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State Farm is unquestionably one of America’s favorite insurance companies. It has been the number one automobile insurer in the US since 1942 and some estimates state that one out of every five cars on the road is insured in the State Farm network. With more than 16,700 agents, State Farm easily handles home, auto, life, and health insurance policies with ease. Insurance can be confusing and costly, but with State Farm you’ll always get the best bang for your buck.

Are you interested in finding a State Farm agent near you? Simply browse State Farm near me on the map below and find a list of State Farm agencies nearest you. Need a bit more information on State Farm? Read on for facts, trivia, and so much more! You’ll also find some solid tips on picking the right policy.

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What year was State Farm first founded?

Out of all the American insurance companies, State Farm began from the humblest of roots. The company first found its footing in 1922, as one man’s attempt to offer low cost auto insurance to the farmer’s who populated Illinois’ rural regions. This is how the name State Farm first came to be. State Farm had a lot of early success, despite a volatile marketplace during the late 20s. This was largely due to founder, George Mercherle’s overall demeanor, attitude, and commitment to success. Up until the age of 40, Mecherle worked hard as a farmer, waking up at the crack of dawn and going to bed long after the sun had set. When his wife’s health began to fail, the pair was forced to leave their farm. This is when Mersherle started selling insurance with a Bloomington, Illinois company instead. As you search State farm near me, consider the rich history and simple beginnings of this company.

state farm near me

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What initially made State Farm agents so different?

In a crowded market, it wasn’t easy for State Farm to find its footing and truly dig into the heart of what mattered. Luckily, State Farm’s approach to agents helped set them apart from the pack. At the time State Farm began, many insurance agents represented several different companies, took very large commissions, and ended up with a good deal of paperwork that was necessary in writing and maintaining complicated policies. Merchele didn’t want complicated, because farmers didn’t like complicated. Instead, he tapped into the network of farmers mutual insurance companies and formed to protect members against fires and storm damage. He also protected local farm bureau and other institutions throughout the region. Unlike the traditional agent, the first State Farm agents were men who were well known in their communities. Some may have been the high school principal during the day and an insurance salesman by night. These agents worked part time and received far less commission than their counterparts who were selling insurance on a full time basis. Luckily, this approach lead to a great deal of sales volume which quickly evened things out for well meaning agents. Now when you search State Farm near me, you can rest assured that you’ll always get the best agents around.

State Farm Near Me – State Farm Facts

How To Shop Smart

If you’re searching State Farm near me, then odds are your shopping around for some type of insurance. When looking for insurance, your number one priority is simple: find adequate coverage. While price and budgetary concerns are important, finding the best coverage for your means is the first step in shopping smart. After you determine the amount of coverage you’ll need for home, auto, or life, you can easily fit your coverage into your budget and shop around to find which carrier can provide you with the best plan for your needs. While it can be pretty tempting to simply choose the insurance policy with the lowest price tag, if you don’t have enough coverage in the event of an accident or fire, you will end up paying more out of pocket than those who simply paid a few extra bucks before disaster hit. Luckily, State Farm offers plans that can suit just about any budget and friendly agents to help you find your way in the puzzling world of insurance.

Always Look For Discounts

In the world of insurance, discounts aren’t always abundant but they do exist, especially if you’re searching State Farm near me. While it might seem like there’s not much leeway in terms of policy price, there are ways to save by simply factoring in lifestyle, driving habits, and other practices that may make you less risky to insure. Carriers will also offer discounts for things like paying a policy off in full rather than paying by the month, staying accident free for a certain number of years or months, getting good grades, and even being physically active. You’ll also save more dough if you choose to bundle multiple policies into one. For example, if you want to get your auto insurance through State Farm, you might want to consider buying your home insurance from them as well. By bundling your package you’re dealing with less statements per month and will typically receive a pretty nice discount to boot. Remember, don’t pay full price if there are ways to save. With a little sleuthing and a good insurance agent, you’ll find the perfect policy for your price point.

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