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Looking to find some food and a nice place to relax while you watch the game? Maybe you enjoy a nice and rowdy group cheering along with your team? No matter the reason, a sports bar is always a good place to enjoy some good food, drink and company. Below you will find the Sports Bar Near Me Map. On the map, you will have the locations of all of the sports bars in your area.

Just click on one of the locations and it will tell you the name of the bar, the address, the phone number and the hours of operation. It will also show you reviews from past customers, just to see what the place is like, and if the place has a website, you will be able to get a link. Finally, with a few click, you will be able to get directions from where you are, so you can get there as quickly as possible.

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Sports Bars Hours of Operation

Generally speaking, we can place Sports Bars into four camps.

1. Dinner only service:

These are the sports bars that don’t offer any meal before dinner. You wont find them opening up for breakfast and lunch. Their opening hours tend to be at 4PM and will close around midnight. Food isn’t their biggest drawing point, but like any sports bar, they will have a decent menu.

2. Lunch and Dinner Service:

These are the places that will tend to specialize in sandwich foods of various kinds and have a good appetizer selection. So, if you are looking for a burger with your beer, they have you covered. These locations tend to open between 10am and noon and close around midnight.

3. They cook eggs too!

These are the few, sadly not enough, sports bars that offer a breakfast menu. You will find them opening around 9am and you can get yourself a nice omelette, some hashbrowns and some other choice breakfast dishes along with the other food offered for lunch and dinner.

4. The 24 Hour Spot:

There are a small minority of sports bars that are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, it doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, you will be able to find yourself a nice place for some drink, food and to watch a game.

sports bar near me

The ESPN Zone in New York is a comfortable place to sit back and watch the game from.

Tipping at a Sports Bar

A sports bar has a special atmosphere and design that is meant to keep you there for extended period of time. Unlike many restaurants, you may stay longer than just the span of a meal and just order a couple of extra drinks while you sit there enjoying the game, or games. At a typical restaurant, you generally spend 45 minutes to an hour; however, you could easily be in a sports bar with the same wait-staff for 3 hours. How much should you tip? Let’s be honest, the hourly wage of the staff is going to be about as low as it can get and they have been watching over your table and checking in on you regularly. Maybe you only spent $25 on food while you were there, in 3 hours. It becomes difficult to assess the right amount for the tip.

If you go with the standard 20%, you are tipping the server $5, for the 3 hours that they were helping take care of you and make sure you were comfortable. Just remember, they don’t keep all of the tip as they normally split it with the bartender who is helping them out.

Here are some simple math tips for you to get things moving quick:

1. 20% on food plus $1 for each drink that you ordered. This might get a bit complicated, but that way each time you had a fresh pint, you are making sure to keep the service covered.

2. $4 – 5 per hour that you are there. This can add up to a lot if you are staying at the bar for more than one game, but you are bound to get good service every time you come back.

3. Drop a $20 and smile on your way out the door. It is quick and easy to do and if you are splitting the tip with a few people, it at least makes sure the server will feel appreciated.

Search for sports Bar near me to find the closest sports bar to your location.

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Some Awesome Sports Bars

Enjoying living in a sports bar? Well, here are a few that you may want to never leave.

1. Sluggers – Seattle, Washington

Sluggers is a lively sports bar in the Seattle area. If they name doesn’t hint at it, it is primarily a baseball lovers venue. Even their menu has fun with baseball themed names. You get the burger section called “Base Kit Burgers” and the appetizers are the “Starting Line Up”. You will also find the walls lined with baseball memorabilia. This loud and energetic place also offers the customers the comfort of being open between 10am and 2am every day of the week.

2. Truck Yard – Dallas, Texas

While Truck Yard may not be a conventional sports bar, by any means, it is fascinating and fun. It is made to be an adult playground. You will find tire swings, a tree-house bar and even live music. It is more of a festival feel than a bar. When the games start, they are shown by projector and food can be found in authentic food trucks. Just be sure to line up early as the place fills up fast. Also, there is a happy hour every Friday with live music between 4 and 6pm.

3. Cask ‘n Flagon – Boston, Massachusetts

Are you a Red Sox fan? Well, this is the sports bar for you. This bar might as well be officially part of the franchise. It is one of the primary bars for Red Sox fans, team members and just general tourists to go and visit. On game nights, you will find 3 hour line ups to get in. The bar also has several famous photos from many of the great Red Sox team members. With 35 years of running and many more to go, this shall be an integral part of the Red Sox life.

4. True North Tavern – San Diego, California

Wanna feel like you are actually in the game? Well, at True North Tavern, you have 25 wide screen television sets scattered around the room. No matter where you look, you can feel like you are part of the action. You also have 2 patios, so if you want a bit more of a quiet place to socialize you have it there. The place is designed to be comfortable for a social atmosphere, but it also offers all the necessities for a great place to watch a game. This includes an excellent brunch menu.

5. Fox Sports Midwest Live – St. Louis, Missouri

It wouldn’t be a complete list if we didn’t go big. Here you have it. Fox Sports Midwest Live is about as big as it gets. With 20,000 feet of entertainment space, this place hosts a lot of customers. You also have a 1,200 square foot hi-def television for broadcasting the games on. You also have a full stage for live concerts and so much more. If you can’t make it to the game itself, this might actually be a better place to be. It is the ultimate watch party.

Just search Sports Bar near me to find your closest Sports Bar location!

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