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For hundreds of years, humans have enjoyed the benefits and relaxation of spas. Whether soaking in a thermal spring, visiting a day spa or getting away from it all at a relaxing retreat; a visit to a spa can be a rejuvenating and life altering experience. While spas in the early days initially only offered soaking tubs, today’s spas feature everything from beauty treatments and processes to full on salon services such as haircuts.

Are you interested in finding a spa in your area? Simply browse spas near me on the map below and find a list of spas in your area. Need a bit more information on spas? Read on for facts and trivia on the benefits of spas!

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Which civilizations first enjoyed the benefits of the spa?

If you’re searching spas near me, you might be interested in learning just how far back the act of visiting a spa actually goes back. Since very early times, several different cultures have noted enjoying the benefits of visiting a spa and soaking in “healing” hot waters. Populations such as the Egyptians, Hebrews, Israelites, and Phoenicians were the first to use spa therapy and to immerse themselves in the relaxing cold and hot waters of baths or Spas. In the Pre-Hellenic civilization buildings were crafted just to house spas. These were known as bath chambers at the times. The buildings were dubbed Knossos, Festus, and Trinito. Each building contained different types of bath chambers for healing different ailments and aiding in relaxation. In Italy, the Etruscans chose to live near areas rich in springs, discovering that water was a healing thing that could aid in a longer lifespan.

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Ambiance and atmosphere are everything at a spa.

When are the peak hours at a spa?

While searching spas near me, consider the peak hours at the average spa. They may differ from what you had in mind. Peak hours at the typical spa are on late afternoons and weekends (when most people are off from work). To keep up with demand, most spas recommend that you book as far in advance as possible with a day or time. Though if you’re planning on visiting during an off peak hour such as in the morning or mid-week, you will likely be able to walk in without an appointment. If you’re visiting the spa with a gift certificate always mention that that will be your form of payment fairly far in advance.

Do you actually tip spa service providers?

While searching spas near me, you might have a common concern. Do you tip your estheticians at the spa? The answer is, yes! Like any other service that is provided for you, you should always provide a 15 to 20 percent tip. Instead of tipping each individual member of the staff team, leave any gratuities at the reception desk when checking out. These funds are then divided up between anyone who provided a service for you during your time at the spa. You can also add gratuity onto your credit card payment. Remember, when wondering if you should give a tip, consider how you would feel in the same situation. If you’ve provided an excellent service you’d likely enjoy some commendation for doing so!

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Children and the Spa

For the busy mom searching spas near me, you may be wondering if you’ll be able to bring your children along with you to the spa. While policy varies from spa to spa, most spas generally ask that you not bring any children under the age of 16 to the spa in order to maintain a serene atmosphere free of noise or incident. Of course, some children under 16 can attend if accompanied by an adult. Children under the age of 18 may be required to have a signed consultation form if having treatments performed. Despite this, some spas are now offering childcare on site for parents who need a break without having to leave the little one at home or find a sitter. For so many moms, this makes relaxation a possibility rather than a dream.

Jewelry and the Spa

We all love to wear jewelry, but most spas ask that you leave it at home if coming to enjoy some time at the spa. While policy varies from spa to spa, many ask that you leave your jewelry at home. If you do choose to wear jewelry to the spa, always keep them in a locker or leave them with the front desk. If you choose to bring your jewelry with you, make sure to not leave them behind in treatment rooms or stashed in robe pockets. Many spas have reported finding tons of nice jewelry left behind in pockets, on treatment tables, and even in bathrooms. The moral of the story: it may just be best to leave your jewelry at home or you may end up losing that favorite piece forever.

Communication is Key

When visiting a spa, remember that all aspects of your treatment can be modified to suit your specific tastes and needs. All you really need to do is speak up! While some people may be afraid to offend, spas ask that you make requests. From the amount of light, to the type of music, and even table temperature. The spa you choose asks that you make your needs known. Ask questions and make sure your needs are met. One of the best parts of searching spas near me is finding the right spa to suit all of your relaxation needs.

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