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There are a lot of supermarkets to choose from. There are big chains and small independent stores. Sometimes it is hard to select the best one or maybe you are new to an area and just need to get a few quick groceries. With a quick look at your Supermarkets Near You Map, you will be able to find all of the local supermarkets near you on the map.

If you select a destination, it will tell you the name of the store, the address, and phone numbers. It will also have reviews from other customers there to help you make your choice and to make all things convenient, with a few clicks, you will be able to get directions to the store if you decide it is the one for you.

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General Shopping Store Hours

Most supermarkets open in the early morning, around 7am and close in the evenings between 9pm and 11pm; however, there are some stores that offer more flexible hours, opening earlier and closing later and a few that are even open 24 hours a day. Many stores end up having reduced hours on holidays and remain closed on Christmas Day.

supermarkets near me

Whole Foods is a new supermarket chain that specializes in selections for customers who want natural and organic produce.

Specialty Supermarkets

Most supermarkets offer the basic goods and services that you enjoy and want. They have your daily groceries and a few extra things like cleaners, books and some larger chains even have pharmacies in them; however, in recent years, you have started to get chains that specialize in natural, fair trade, local products and organic products. They will normally advertise these on them, or have them in their names such as PCC Natural Markets. These upscale stores, such as Whole Foods, are starting to change, especially in communities that are trying to clean up and revitalize areas of cities.

A History of Supermarkets

Supermarkets are a relatively new concept that was created in the 20th century. The first self-service supermarket is credited to the Piggly Wiggly in Memphis in 1912. The style of store was known as the “groceterias” which is a mixture of the words grocery and cafeteria.
With the full kick start of the industrial revolution, the 1920s started seeing the spreading of the chains. Chains started to take over, such as Kroger and American Stores. In the late 1920s, some careful merging started the creation of what would become the Safeway chain of stores and the start of how we know supermarkets today.

The 1950s and 1960s saw the rise of the suburbs and shopping centers. This created the opportunity for the larger stores to start to monopolize areas. They moved in and became established in these large areas. They would offer more diverse services than the previous smaller stores and this was how supermarkets as we know them took form.

In the 1970s and the economic slowdowns, the discounted and warehouse style stores started to become more competitive in areas. Coupons and discounts were needed to keep in competition.

In the 1980s and 1990s the final mergers and emergence of upscale store, like Whole Foods, took over. This is what created the situation of where we are today with the few large chains that cover most of the area and the few smaller family style grocers that eek by struggling for survival. So, when you use Supermarkets Near Me take a look at the different stores in your area.

Supermarkets Near Me – Supermarkets Facts

Supermarkets are part of our daily lives, but we often don’t think much about them; however, there are some interesting things to learn about this huge market.

1.The average customer makes 1.5 shopping trips per week to a grocery store and spend on average 53 hours per week in supermarkets.

2.The busiest time to visit a supermarket is on the weekend and generally take almost 10 minutes longer than any other time of the week to go shopping.

3.Do you want to enjoy to store to yourself? Well, the slowest shopping days are Monday and Tuesday. Compared to Saturday, Monday and Tuesday see over 10 million people, nation wide, less shopping.

4.It probably isn’t surprising, but right before dinner, between 4 – 5PM is the busiest time of day to go shopping.

5.How much money do people spend on food? Well, combined, people spend about 9.9% of their disposable income on food. 5.6% of it is on groceries while the remainder goes towards eating out.

6.There are almost 40,000 grocery stores in the United States!

7.Supermarkets are a huge industry. They take in around $640 billion each year.

8.Women make up the majority of shoppers in supermarkets. In multi-person households the women make up 70% of the primary shoppers and for non-married they still make up 53% of the general shoppers.

9.You might think that meat was the biggest chunk of sales, but it is actually processed foods and sweets. They make up 25% of the sales.

10.For those who are looking for the locally grown choices, it seems that a quarter of shoppers specifically go hunting for those items over other choices.

Largest Supermarket Chains!

Guess which chains are the largest in America. This list is looking specifically at grocery/supermarket sales.

1.Kroger easily wins with over 103 billion dollars in sales in 2015.

2.Albertson is a very distant second place with 56 billion dollars in sales.

3.Ahold USA/Royal Ahold falls in third place with close to 44 billion dollars in sales.

4.Plubix Super Markets slipped into forth place with close to 34 billion dollars.

5.H-E-B Grocery is in fifth place with just over 21 billion dollars in sales.

6.Whole Foods Markets fell in sixth place with a little over 15 billion dollars in sales.

7.Walmart Stores (Neighborhood Market) came in just behind Whole Foods with 14.7 billion dollars.

8.Wakefern/ShopRite was narrowly behind Walmart with 14.6 billion dollars.

9.Southeastern Grocers fell into ninth place with a little over 10 billion dollars in sales.

10.Wegmans held tenth place with 8.25 billion dollars in sales.

There are a lot of different supermarkets out there to select your groceries from and while most people will use Supermarkets Near Me to find the closest store, there are some differences between the different stores and if you are looking for a specific kind of place there are options out there.

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