got much bigger. One tasty ingredient the stumbled upon was Chocolate and they were able to sweeten it with sugar to the chocolate flavor we know and love today on a global level. Certain veggies also made it onto Spanish tables as well. Tomatoes are heavily used is Spanish cooking, which they also found in the New World along with Peppers, Cucumbers, and Potatoes.

What is Cava?

Though we do owe thanks to France for the tasty sparkling experience that is Champagne, Spain also makes something similar called Cava, which originated in the 19th century in Catalonia. Though the two European beverages are eerily similar, it is important to note that France patented the word Champagne do to the overuse of the term Spanish Champagne for Cava. Since both countries are part of the EU, it only makes sense to make them seem different to fans of both products.

Which Spanish city was the first to introduce restaurants?

With the cultural and regional melting pot of a city like Madrid, it was important to welcome in people to the different kinds of food present in the city. Madrid is known for many different unique styles, including it’s love of all things sweet with Chocolate deserts and rich pastries, as well as it’s use of fruit in dishes. Want to go to a Spanish restaurant in your area? Go to “Spanish food near me”.

Did you know?

Spain has 23 cheeses that are known and protected by the EU. All vary in their flavor and type of milk or animal used, but Spain is one of the top cheesemakers in Europe.

Aeration of beverages is just for beers. The small and unique region of Asturias is known for their Apple based cider drink. Since they make it without much carbonation, the drink is poured in a particular way so that air will cause the drink to fizz. Apples are pretty abundant in this area, so the cider is a traditional drink at the dinner table.

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A lot of Spanish dishes have Arab influences in them. When Muslims first came to Spain, they brought with them a new religion and many unique food items that Spain didn’t have before like Watermelon, sugar, rice, lemon and almonds.

Dinner isn’t as big in Spain as it might be in The U.S. They instead have a mealtime after lunch and before diner called La Comida, where they usually spend two hours eating and talking with several meal options. Unlike the U.S., food “to go” isn’t really popular in Spain. They don’t choose to rush and eat as they generally savor their meals. In the mood to slow down for a Spanish meal? Check out “Spanish food near me” now!

Though it is not celebrated in the U.S., Three Kings day is a special day in Spain. They have a special ring cake called a Roscon de Reyes, or a Roscon to celebrate the three men that delivered gifts to baby Jesus. The cake even has a glass figurine inside it! This is similar to the plastic baby Jesus inside the king’s cake of Mardi Gras, a special New Orleans traditional celebration.

Like potato salad? Spain’s version of the summer side dish is pretty different. It comes from a region well known for their Tuna, making it a staple to this little dish. They also don’t add Mayo in theirs, but eggs instead.

If you’re not crazy about Gazpacho’s runny texture or just want a creamier soup, try Solmorejo, a creamy tomato soup made with stale bread and olive oil that is truly yummy. You can even top it with a cured ham for a saltiness that compliments it rather nicely.

Castilla La Mancha, setting of the famous Castillan Spanish novel, “Don Quixote” is also a great place for a more rustic style meal. Similar to the early Irish meals before potatoes were introduced, a lot of grain heavy dishes are used like breads and porridges in combination with small animals like rabbit and game birds like pheasant and quail.

A top chef of Spain, José Ramón Andrés Puerta is responsible for bringing small dishes to the U.S. and has been awarded several honors such as the coveted James Beard award for outstanding chef and the chef of the year award by Bon Apetit magazine.

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