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Sometimes we are in the situation where we require a place outside of where we are sleeping to keep some of our possessions. To help us with this, companies have started offering storage units for rental to keep our items in. Below, you will find the Storage Near Me Map, which will show you the locations of all of the companies in your area that have storage units for rent.

All you need to do is click on a location and it will tell you the name, address and phone number for the business. You will also get the hours of operation and reviews from past customers. If the company has a website, you will also get a link to that. After you are done searching the map, you can keep reading to find more information on storage companies and some strange stories involving them.

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Types of Storage Units

When you first start looking for a storage unit, you are going to have to go through a number of different types.

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Storage units come in a variety of types and sizes to meet peoples needs.

1. Indoor or Outdoor Storage:

Outdoor storage units are by far the most common types. These units have varying amounts of exposure to the elements and don’t have any real type of climate control. So, if the items you want to store are sensitive to moisture, heat and cold you may not want an outdoor storage unit. The indoor units offer some control over environmental exposure. These indoor units are normally divided up in a warehouse or a large complex. They also have a better level of security as they require some form of access to get into the complex that is storing them.

2. Climate Controlled:

Climate controlled storage units are a type of indoor storage unit. They control for temperature, moisture and protect your items from most animals. So, if you are looking at protecting some paintings or other items that require a lot more safety, these units are good for you.

3. Vehicle storage:

Some special vehicles require storage during different times of the year. Not everyone has a huge garage or driveway where they can store all of their fun toys. Special storage units for various types of vehicles are available. Boat storage is usually done in a large outdoor storage unit and are available in up to 200 square foot sizes. You can also get storage for RVs of various sizes. You can also find storage units for cars, trucks and motorcycles if you are in need of keeping them in a safe location for an extended period of time.

4. Business Storage:

Businesses of various sizes need places to keep their property or documents safe. You are able to get special business plans to help store those documents and even get the boxes needed to help store your files in a safe location.

Cost of Storage

Okay, you have decided on the type of storage unit that you need. Now, how much do storage units generally cost to rent?

If you are looking for a small 5 by 5 storage unit, you are looking at between $40 – 50 per month. The price jumps up to $75 – 140 if you are looking for a 10 by 15 foot unit and you can raise that to $105 – $150 if you need it to be climate controlled. If you are using Storage Near Me to search for vehicle storage, those prices can range a lot depending on where you are and the size of the vehicle.

Storage Near Me – Storage Facts

Surprising Storage Unit Finds

Have you ever wondered what people store in their storage units? Well, some people have made some surprising finds. Some of these things are rather bizarre and even terrifying.

1. In 1989, a man purchased the contents of a storage locker in Long Island and found inside it a car. A submarine car from the James Bond movie “The Spy Who Loved Me”. The car was eventually auctioned off for $1 million.

2. In 2011, a man managed to purchase the contents of a storage locker in the San Fernando Valley and scored an amazing find. The first Superman Comic, worth at least a million dollars; however, he couldn’t profit off of it as it was later discovered to be the property of actor Nicholas Cage.

3. In 2011, the police were called to a storage unit in St. Joseph, Missouri because a guard heard strange noises coming from inside. After opening the unit, they found a burglar, Ronald Dennis. Ronald had broken into the unit during the night, but the guard had found the door ajar and secured it, locking Ronald inside.

4. In 2007, a man purchased a storage unit and discovered a meat smoker inside. Within the smoker was a leg, a human leg. The leg got turned over to the police, who later sent it to a funeral home. It was a strange situation, where the man whose leg was discovered and the man who purchased the storage unit eventually ended up taking the case to a TV Court where the leg finally got returned to the original… owner.

5. In Florida, a family found out that in 2012 their mother had stored their grandmother in a storage unit when she had died at the age of 95. The exact reason for using the storage unit to keep the remains of the grandmother are not really known. According to the mother, there were vehicle problems and a rainstorm. The son says that hording likely played a part in the decision making.

6. Darrell Sheets, from the TV show Storage Wars, found the body of a murdered woman in a storage locker. The police reported that the previous owner of the storage unit had murdered his wife and used the storage locker to hide the body, until it was finally discovered by Mr. Sheets.

So, if you are looking into purchasing the contents of a storage locker after searching Storage Near Me, you may find some interesting items in it.

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