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Staples, Inc. is an American office supply company. The company has a presence in 26 countries around the world, with a total of over 3000 stores. Staples was founded in May, 1986, with the opening of the first store in Brighton, a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts. The idea for the company came from co-founder Thomas Sternberg. He found that he needed a ribbon for his printer, but his local office supply store was closed for Independence Day.

Frustrated at the reliance on small stores for supplies,he decided to use his experience in operating supermarkets to open a large chain store for supplies. Sternberg created the store with his former New England supermarket rival Leo Kahn. If you feel like checking out a store near you, search “Staples Near Me” to find the nearest location.

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How big is Staples today?

Today, Staples operates a total of 3,856 stores, and an additional 125 warehouses. The total assets of the company are worth approximately $10 billion. The company’s revenue totals $22 billion, though its net income is significantly lower, at $134 million. The company has a workforce of about 79 thousand employees. In 1996, ten years after opening, Staples was included in the Fortune 500 list, as their sales exceeded $3 billion.

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There’s a variety of locations scattered around the world.

Where is Staples located?

Staples operate in 26 countries, including the USA, Canada, Argentina, Australia, the United Kingdom and China, among others. The company headquarters is located in Framingham, Massachusetts.

Who are Staples’ competitors?

Staples has several competitors in the office supply business. The two main competitors are Office Depot and OfficeMax. In fact, in 1996, Staples and Office Depot attempted to merge. The merger was rejected by the Federal Trade Commission, however. The FTC argued that the market would become unfair, mainly due to the fact that OfficeMax would not have enough stores to compete with the combined company. Staples also has some competition from Wal-Mart and Circuit City in America, and from other chains in other countries.

What type of products does Staples sell?

Staples sell office supplies and equipment. This includes basic stationery, but also larger items, such as desk chairs, and even electronics. They stock computers and laptops, cell phones and accessories, and even furniture such as computer desks and end tables. Staples also stocks something every office needs – coffee. They have a variety of coffee and snacks, and even sell coffee machines. It is best to check the Staples website for stock information about a specific store however, as local stock may be unavailable, and products may not be carried by every store. If you’re looking for some products, search “Staples Near Me” to find the nearest location.

What is Staples’ environmental policy?

Staples encourages recycling, by offering recycling facilities for used ink and toner cartridges. In fact, Staples even offer customers cash back for their cartridges. Staples is on the EPA’s Green Power Partner list, in the top 25. The fulfillment centre in Hanover, Maryland, is powered by 175 thousand square feet of solar panels on the roof. Staples has recently introduced a policy where their in-store copiers and printers will go to sleep after 15 minutes of inactivity. This will reduce power usage, and will stop an estimated 11 million pounds of CO2 emissions. In November 2014, the company also offered gift cards to homes and businesses that had solar panels installed.

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The company slogan is “Make More Happen”.

In its early years, the company used an interesting market strategy. They identified local businesses that might require office supplies, and purchased computers and hired programmers to set up a database of these local businesses. They were able to profile the businesses and buying habits, and so tailor offers and discounts for each of them, to encourage repeat business.

In the late 1980s, the company had not yet turned a profit, and was facing fierce competition from other suppliers, including Office Depot and Office Club, and also Ames and Kmart. Staples’ strategy for dealing with this was to continue to open more and more stores, even though the company was losing money.

The company went foreign for the first time in the early 1990s, investing in The Business Depot, a Canadian office supply company. At the same time, it celebrated the opening of its 100th store, in Long Island, New York.

Part of the company’s strategy has been to acquire other businesses, and as such they have a large number of acquisitions. These include OfficeLand, Quill, Chiswick, Office World (in the UK) and Corporate Express, a Dutch company.

Staples has a variety of coupons, loyalty cards, discounts and offers for its customers, in order to improve customer loyalty and relations, and to encourage repeat business. Encouraging repeat business has been part of its strategy since the beginning, and today it still profiles customer purchases in order to tailor offers and discounts. If you’re looking to be a repeat customers, make sure to search for “Staples Near Me” to find your nearest locations.

Neither of the co-founders are the head of the company. Instead, the chairman and CEO is Shira Goodman, who previously served as president of North American operations.

When Staples was first starting out, they received funding from Bain Capital. Former Governor of Massachusetts and Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney co-founded and led Bain Capital, and also served on Staples’ board of directors for 15 years, helping to shape and guide the new company.

The company has had to deal with several security issues. In December 2014, the company became aware that some of its point of sale equipment, affecting over one hundred stores, had been infected with malware. This malware may possibly have allowed criminals access to data from over one million card payments. In October 2014 there was also a suspected data breach. Staples investigated the issue and worked with law enforcement.

In addition to office supplies, some Staples stores offer IT support and in-store computer repairs. This service is known as the Easy Resident Tech program.

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