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When the weather heats up, few things can beat the fun and excitement of a splash pad! A splash pad is an outdoor area that typically includes sprinklers, fountains, nozzles, and other devices that can spray water. The result is a fun and relaxing cool down that doesn’t necessarily involve a full on trip to the local pool. Splash pads can be found anywhere, including local recreational areas.

Are you interested in beating the heat and finding a splash pad near you? Simply browse splash pad near me on the map below and find a list of splash pads located in your local area. Need a little bit more information on splash pads? You’ve come to the right place! Find facts, trivia, safety tips, and more down below. You might just learn something new to share at your next splash pad meetup.

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Splash Pad Near Me – Splash Pad Trivia

Why are many parks adopting splash pads rather than swimming pools?

Swimming pools have been a cornerstone in many communities for decades, but they don’t come without their fair share of issues. Not only do swimming pools need to be properly maintained during the summer season, but they must be drained, protected and covered during the winter months. Despite this, many people can’t even imagine summertime fun without a trip to the local swimming pool. So why exactly are many parks adopting splash pads rather than swimming pools? Consider this as you search splash pad near me. For starters, splash pads are a great way for kids to cool down without parents or guardians having to worry about keeping them safe in a swimming pool. Many local municipalities like them because they can easily be operated without lifeguards or attendants, which cuts down on overhead and leaves more in the budget for basic maintenance. Parents love them because they are a great way for kids to enjoy water fun without the risk of drowning or being exposed to potential illnesses that can sometimes lurk in public pools. Since splash pads are typically built on a kid friendly surface, usually either concrete with a non-slip finish or rubber matting, falls are very rare. When they do occur, they typically don’t result in injury. Another great benefit is that many splash pads and spray parks are located in open areas and don’t charge an admission fee. This is very different from community pools which almost always force patrons to by a day pass or a seasonal pass.

splash pad near me

A splash pad can mean tons of fun without the risks found at swimming pools.

Are there water borne illnesses at splash pads?

Much like swimming pools, there is the potential for children to catch water borne illnesses while playing at a splash pad, especially if the water being used is recycled water. Consider this as you research splash pad near me. To protect your children or grandchildren at the splash pad, always practice good hygiene. Children who are not yet toilet trained should always wear a swim diaper in a spray park, just as they are required to do at a public swimming pool. All children should also be taught not to drink the water in pools or at spray parks. If you are concerned about water borne illnesses, research the filtration and water sanitation practices used by each facility before you visit. It might seem like an unnecessary step, but it can be the difference between a fun day and a few weeks of upset stomach and nausea.

Splash Pad Near Me – Splash Pad Facts

Splash Pad Safety

Splash pads are a rich sensory experience that can be enthralling and beneficial to a developing child. Not only is playing with water an important part of a child’s sensory integration and overall development, but it can be very soothing emotionally. Splash pads are a great way to expose your child to such an experience without the risk of drowning. Of course if you’re searching splash pad near me, then you’re already aware that their are some risks involved. Read on for a few tips on how to have a safe day while visiting your local splash pad. They might just make your splash pad experience even sweeter. Here are seven great tips to remember when visiting a splash pad:

1. Always keep an eye on your kids and make sure they are safe. While they can’t drown, there’s no substitute for supervision when it comes to keeping kids happy and safe.

2. Make sure your child doesn’t run or rough house in the splash pad area.

3. Call and make sure that your local splash pad treats the water to keep it safe and healthy. Untreated water can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

4. Make sure your kids stay hydrated with lots of water. Active little ones will require a lot of water on a hot day.

5. Kids will be tempted to drink the water at the splash pad. Ensure that your little ones know that the water in the splash pad is only for play, not for drinking.

6. Take your kids to the bathroom as frequently as necessary, especially if they are still in the potty training phase or in diapers. This can cut down on the risk of potential contamination.

7. Use a chemical free sunscreen on your child and reapply it every few hours. A chemical sunscreen can leech into the water, making the supply unsafe for everyone.

Remember, going to a splash pad is a very safe and great way to let the kids explore their environment with water, but it’s all about prevention and awareness. If you’re privy to these tips, you’ll ensure a safe and fun day with your kids no matter what. Happy splashing!

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