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Got some shopping to do and don’t know where to go? Well, you are in luck. Here you will find all the various retail locations near you. Everything from the great big retail giants to the small independent family hardware store.

If you are looking for a place to shop just take a look at the Stores Near Me on the Map below and you will have all of your retail locations shown to you. Simply click on the location you want to look at and you will get the store’s name, address and phone number. If the store has a website, you will be shown the link and if anyone has written a review for you, you will find them there as well. Finally, with a few clicks, you will be able to get directions to the location from where you are to start your shopping experience.

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Store Hours in America

There are generally three major groups of store hours that you will find. The most common are those open during regular business hours. These are the stores that are open around 9am and close in the early evening, 5 – 9PM. These are normally the smaller shops and those that are privately owned. The second group are the larger retailers and chains. These may open as early as 7am and close later around 9 – 11PM. Both of these groups of stores tend to have reduced hours on weekends, particularly Sundays and holidays. Many will also close on large holidays like Christmas, New Years and Independence Day. The last group of stores are those that are open 24 hours. These can range from large stores like the Walmart Supercenters to those that are just in particularly busy locations like near large hotels or major urban centers.

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The busiest shopping days are always the last few days before Christmas.


Shopping Centers, Shopping Arcades, Shopping Malls or simply malls, have changed the way that many stores work. These large shopping centers started to get developed in the second half of the 20th century and have since become one of the dominate locations for shopping in North America, and around the world. Most major cities have a few large indoor shopping malls, and a few strip malls as well. These are particularly popular in areas that see cold winters or other unfavorable weather conditions that make walking outdoor less enjoyable. Inside malls, you will find a range of shopping locations and usually a few larger anchor stores, such as department stores and grocery stores.

Large Retailers

General retail stores have also dominated the shopping experience during the 20th century. These large stores, which became chains, have reshaped the shopping experience. Instead of visiting a number of small specialty shops to get your goods, you now find them all in one location. Store such as Walmart and Target have become iconic and one stop locations for most of your shopping needs.

Specialty Stores

Generally, you can still find specialty shops. Many of them have moved to malls, or other shopping districts. You will find common chains, particularly if you are looking at clothing shops and some independent companies. Specialty shops are common for hardware and home renovation locations. You have several large home office stores and electronics chains. Specialty shops are everywhere and if you want to ensure that you have someone skilled and experienced for what you are looking for, people tend to trust the specialty shops over the large generalist retailers.

Stores Near Me – Stores Facts

Shopping Facts in America

America loves to shop and there are a range of amazing and shocking facts to share about its shopping habits. Here are some choice ones for you to enjoy.

1. Americans are spending less of their income on clothing now than in the 1950s. Today people spend less than 4% of their income on clothing, while in the 1950s it was closer to 11%. This is due a lot to deflations (prices getting smaller). The average cost of clothing is down more than 8% since 1992 alone.

2. Women love shoes. Over their lifetime the average American woman will purchase over 250 pairs of shoes.

3. The Mall of America, one of the largest malls in the world, is huge. It could fit seven Yankee Stadiums inside of it. It also has over 40 million people visit it each year.

4. While California has some of the best weather, it also has more shopping malls than any other state. California has over 6 thousand shopping malls. Over 100 times the number of shopping malls of Wyoming, which has the fewest.

5. While many people tend to think the busiest shopping day of the year is Black Friday, it really isn’t. It may be one of the craziest shopping days of the year, and the news media loves to show us the stampedes that occur. For America, people still like to procrastinate, which leaves Christmas Eve or often the Saturday just before Christmas Day as the busiest shopping day of the year. Black Friday is still huge and regularly ranks in the top 5 for amount of money spent on the day.

6. Speaking of the holidays. The average holiday shopper normally spends about $800 per year on gifts, of which $100 is spent on themselves. Everyone deserves a nice gift for themselves, right?

7. During the holidays, there are several important ways that retailers like to get people to come into the store. They use music that people enjoy. You don’t want to be listening to something annoying while you shop. Secondly, they will offer gifts or bonus when you shop in their stores and most importantly the ultimate door crashers. Just remember, the door crashers are in very limited supply and some retailers even like to advertise that to keep people camping outside the door in hopes of fighting to get one of those prize items.

8. The retail industry generates about $24 trillion per year and the holiday sales alone make up $3 trillion. The 10 days prior to Christmas make up about 40% of the holiday sales. So, if you are planning on doing your shopping, be sure to get it done early, unless you enjoy the hustle and bustle of the crowds.

9. The three largest retailers in the United States are Kroger, Costco and Walmart, in order respectfully from third to first. Walmart, holds the first place firmly with over four times the annual sales of Costco.

10. There are over 3.6 million retail stores in the United States, which means that when you search Stores Near Me you are easy to find several. The question is, what do you want are you looking for?

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