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Sushi is the wildly popular Japanese preparation and serving of specially vinegared rice combined with a variety of ingredients including seafood, vegetables, and on rare occasions tropical fruits. In recent years, sushi has become a favorite amongst diners of all ages and nationalities due to it’s many health benefits and colorful flavor palette.

Are you interested in finding sushi near you? Simply browse sushi restaurants near me on the map below and find a list of sushi restaurants located in close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on sushi restaurants? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and information on sushi!

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True or false: The oldest type of sushi actually tastes like cheese.

Sushi lovers pretty much know what to expect in terms of taste and texture when it comes to their beloved favorites, what they might not know is that there is an old school method of preparing sushi that can dramatically alter the taste. In fact, the oldest known types of sushi didn’t taste much like the sushi we eat in the modern day, instead it tasted a lot like cheese. Some regions of Japan still follow this traditional method, despite the cheesy taste it leaves in some visitors mouths. Many small towns such as Lake Biwa in Southern Japan, follow the technique that involves the refrigeration method of filleting carp packing them with vinegar rice, and leaving them alone to age for up to three years. That’s right, this type of sushi is aged like a fine wine. The results is a fermented delicacy known as funazushi. Experts say that this treat tastes most like a pungent cheese. Odds are if you’re searching sushi restaurants near me anywhere in the US, you’ll be hard pressed to find a restaurant that follows this old school method of preparing sushi.

sushi restaurants near me

Finding great sushi has never been easier or more affordable!

True or false: Sushi has always been a cosmopolitan dish.

Much like in America, foods associated with the major cities in Japan were often thought of as being more refined and cosmopolitan than those that emerged from more rural areas. Sushi has almost always been considered a cosmopolitan or upscale cuisine as it is most commonly associated with the Japanese city of Tokyo. Tokyo is a hub of culture, trends, and innovation and it always has been. Though you may think of a sushi chefs as residing on secluded mountains perfecting their craft, many of the earliest sushi chefs were from Tokyo. Tokyo’s influence is so prevalent that the most commonly adopted style of sushi, edomai, is actually derived from the old name for Tokyo which was “Edo.” Even in America, sushi was often seen as a cuisine for wealthier and more cultured individuals, often finding popularity in major cities such as New York and Los Angeles rather than the rural reaches. As you search sushi restaurants near me, consider how this cuisine has evolved and changed since it’s earliest form.

Sushi Restaurants Near Me – Sushi Restaurants Facts

Grocery Store Sushi

For many Americans, eating sushi out at a sit down restaurant isn’t always an option. Many rural areas don’t have a strong sushi presence, with few individuals having ever even tried sushi in many deeply rural regions of the South. Because of this, many have no choice but to opt for grocery store sushi. While grocery store sushi can be pretty tasty depending on the preparation techniques and the store producing it, the taste will vary slightly from the fresh sushi you would be served at a sit down restaurant. The reason? As soon as fish has been cut and is exposed to air, it immediately begins to oxidize. This is why sushi is should always be eaten as shortly after preparation as possible. Every second that the sushi sits in the freezer case, it loses flavor and tastes a bit less fresh. This doesn’t mean that the sushi isn’t suitable for consumption or bad for you, it simply means you’ll miss out on the authentic and desired flavor. As you search sushi restaurants near me, consider how fresh sushi differs from the sushi you may pick up from a grocery store or gas station.

The Story of Bluefin

If you’re searching sushi restaurants near me, then you likely already know that bluefin tuna is widely used and is often one of the most expensive sushi delicacies. While you won’t struggle to find bluefin tuna today, it was once believed to be undesirable. In 2013, a 500 pound blue fin tuna fish sold for a record $1.8 million in a Tokyo fish market, setting records around the world. While bluefin is worth a chunk now, at one point fisherman actually avoided bluefin because it was such a strong swimmer. Due to their strength, they could easily tear through a fishing net, causing strife for fishermen who not only lost their precious catch but were forced to replace their nets as well. This lead to quite a bit of high costs that many fisherman couldn’t afford at the time. Fishermen changed their minds about bluefin in the 1950s when nylon netting made catching them much easier and more practical. Unfortunately, this has now lead to overfishing and rarity.

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