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One thing every American can agree on is that eating healthy isn’t always easy, but it is a necessity that is far too often overlooked. Healthy organic foods are often more costly than their less nutritious counterparts. But that shouldn’t mean you have to sacrifice their health for the sake of sticking to a budget. Luckily, stores such as Sprouts Farmers Market exist to help bring fresh produce, bulk foods, meat, seafood, and natural body care items to households all across the country.

Are you interested in finding a Sprouts near you? Simply browse Sprouts near me on the map below and find a list of Sprouts locations nearest you. Need a bit more information on organic foods and eating well? Read on for facts, trivia and more!

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Is organic food actually better for you?

There’s a lot of information to ingest regarding organic food, but one argument that won’t quit is whether or not organic food actually boasts any true health benefits. As you search Sprouts near me, consider if organic foods are actually better for you. According to some studies, organic foods tend to have a higher nutritional value than conventional foods. The reason? Without the presence of pesticides and fertilizers, plants can actually boost their production of important phytochemicals (also known as vitamins and antioxidants). These phytochemicals actually strengthen their resistance to bugs and weeds. Not only can your food taste better if it’s organic, but it can help prevent future issues. Some studies have linked pesticides in foods from everything to chronic migraines and cancer to serious birth defects. Despite this, most experts still maintain that the levels of pesticides found in food are safe enough for most healthy adults to ingest without issue. While it might be safe, some suggest that even low level pesticide exposure can prove toxic to fetuses and small children due to their less developed immune systems. Pregnant women can also be put at risk when chemical pesticides are at play.

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Sprouts offers wholesome organic foods at fair prices!

Is buying organic better for the environment?

Buying organic foods and shopping at markets such as Sprouts can hold a lot of benefits, but is saving the environment one of them? Consider this as you search Sprouts near me. According to several studies, organic farming can actually reduce the amount of pollutants put into ground water. This creates richer soil that can actually help plants to grow larger, thus reducing erosion to natural landscapes. Organic farmer also helps to decrease the amount of pesticides that can potentially end up in drinking water. In some major urban areas, pesticides in tap water have actually been measured in unsafe levels for several weeks at a time. Organic farming also uses up to 50 percent less energy than conventional farming methods. Seems like buying organic might just benefit everyone!

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Look for the Seal

When searching stores such as Sprouts near me or attempting to locate wholesome organic foods, how do you know that what you’re getting is really certified organic? Well, there’s one simple way to ensure that the food’s you’re buying are certified organic. When shopping for organic foods, always check for the USDA seal that certifies that the food is organic. For any kind of meat or or dairy product, this seal guarantees that you’re getting antibiotic and hormone free products. When you’re buying produce or meat that isn’t packaged, you’ll have to look for a sign stating that’s USDA organic or you can ask a store clerk.

A difference in taste?

Organic food boasts so many great benefits, but are you actually getting a difference in taste when purchasing organic products? Consider this as you search Sprouts near me. Obviously, anyone who champions and loves organic food is going to say that foods grown organically have a better and more flavorful taste than those grown with traditional methods. But, is this statement entirely accurate? According to a study published by the British Journal of Nutrition, the higher antioxidant levels found in organic produce might actually enhance the overall taste of the produce. The produce might also have a better aroma and the sensation in your mouth but be slightly different as you’re eating the food. Who knew organic foods could be so great?

The People Can’t Be Wrong!

It might seem as if the terms “organic” and “all natural” are just fads that will pass with time, but organic food is here to stay and is only growing in popularity with each passing year. Just how popular is organic food? Consider this as you search Sprouts near me. According to statistics produced by the Organic Trade Association, sales of organic foods and beverages have grown from a total of $1 billion in sales from 1990 up to an estimated $29 billion in 2011. Sadly, this still only represents a total of 4.2% of all foods sold in the United States.

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