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Are you a maxxinista? If you’re looking for T.J. Maxx, you surely are! Since 1976, this retail giant has been gracing consumers with the opportunity to buy high quality designer garments, shoes, home goods, and jewelry at a fraction of the price. For customers aiming to look good on a budget,there’s no place better than T.J. Maxx.

Are you interested in finding a T.J. Maxx near you? Simply browse T.J. Maxx near me on the map below and find a T.J. Maxx location nearest you. Need a bit more information on this brand? Read on for facts, trivia, and history on this retail renegade.

T.J. Maxx Near Me – Find it on the Map

T.J. Maxx Near Me – T.J. Maxx Trivia

True or false: No two T.J. Maxx stores are alike.

True! If you’re searching T.J. Maxx near me, you’ll likely find a bevy of locations in your area. Out of all of those locations, not a single one is like the other. T.J. Maxx has made it a priority to keep the inventory of each location exciting and unique. That means that the apparel and home goods that you find in one T.J. Maxx likely won’t repeat itself in a different location. In fact, T.J. Maxx’s online offerings are also completely different from their in store offerings.

t j maxx near me

A typical T.J. Maxx store features clean red lettering and a modern and uncluttered aesthetic for an enjoyable shopping experience.

True or false: All TJ Maxx buyers must attend TJX University.

True! In order to stay ahead of trends and stay on the pulse of fashion, store buyers are asked to attend TJX University training. During this training, buyers are shown how to buy year round instead of a season in advance. Because of this, buyers know what’s actually trending and in fashion, rather than making educated guesses. Because of this, buyers can rest assured that the styles they’re getting are not only in season, they’re on point with what all fashionistas are wearing. Buyers also get the merchandise in T.J. Maxx directly from over 17,000 vendors in 60 plus countries. The products that are put for sale in store are not factory leftovers, quite the opposite actually. In buying directly from vendors, T. J. Maxx is not allowed to mention designers in commercials or ads. Just know that you’re getting brand names for 60% less than other stores.

True or false: The best day of the week to shop at a T.J. Maxx is on Wednesday.

True! If you’re searching T.J. Maxx near me on a Wednesday, you’re certainly in luck. Brand insiders have noted that the best time to hit up a T.J. Maxx is right in the middle of the week. Why? This is the day of the week when the store receives new inventory (1,000 of new items every week) and marks down products for clearance or sales. This means you’ll get first dibs on all of the new merchandise and a chance to score some incredible clearance deals before the weekend crowds swoop in for the good buys.

T.J. Maxx Near Me – T.J. Maxx Facts

The Irregularity Myth

Despite what many may claim as far as T.J. Maxx merchandise is concerned, a majority of T.J. Maxx offerings is not irregular. In fact, 95% of products in a T.J. Maxx store are not damaged or unfit for regular retail in any capacity. Only 5% of T.J. Maxx products are considered to be “irregular” or “damaged.” These products are marked as such on their price tags, meaning that a consumer will never find out after making a purchase. Transparency is truly a top priority for the T.J. Maxx brand, especially where the quality of their products are concerned.

The Thrill of the Hunt

If you’re searching T.J. Maxx near me in hopes of scoring that once in a lifetime deal, you’re in luck, the brand wants you to leave their stores feeling as if you just conquered the impossible. The store goes so far as to hide “gems” throughout the racks. This is meant to thrill shoppers who find one of these hidden treasures amongst racks of normal everyday items. At T.J. Maxx the thrill of the hunt and the exhilaration of a good find are integral to the entire shopping experience. The brand knows this and fully endorses every site to provide several big gems to be found each day.

No Coupons and No Sales

While searching T.J. Maxx near me, you can rest assured that you won’t need any coupons or sale ads to get the best bang for your buck. T.J. Maxx and it’s sister store Marshalls don’t accept coupons and never put on sales (even on the all too sale driven Black Friday). T.J. Maxx knows that if they were to implement coupons and sales, many customers would hold off on purchasing items in favor of waiting for a potential sale or coupon offer. As a business in fast fashion, they want customers to purchase items as soon as they see them. Especially since their merchandise and inventory is always changing (often by the week). While they don’t offer sales or coupons on major holidays or retail extravaganzas such as Black Friday, they do receive shipments of select merchandise (such as iPads) on these days to help lure customers into the stores.

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