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Feeling hungry? Have a guest that you would like to entertain over a good meal? Maybe you have a date with someone who enjoys a good steak? Well, nothing beats the best steakhouses if you are looking for a good solid meal with a chunk of bovine.

Simply check out the Steakhouse Near Me Map below and see all of the Steakhouses in your area. All you simply have to do is click on one location and you will get the restaurant’s name, address and phone number. You will also get their hours of operation and reviews from past customers. In addition, with a few clicks, you will be able to get directions, so, if you are in a hurry, you can be on your way to a delicious meal.

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Hours of Operation

Steakhouses generally don’t offer breakfast options, so tend to open later. If the location has a lunch menu, it will often open between 10 and 11am, while others will open between 4 and 5pm. Closing is usually later, around 10pm to 11pm. Friday and Saturday nights, Steakhouses are often open later and have reduced hours on Sundays. Just be sure to check the times of the restaurants you are looking at when you search Steakhouse Near Me.

steakhouse near me

The Filet Mignon is one of the most popular steak cuts, especially when it is wrapped in bacon.

How Well Done do You want Your Steak?

There are a number of ways to get your steak cooked; from just kissing the flames to cooking its way all the way through. Here is a quick summary of the different levels of cooking for a steak.

Blue Rare:

This is the least cooked a steak can get. It is quickly seared on the outside, and the amount of browning is less than 10% of the steak. The inside is completely read and the internal temperature reaches about 115F. The steak is basically raw.


This level of cooking exposes the steak to the heat source for a longer period of time. The internal temperature reaches a temperature of 120F, only 5 degrees more, but 25% of the center is browned, leaving 75% red. The final steak is tender and juicy.


At this level of cooking, you have a nice balance of about 50/50 browned and red center of the steak. The temperature doesn’t change much from the rare. This steak is still tender and a little less juicy than the rare form.


The medium allows the temperature to reach 134F. The outside is well seared and the interior only has 25% of it left being pink. It is much trier and a bit more chewy than the medium-rare form.
Medium well: Kicking the steak up a notch or two. The entire steak is pretty much cooked. You have almost no pink left. It has mostly dried up and there is nothing really left to create juice. Oh, and it has reached 150F.

Well done:

If you can even call this a steak anymore. The entire thing is cooked. The outside is so well seared it might as well be charcoal. The interior temperature is now 160F and there is no juice left in the thing. It might as well be beef jerky.

Steak Cuts

In addition to how well cooked the steak you get is, there is also the cut of meat.

Number 3 – The Top Sirloin

This is a nice thick cut of steak from the loin area. It doesn’t have a lot of marbling, but does offer enough to make a thick and juice steak or roast.

Number 2 – Strip Loin or New York Strip

This is an another loin cut, often called the short loin. It has a good amount of marbling and allows for nice thick cuts to make an excellent steak. The top sirloin and strip loin together make the famous T-bone steak.

Number 1 – The Rib Eye

This piece of steak comes, as you can guess from the name, the ribs. Sometimes it is sold with the bone in, but normally it is removed. This has the most marbling and the deepest and richest flavor and makes the ultimate steak.

Steakhouse Near Me – Steakhouse Facts

Great Steakhouses Across the Country

Looking for a great steakhouse? Well, here are several highly recommended locations from across the country. Be sure to stop in if you are in the area.

1. Bavette’s Bar & Boeuf, Chicago: If you are in the Chicago area, Bavette’s is a wonderful spot. With a nice range of both appetizers and entrees this is the spot to go. Even if you aren’t looking for a steak, you have other choices such as Broiled Salmon, Lamb T-Bones and Buttermilk Fried Chicken. Be sure to try the Garlic Shrimp De Jonghe to enjoy some shrimp cooked in garlic, herbs and sherry.

2. Cut, Beverly Hills: Weather you are looking for a 34 ounce Porterhouse or a nice 8 ounce Filet Mignon, Cut is a great choice. In addition, you have a collection of choices from Lobster to fresh Sashimi. Cut is an exceptionally high end restaurant that offers top choices, but comes with an equally high price tag. You are looking at more than sixty dollars per person per meal, so if you are looking for a fancy place to bring a special person, this may be the place to go.

3. Perini Ranch, Buffalo Gap, Texas: Okay, straight up, Buffalo Gap is a small place, very small, and a good 200 miles from Dallas. Why is it worth the drive? This is a nice private ranch that is a bit out of the way. In addition to amazing steaks, it also has famous burgers and a great atmosphere. You can enjoy nice appetizers like classic jalapeno bites and also Quail legs. To add to that, you can even book the place for private parties and enjoy eating in their nice open sky seating options. So, if you are able to make the trip, be sure to check the place out.

4. Quality Meats, Midtown East, New York: If you are looking for an East Coast meal, swing into Quality Meats. The restaurant has a nice range of choices, from Main Lobster, to standard burgers, to Sashimi and of coarse a nice range of steaks with your classic rib eye to fillet mignon. The prices are a bit on the higher side, looking at over $50 per person, but exceptionality of the meal qualities are there. If you are planning to stay for dessert, try out one of their ice cream cakes, the Grasshopper is made of Mint Oreo Chunk Ice Cream, Devils Food Cake and Chocolate Icing, how can you go wrong?

5. John Howie Steak, Seattle: If you are in the Washington State area, John Howie Steak is your place to get a great steak. The steakhouse has a great combination of fine steak offerings and great burgers as well. The lunch menu offers some reasonable priced options or the dinner menu is a bit higher up above $40 per person. No matter the choice of meal, you have a lot of great selections. Be sure to try the Tempura Fried Kurobuta Bacon.

No matter where you are in the country, or where you are going to travel, there will always be a great place to enjoy a great steak. Just search Steakhouse Near Me and see what is out there.

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