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If you’re feeling hungry, one of the best places to eat at for cheap is Steak And Shake! They have plenty of options for rather cheap prices. You get quite a lot of food for what you pay and it’s a good place to go with friends and family to just sit and relax.You can try their signature Steakburger or maybe their 7×7 if you’re feeling up to the task!

If you’ve never been to one before or you’re just looking for a closer location, just search Steak And Shake near me to find the closest restaurant to you.

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What did Steak And Shake start as?

During the Great Depression, founder Gus Belt and his wife, Edith, had begun to offer fried chicken, fries and coleslaw at their Illinois Shell Station for $.45 and they also offered beer for just $.09. When the town council voted 2 to 1 to ban the sale of alcohol, the Belts decided to open a burger restaurant. That’s when Steak And Shake was opened in 1934.

steak and shake near me

The best place to go for delicious and cheap food!

What was Gus a stickler for?

There was no such thing as uniform health codes back in the ’30s and hamburgers were usually thought to be low-quality fare. This obviously caused quite a bit of concern in customers and to help calm down those worries, Gus Belt created an open kitchen so they could watch their steakburgers being cooked. This is still a practice they use in Steak And Shake nowadays.
Something else that Gus would do is grind a barrel full of meat in front of the diners. Whenever it was exceptionally busy, Gus would like to roll around a barrel that contained t-bones, sirloins and round steaks and ground them in sight.

Where does the historic landmark exist?

A Steak And Shake that was built in the early ’60s has now become a historic landmark. It’s in Springfield, Missouri and sits along the former Route 66. It still happens to retain most of its original design including a curb service window and bright neon sign.

How many calories is the 7×7 burger?

There is a burger on Steak And Shake late night menu that’s called the 7×7 and sells for $7.77. This giant burger contains a whopping 1,330 calories!

How many locations are there?

After opening in the 30s, Steak And Shake has definitely grown! There are now about 544 locations. 417 of these locations are company-operated while the other 127 are franchised. Also, a little fun fact is the first Steak And Shake in the state of Indiana was actually opened as a drive-in restaurant in Indianapolis in November of 1954. If you’re interested in checking out a Steak And Shake that’s close to you, just search Steak And Shake near me to find your nearest location.

Steak And Shake Near Me – Steak And Shake Facts

After Gus Belt passed away in 1954, his wife, Edith, would continue to run the restaurant for fifteen more years until selling it to Longchamps, Inc. for a cool $17 million. They would go on to sell it the Indianapolis-based Franklin Corporation, led by Robert Cronin. After Robert acquired Steak And Shake, he moved the headquarters from Normal Illinois to Indianapolis. Steak And Shake started declining in business during the late 1970s and in 1984, the store was actually in the red before rapidly improving and expanding throughout the 1990s and into 2000.

In October of 2012, Steak And Shake announced its first international expansion agreement with plans to open forty locations in the United Arab Emirates. In December of 2013, Steak And Shake opened up a corporate office in Monte Carlo, Monaco to support its expansion in the Middle East and Europe. The first of the forty locations was opened in Dubai in 2013 but closed in little more than a year. After everything, only two of the original planned forty locations were opened in the United Arab Emirates but they were both closed by January 2015.

Steak And Shake’s signature items happens to be their Steakburger which is what their slogan, “Famous for Steakburgers” refers to. The Steakburger is made up of a mixture of T-bone, round and sirloin steak and it basically serves as their hamburger/cheeseburger. They also happen to be quite known for their shakes as is evident by their name. Besides having the traditional flavors of strawberry, vanilla and chocolate shakes, they have candy and other unique flavors that make them stand out. If you’re interested in trying out Steak And Shake for yourself, just search Steak And Shake near me to find your nearest location and go satisfy your craving!
Steak And Shake actually has a race car and it’s co-sponsored by Maxim and owned by David Letterman.
There was a time where the company almost went bankrupt! After years of losing money, the chain was sold to Biglari Holdings in 2008. They promptly lowered prices and became much more popular again. The company was 90 days away from insolvency when it was taken over.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Went to steak ‘n Shake in Middletown the food was very reasonable and very pleasant and the food was good real good

  2. Kathryn Lee says:

    Can you please open one of these is MAINE! Im dying I only get you once a year!

  3. Carol Misner says:

    Has steak and shake in Paramus park closed or will it re-open in the future?