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Storage units are a cheap and efficient way to keep anything you don’t have room for in your home, but still would love to keep. There are literally thousands of storage unit companies in the US, about 46,000!

Moving from a big space to a smaller space? Just got married and have extra things between the two of you? Try looking for storage units near me and free up some room in your basement. You could finally have that home gym you’ve been wanting for awhile, or just have extra space to do whatever!

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Storage Units Near Me – Storage Units Trivia

Did you know?

The storage industry labels four major events as the reasoning behind storage unit rentals. Death, Divorce, downsizing, and relocation. Relocating can mean eviction to a new marriage to even merging households. Getting a new roommate and need space for their stuff? Check out “Storage Units near me.”

What is the largest storage space available to rent?

Some spaces go from the size of a tiny closet space(5×10), a small bedroom(10×10), a garage that holds one vehicle(10×20), a large bedroom (15×20), and a big garage space(20×20). The spaces are usually made of metal and have locks on them.


A public storage location with the famous orange pull down doors.

What Television shows feature storage units?

Due to the amount of storage auctions in the US, several shows made their way on to national television. Auction Hunters, Storage wars, Storage Hunters, and all of the storage Wars spinoff shows sensationalize the left over items of delinquent accounts.

Did you know?

A large portion of storage units are used by hoarders, people that have an obsessive nature to hoard large quantities of items. There is no main reason for why people hoard, but many disorders associated with hoarding include bipolar disorder, PTSD,and ADHD.

Did you know?

In the real estate market, many people say that the storage unit business is incapable of being damaged by a recession. That’s a good investment decision for anyone looking to own commercial real estate!

True or false: Storage units only come in single story units.

False! In major cities, there are quite a few multi-story storage buildings with elevators and loading areas for any item you can’t bring on the elevator. The suburban areas have a lot of the single story units that are more familiar.

What are some of the companies that do storage units?

You have many choices! There’s public storage, U haul, Cube Smart, and Extra space storage. All of these places charge a minimal monthly rental fee, and you have many choices in size, so pick what you like! Some places even rent moving trucks for your convenience.

Storage Units Near Me – Storage Units Facts

Public Storage is the top storage company out of all four storage companies, and it’s easy to see why. The sell packing products to their renters, they own many locations nationally and globally, over 2,000 to be exact! Public Storage was founded in the early 70s by Kenneth Volk and B. Wayne Hughes. It only took ten years, but by the 80s, the company expanded to around 1000 locations! When they sold the business to a real estate investment company, they were able to afford the purchase of Shurgard Storage centers. They make $2.38 Billion in one year currently.

The second largest storage company is Extra Space Storage with 1,370 units in 37 states in the US. In 1977, the company was started by Kenneth Woolley. The focus of this company was buying storage units and then selling to many big companies like public storage. Eventually, they bought Storage USA and have expanded to add over 400 more after that. They rake in $782.27 Million a year.

CubeSmart is a newer addition to the group, it started back in 2004 by a company once known as U-Store-It-Trust. They own around 450 storage unit locations and are considered the fourth largest storage company around. They made $444,521,000 in 2015.

Uncle Bob’s self storage is owned by Sovran self storage, Inc, and it’s the fifth largest storage company that exists today. It’s home base is in Buffalo, NY, but was originally founded in Florida. It brings in $192 Million a year. Looking for a place to put your old furniture? Try searching ” Storage units near me” and keep your possessions safe under security cameras, locked units, and security guards waiting there to make sure your stuff is safe!

Uhaul is by far one of the oldest storage companies around. It was started back in 1945 by Leonard and Anna Shoen. Thought the company had a tumultuous history with family feuds over inheritance of the company, a lawsuit, and bankruptcy, they still managed to bring in a good amount of money and be very popular in their truck rentals. They make over $4 Billion a year.

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