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Sushi done right can be an experience that not only tantalizes the tastebuds but leaves a lasting impression for weeks to come. Well prepared sushi is not only an aesthetically pleasing art form, it is a healthful and nutritious option for those looking to stay on track and maintain a proper diet.

Are you interested in finding a great sushi place near you? Simply browse sushi places near me on the map below and find a list of sushi places near you. Need more information on sushi places? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more on sushi!

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True or false: The history of sushi started with rice.

If you’ve ever searched sushi places near me, then you know that sushi and rice often go hand in hand. The history of sushi began when rice cultivation came to Japan some 2,000 years ago. The very first type of sushi was first developed in Nara, not as an art form or type of cuisine, but as a means of preserving fish that would otherwise have gone stale. Using fermented rice, early sushi adopters found that they could keep fish edible for longer periods of time. While still enjoying the taste and overall benefits of consuming fish. The form of sushi we know and love today first came around in the 8th century. The fish was salted and wrapped tightly with fermented rice, a traditional lacto-fermented rice dish.Narezushi wa made of a gutted fish which was then stored in a fermented rice blend for months at a time for preservation. The fermentation of the rice was to prevent the fish from spoiling, the fermented rice was then discarded and fish was the only part of the sushi was consumed. This early type of sushi became an extremely important source of protein for the Japanese.

sushi places near me

Sushi is as much an art form as it is a cuisine.

True or false: An earthquake brought sushi off the street and to the people.

True! You may think that sushi was always the cosmopolitan dish that it is today. After all, many associate sushi restaurants with a formal sit down dinner in an higher end restaurant establishment. Strangely enough, sushi was once exclusively a street food that rivaled the food trucks and food carts that we know and love today. Though street food may be popular in the modern day, it was deemed as a lesser form of cuisine in early Tokyo. When the earthquake of 1923 devastated much of Tokyo and surrounding areas, real estate prices plummeted and sushi chefs were finally able to afford brick and mortar restaurants. Suddenly, sushi was taken off the street and brought into Tokyo’s thriving restaurant scene. Sometimes it takes the smallest act of nature to seal the fate of a culture or a cuisine. As you search sushi places near me, think of how the smallest moments in history have transformed a culture’s cuisine or approach to food.

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SPAM Nori?

Here’s something you might not ever think of while searching sushi places near me: the American form of SPAM. We all know SPAM which is a processed canned meat that is still popular in regions such as Hawaii and parts of the midwest, but you’re not likely associating SPAM with Japanese cuisine, especially sushi. During the Japanese internment of World War II, many Japanese Americans were forced into camps due to an unfounded fear that they were somehow not loyal to America, given their Japanese descent. Though this was ludicrous and largely seen as a dark moment in America’s history, it did lead to a fusion of SPAM and Japanese cuisine. At the camps, these Japanese Americans were fed potatoes and processed meats such as hot dogs or SPAM. While the prisoners largely disliked the potatoes, given they were more privy to rice and vegetables, they ate the SPAM and grew accustomed to its taste. They even adapted it into Japanese AMerican food traditions such as sushi. Today, SPAM-Nori a SPAM based sushi dish is still popular in the states of California and Hawaii.

The Soy Sauce Debate

While searching sushi places near me, you may be wondering if there is any etiquette involved in eating sushi. Like many cultures, Japan does have some ideas and etiquette rules of sushi. One you might not have ever even considered is dipping the rice in soy sauce. According to sushi purists, sushi rice should not ever be dipped into soy sauce and it is considered to be very sloppy if the rice becomes saturated and falls apart or separates itself from the roll. Only the fish part of the roll is to be dipped in soy sauce. It is also considered to be quite rude to remove the fish from the rice to dip it into the sauce. So how does one get any soy sauce while eating a roll? Training and lots of patience. Many sushi chefs actually undergo years of long training to put the sushi and the rice together. Of course at the end of the day, it’s all about enjoying your meal and having a great experience. Odds are, nobody will ever make a remark or even notice your sushi dipping habits. Enjoy your meal and be as respectful as possible, but remember, you’ll want it it to be a meal your remember not feel put out by.

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