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Looking to start the New Year off on the right foot? Visiting a local sporting goods store can provide you with options for recreation, fitness, and athletics. Whether you’re looking to buy a new yoga mat, pick up some basketball shoes, or simply price kayaks, a sporting goods store can meet every athletic need you have.

Interested in finding a sporting goods store near you? Simply browse sporting goods store near me on the map below and find a list of sporting goods stores in your area. Need a little bit more information on sports, sporting goods, and athletics? Read on for facts, trivia, and tips. You might just learn something new!

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Sporting Goods Store Near Me – Sporting Goods Store Trivia

True or false: Golf balls were once made of leather and feathers.

Sporting goods have always been an integral part of the games we all know and love. What would baseball be without leather gloves? What would tennis be without a racket? More importantly, what would golf be without the all too important golf ball. Golf balls have had a long and storied history full of unique changes. Just what kind of changes have golf balls undergone? Consider these facts as you search sporting goods store near me. Back in the 19th century, golf balls often went by the name “feathery” or “featherie” ball. This is because at the time, golf balls were hand sewn, round leather pouches that were stuffed with either chicken or goose feathers and then painted with a veneer of white paint. It might have made for a pretty classy golf ball but it was far from practical. Feathery golf balls were very difficult and rather expensive to make. Feathers had to be boiled before they were stuffed into a leather pouch. It was a huge challenge to make the pouch perfectly round. All of the work that went into these early golf balls could quickly go down the drain as they often split apart upon impact.

sporting goods store near me

Sporting goods stores are a great way to find all of your athletic and outdoor needs!

What is the most outdoorsy state in the US?

Despite what many countries believe when it comes to fitness in the US, we are a country that loves to spend time outdoors. Just what exactly is the most outdoorsy state in the US? Consider this as you search sporting goods store near me. According to statistics, California boasts one of the most prominent and diverse outdoorsy scenes in the country. Hiking, biking, climbing, camping, swimming, surfing, and even skiing are all popular forms of recreation. There are a total of seven national parks in California, along with hundreds of meadows, valleys, wilderness areas, waterfalls, caves, and caverns. You will also find more than your fair share of historical trails and monuments. Folks in this state are known for being all about health and well being. Part of that often involves spending time outdoors and getting back to basics. Other superbly outdoorsy states include Colorado, Washington, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, and Utah.

Sporting Goods Store Near Me – Sporting Goods Store Facts

Athletic Shoes Reign Supreme

If you’re searching sporting goods store near me in hopes of finding a great new pair of sneakers, you’re certainly not alone. Athletic shoes reign supreme in the US in terms of sales and popularity. Boots, sandals, and high heels may have a fair share of the market, but sneakers actually account for 20% of all shoe sales in the US. Now more than ever, sneakers are becoming less about being practical and more about making a statement. Many shoe brands even release limited edition sneaker runs and sneaker fans have collections that could rival the warehouse of a sneaker factory. When it comes to athletic footwear, Nike, Adidas, and Under Armor are the top brands. Nike squeaks by in the top spot when it comes to sneakers, claiming a whopping 90% of all basketball sneaker sales in the US. Sneakers sales won’t be slowing anytime soon, as sneakers find a whole new audience, and athletic wear becomes acceptable in the workplace, sneakers will only grow in popularity.

The Lifespan of a Basketball

Have you ever wondered what the lifespan of a basketball is? You’re about to find out! According to statistics, the average Spalding basketball made of synthetic rubber and leather material has an average lifespan of around 10,000 bounces. This means if you’re only using the ball for recreational purposes, it should last for around 4-5 years. A ball that is used in daily game play will obviously have a shorter lifespan than one only used for occasional rounds of horse. As you search sporting goods store near me, consider how every piece of sporting goods equipment has a lifespan!

The Truth About Early Tennis Rackets

Tennis is an old sport that has always boasted a massive following. Not only is tennis popular amongst those looking to have a little fun, but it’s one of the top competitive sports in the world. Did you know that when the tennis racket was first developed, sheep intestines were used for the strings. It might seem a little on the gross side, but intestines were an ideal material for stringing rackets because they were soft, yet very resilient. In fact, sheep and goat intestines can actually provide better tension and bounce than most comparative materials.

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