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As one of the big four cell phone corporations in the United States, Sprint is known for its reliability, innovation, and commitment to the latest in wireless technology. Sprint currently serves more than 59.5 million customers in the United States, making it the fourth largest cellphone operator in the US.

Are you interested in finding a Sprint store in your area? Simply browse Sprint near me on the map below and find a list of Sprint locations in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on Sprint? Read on for facts, trivia, and a bit of history on Sprint!

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Sprint Near Me – Sprint Trivia

When did Sprint first start?

If you’re searching Sprint near me, the history of this company may be on your mind. Like many modern cell phone companies, Sprints history extends far beyond the relatively new world of wireless communications. Sprint traces its origins back to the Brown Telephone Company which as initially founded in 1899 by Cleyson and Jacob Brown. The Browns sought to bring telephone services to the rural town of Abilene, Kansas. To bring service to this rural area, the Browns installed their first long distance circuit in 1900. The duo chartered their own company in October of 1902. By 1903, the Browns joined up with 14 other Kansas independents to incorporate the Union Telephone and Telegraph Company that provided long distance services to Kansas City and beyond. In 1911, C.L. Brown consolidated the Brown Telephone Company with three other independent companies to form what was the largest telephone company in Texas. This company took control of seven major other telephone exchanges. The Browns went on to form the United Telephone and Electric company in 1925 on order to obtain stock in subsidiary companies across a wide range of geographical areas in the US. When the Great Depression caused more than three million telephone subscribers to give up their phone services, the company suffered terrible financial strain. The company dissolved to reorganize under the United Utilities Incorporated in 1938.

sprint near me

Sprint is known for its customer service and network reliability.

What year did Sprint enter the Canadian market?

Though Sprint may have a long and storied history in the United States, the brand didn’t enter the Canadian market until the early 1990s. This is when they bought a bulk of long distance telephone lines from domestic companies. Unfortunately, Canadian foreign ownership regulations kept Sprint from opening its own network. In 1993, Sprint officially entered into a partnership with Call-Net-Enterprises, a long distance service offered in Canada. Sprint purchased 25 percent of the company. Call-Net’s service was officially renamed Sprint Canada and was quickly expanded to include internet services and local landlines. Though the service enjoyed success, it was officially acquired by Roger’s Communications in 2005. Consider these facts while searching Sprint near me.

Sprint Near Me – Sprint Facts

A Return to Wireless

If you’re searching Sprint near me in the modern day, you probably only remember Sprint as a wireless service. In fact, most individuals operating a cell phone today weren’t born when Spring was still providing landline service. Sprint made the jump into wireless in 1993, when they acquired Centel. This allowed Sprint to provide local wireless service in a total of 18 states, which put them on the map in the wireless market. In 1994, Sprint spun off of their existing cellular operations and formed “360 Communications” for regulatory reasons. This allowed Sprint to start a new service in the PCS brand. In 1998, Alltel officially acquired 360 Communications which was handed off to Verizon in 2009. Beginning in late 1994, Sprint acquired a 1900 Mhz PCS spectrum via Sprint Spectrum APC. Later in 1995, Sprint began to offer their wireless service under Sprint Spectrum in the Baltimore-Washington DC Metro Area. This is largely considered to be the first commercial PCS network in the United States. Eventually Spring launched a nationwide network that was sold in 1999 to Omnipoint. Omnipoint was later acquired by VoiceStream Wireless which in turn became a part of T-Mobile USA.

Awards Given To Sprint

Sprint has always been on the forefront of innovation, both in cell technology and in practical customer phone plans. In 2011, Sprint was awarded the Atlantic ACM Global Wholesale and US Wholesale awards.They received more accolades that year than any other telecommunications carrier in the US. The company also boasts global wins in Brand and Voice Value and domestic awards in Brand, Provisioning, Network, and Customer Service. When Sprint was still a part of Nextel, they were awarded the Ability Best Practice Award for their innovative implementation of video relay service, as well as their inclusion efforts both in the workplace and in the consumer marketplace. In 2016, Sprint was given top honors in customer care, speed, and relay performance from the Relay Analytic firm Cositics. Sprint is routinely rated top in customer service, reliability and network speeds. If you’re searching Sprint near me, you’ll find a service that you can depend on no matter where your life takes you.

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