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Since 1982, Taco Bell has been bringing Americanized Mexican food to the masses; allowing anyone and everyone to get an affordable Mexican style meal in even the most rural parts of America. From 59 cent tacos to talking chihuahuas, Taco Bell has truly struck a chord with the American fast food masses and the chain is only getting bigger.

With over 5,000 Taco Bell locations throughout the world, finding a Taco Bell location has never been easier. Interested in locating a Taco Bell near you? Simply browse Taco Bell near me on the map below. You’ll find a comprehensive list of Taco Bell locations in your area. Need a bit more information on this fun fast food company? Read on for facts, trivia, and a list of the top three coolest Taco Bell locations in the US!

Taco Bell Near Me – Find it on the Map

Taco Bell Near Me – Taco Bell Trivia

Who is Taco Bell named for?

If you’re searching Taco Bell near me, you might be wondering just how this fast food chain earned its name. Taco Bell is named for its founder, Glen Bell. Bell is a California entrepreneur who owned a miniature golf course, hot dog stand, and many other ventures. That is, until he hit it big in the realm of tacos. While working at Bell’s Drive in in San Bernardino, Bell noticed extraordinarily long lines at the Mexican restaurant directly across the street.l After cozying up to the owner’s, Bell discovered how to make hard shell tacos, which were seen as purely a novelty item. With that Bell opened up his very own Mexican restaurant, dubbed Taco Tia. The restaurant soon grew to three locations before he sold off the franchise to his business partner. In 1962, he opened the very first Taco Bell location.

taco bell near me

Taco Bell completely redesigned their store fronts in 2013, going for a more modern image.

How much did tacos originally cost at Taco Bell?

Taco Bell is known for its awesome deals on food, but nothing quite compares to the original price of a taco at this chain. When the brand first originated, a hard shelled taco cost just $.19 cents. While tacos are still fairly affordable at Taco Bell, it’s hard to beat a taco for under a quarter. Other items on the original taco bell menu included tostadas, burritos, and the chilli burger.

True or false: The first Taco Bell franchisee was a former LA police officer.

This is true! The first person to franchise a Taco Bell was a former Los Angeles police officer named Kermit. Two years after Bell opened the first Taco Bell, the restaurant had expanded to include eight locations. AT this point Bell decided it was a good time to start franchising, placing a high degree of trust into American-Mexican cuisine. The first person to take up the Taco Bell franchise offer was Kermit Becky, who opened the first franchise in Torrance, CA.

True or False: Taco Bell was sold to Pepsi Co. in 1978.

You might not think of Taco Bell when you think of Pepsi but the two go hand in hand. In 1978, Pepsi Co. purchased Taco Bell for a whopping $130 million dollars. Taco Bell first caught the eye of this soda company in the late 60’s. Pepsi first tried to start its own Mexican-American restaurant dubbed Taco Kid. The idea didn’t fly and soda giant decided there was really no way to compete with the success of Taco Bell. Because of this the soda brand decided to purchase Taco Bell instead.

Taco Bell Near Me – Taco Bell Facts

There are Zero Taco Bell’s in Mexico

If you’re in Mexico, searching for a Taco Bell near me, you’re truly out of luck. Despite having locations in the Middle East and even Iceland, Taco Bell has never been able to put roots down in the country whose food it represents. Taco Bell attempted to open locations in mexico City, but the idea failed miserably and the restaurants were closed within two years. In 2007, Taco Bell tried once again to make a presence in Mexico by opening store in Monterrey to unfortunate results. According to some polls, native Mexican citizens tend to find the food rather incomparable to their own.

Discontinued Items

While searching Taco Bell near me, don’t expect to find any of these items on the menu. Before thinking completely outside of the bun, Taco Bell offered a chili burger and a bell beefer. The bell beefer most resembled a sloppy joe seasoned with taco beef. It was short lived .Taco Bell also attempted to make a Black Jack taco with a black shell for Halloween, which sadly didn’t catch on. Some menu items are sorely missed, including the beefy crunch burrito which many Taco Bell fans still petition to bring back every year.

Top Three Coolest Taco Bells

With more than 5,000 Taco Bells in 26 countries, there are a few locations that truly stand apart from the rest. If you find yourself near one of these locations while searching Taco Bell near me, make sure to give them a try!

1.Taco Bell, Pacifica, CA

Want to take in an amazing ocean view while chowing down on your chalupa? Look no further than the Pacifica, CA Taco Bell. Not only does this location offer a window for surfers and beautiful wood assembly, but it boasts incredible views of the Pacific.

2. Taco Bell, Fort Worth Texas

They say everything’s bigger in Texas, including the Taco Bells! This two story monstrosity has incredible views and a customizable menu!

3. Taco Bell Cantina, Chicago, IL

Far from your typical Taco Bell, this location features an urban design, open kitchen, and even alcoholic beverages. That’s right you can get your beer, wine and sangria fix at this Taco Bell location!

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