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When it comes to banking, finding the right fit can often be a bit difficult. Depending on your unique banking needs, financial level, and current location; the right bank can often seem out of reach. The good news? If you find yourself in the proximity of a Suntrust Bank, you will easily find all of your banking needs met 100%. With low fee checking accounts, amazing customer service, and many locations to choose from, Suntrust is the big name bank with small time values.

Are you interested in finding a Suntrust in your location? Simply browse Suntrust near me and find a list of Suntrust locations in your area. Need a bit more information on Suntrust? Read on for facts and trivia on this banking brand!

Suntrust Near Me – Find it on the Map

Suntrust Near Me – Suntrust Trivia

Who founded Suntrust Bank?

Often times a business is only as good as the person who founded it and made it great. If you’re searching Suntrust near me, you’ll be happy to know that this founder is as great as the bank itself. Suntrust Bank was founded by Joel Hurt in 1891. Prior to opening the bank, Hurt was a businessman who dabbled in real estate, streetcars, and insurance. He officially Suntrust when he recommended that the Commercial Travelers Savings Bank be turned into a trust company. This was the first foundation to be laid for Suntrust. Hurt stayed in charge of the bank from 1895 to 1904. The rest is Suntrust Banking history!

suntrust near me

A Suntrust bank branch in Durham, North Carolina. Many Suntrust locations are in the eastern half of the US.

Is Suntrust bank private or public?

On your quest to find a Suntrust near me, you may be wondering if this banking giant is a private or public company. The answer? Suntrust is currently a public company and is the largest subsidiary of the company. As of December 31, 2013, Suntrust had a total of $175 billion in assets. Their stock price is currently at $37.71. Suntrust reportedly earns a whopping $185 million in profit annually.

True or false; Suntrust was once the largest stockholder in Coca-Cola.

If you live in America, then you know that Coca-Cola is one of the nation’s most patriotic seeming drinks. In fact, it’s often included along with apple pie as one of the most American things you can possibly do! What you might not know is that Suntrust bank was actually once the largest stockholder in Coca-Cola. Even stranger? The original recipe for Coca-Cola exists in a Suntrust bank vault in Atlanta, GA. This means that not only has Suntrust played a huge role in Coke’s development as a company, but it currently holds one of the world’s greatest secrets: the original Coca-Cola recipe! Both companies have come a long way since then. Coke is a huge corporation with many holdings and branch companies. Suntrust is one of the largest banking chains with 1,678 locations in the United States. In this case, while one could have succeeded without the other, it simply wouldn’t have been as sweet.

Suntrust Near Me – Suntrust Facts

On the Forefront of Technology

In our busy fast paced digital world, it’s totally necessary to be able to reach all of your banking information at the touch of a finger. While some bank chains are still chugging along without the forward progress of new technology, Suntrust has always been on the forefront of new tech in this age. Not only does Suntrust offer online banking that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, but the chain also has an app that allows any individual to quickly check their account, pay bills, and even create a future budget. Not only does this technology help the consumer to make informed financial decisions and have sound peace of mind in consistently knowing the state of their account; but it allows Suntrust to connect with all of its consumers in an easy way without the hassle of face to face or telephone communications. If you’re searching Suntrust near me, keep in mind that you’ll always be given the best in tech with this bank brand! Aside from good tech, Suntrust also offers low or no fee bank accounts, convenient hours, free online accessibility, and an amazing automated phone system for checking your account.

Innovation Awards

It’s always nice when one can claim that their bank has been innovative in its pursuit of growth and wealth. Not only has Suntrust always been a pioneer in innovation, but it has even accumulated a few awards because of it. Suntrust recently won an an award in innovation for Faud Inspector Building for it’s positive pay practices in the realm of business and industry. Enterprise once worked with Suntrust to pay well in order to create a solid company called Faud Inspector. Because of this, the business was able to have a full range of innovative financial services which lead to massive success in Faud and in Suntrust itself. This lead Suntrust to implement the same pay practices in its bank branches. Not only did they find it lead to greater employee happiness and commitment, but it also made workers more motivated to do a good job and help customers in any way they could.

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