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For individuals looking to quickly find a job or change careers, seeking the help of a staffing agency can be an unbeatable strategy for success. Not only can staffing agencies help place you in the right job for your qualifications, but it can narrow down your job search and present opportunities you may have otherwise missed.

Are you interested in finding a staffing agency near you? Simply browse staffing agencies near me on the map below and find a list of staffing agencies located in close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on staffing agencies and finding the right job? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and information on staffing and employment! You might just learn something new!

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What exactly are staffing agencies?

Though you may be searching staffing agencies near me, you might not know what role a staffing agency plays in the employment of you as an individual and for employers seeking a qualified staff. A staffing agency tirelessly works to match up employers with suitable employees all while reconciling the labor needs of corporate clients and individual workers who have the skill sets necessary to fill particular roles. Almost every staffing agency operates with a focus on a particular sector of the job market. For example, there are staffing agencies that specialize in manufacturing, technology, and finance. Other staffing agencies may work to provide staffing in the field of construction, gas, power, or other business sectors. Part of finding the right fit for you is going with the right kind of staffing agency. Do your research and find out which staffing agencies around you specialize in your field. If you’re a blue collar worker, you likely won’t find much success in an agency that specializes in IT or computer programming. Part of getting a leg up on the competition is to know who you are are, what you want, and what skills you can actually bring to the employment table.

staffing agencies near me

A staffing agency can help you to quickly navigate the waters of employment!

How many people do staffing agencies serve annually?

Every staffing agency has the unique task of matching an individual person to the perfect job for their unique qualifications. Since no two people are alike, not every job is a perfect fit based on qualifications alone. This is why many staffing agencies will also take your personality into account when placing you in a position. According to statistics, staffing agencies place a whopping 2.98 million people per day into the proper positions. Staffing companies have also served to create more than 500,000 new jobs over the past two years. Most staffing agencies provide work and personnel in either a long term or short term time line. Staffing agencies that provide employment on a permanent basis (rather than a temp position) are known as direct hire services. If you’re looking for a long term gig, then a direct hire service is definitely the way to go. Direct hire deserves find the right people for companies who have sought them out as clients to recruit talent that would fit their unique business and employment needs. It’s a win win for both those using the staffing agency and companies themselves. As you search staffing agencies near me, consider if you’d like to hire a temp agency or a direct hire agency. The type of staffing you require all depends on your employment needs.

Staffing Agencies Near Me – Staffing Agencies Facts

When Employers Turn to Agencies

One thing that might vex you as you search staffing agencies near me is when exactly employers turn to staffing agencies rather than seeking out talent on their own? Employment experts agree that most employers will turn to staffing agencies when unemployment is low. A whopping 68% of all human resource professionals have stated that they’ve had major difficulties in recruiting full time talent since the economy made a rebound in 2014. Only 50% of companies reported the same frustrations just one year prior. The biggest challenges that are now faced by many companies is a alow number of applicants, a lack of experience amongst those applying, and steep competition from other employers. This means that human resources needs to devote even more time, money, and energy to recruiting. Increasing training budgets and relying on creativity can only go so far, which has lead many companies to turn to staffing agencies to find qualified employees and help seed out those individuals who wouldn’t be a great fit right from the start.

A Shift In How We Work

Anyone in the American job force knows that the past few decades have brought a major shift in how Americans work and what a typical job looks like for the average citizen. The days of salaried, full time, long terms jobs are a thing of the past for many Americans, with temporary work becoming increasingly popular over the past decade. Contract work has also made a huge dent in the American workforce, with many more Americans hiring themselves out as freelancers, temporary employees, and contract workers. Some statistics indicate that 40% of the workforce will be comprised of these types of workers by 2020. Due to economic shifts and personal choice, many Americans are beginning to favor the more balanced life that temporary work and contract work can provide. So how do staffing agencies play a role in this shift? Well, as temporary employment increases, so does the need for qualified staffing agencies to help place people into these temporary positions. To find the right fit, most Americans have actually admitted to preferring utilizing a staffing agency to doing the leg work on their own. As you search staffing agencies near me, consider why you’re choosing to go with a staffing agency? Is it temporary work you crave or just a leg up on the competition? The choice is yours alone!

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