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Once Coco Chanel made tanning chic after accidentally catching too much sun on a Mediterranean cruise people couldn’t get enough of the sun kissed and healthy glow that tanning can give. Since then, tanning has become a popular choice amongst those looking to get that Hollywood glow without the help of the California sun.

Are you interested in finding tanning salons near you? Simply browse tanning near me on the map below and find a list of tanning salons in your area! Need a bit more information on tanning? Read on for facts and trivia on this popular lifestyle choice!

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Tanning Near Me – Tanning Trivia

Who invented the lights required for tanning?

If you’re searching tanning near me, know that tanning is a fairly recent invention . In fact, it wasn’t until 1903 when Niels Finsen was awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine after using “phototherapy” that tanning indoors was even a possibility. The initial invention was used to remove skin ulcers caused by lupus vulgaris. Tanning wasn’t made chic officially until 20 years later when Coco Chanel caught a bit too much sun on a Mediterranean cruise. The photographs of her sunbathing in Cannes set a new precedent for what beauty was. Prior to this, pale skin was more highly sought after and often indicated wealth and status. Coco Chanel’s friend Prince Jean Louis de Faucigny-Lucigne said, “I think she may have invented sunbathing. At that time, she invented everything.”

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Laying in a tanning bed can improve your mood while boosting your glow!

Why do fair skinned people typically burn?

If you’re a fair skinned person searching tanning near me, keep in mind that though tanning can give you that healthy glow, that fair skinned people tend to burn more easily than their olive skinned counterparts. This is because fair skinned people lack melanin which is responsible for a tan’s coloring. This is why fair skinned people tend to turn red or burn rather than tan. Fret not, there are lotions and creams designed to help fair skinned guys and gals get the glow they so fervently seek. Ask your local tanning salon what the best solution may be for you and your particular skin tone.

True or false: Tanning beds can raise vitamin D levels in healthy adults.

True! Though some research is still being conducted as far as tanning beds and vitamin D is concerned, many agree that tanning beds can raise vitamin D levels in healthy adults. The good news? For a fair skinned person, you won’t need much exposure in order to gain the vitamin D that you need. Large amounts of Vitamin D are made as soon as you expose your skin to UV rays. This happens very quickly, in about half the time it takes for your skin to turn pink or burn. This can vary depending on your skin tone and level of tolerance to the sun. A dark skinned person will need longer doses of exposure than their fair skinned peers.

What is the best way to tan?

If you’re searching tanning near me, you may be wondering how to gain that beautiful glow. While tanning times will vary based on your unique complexion, most experts agree that it is best to tan in 5 minute increments every other session. This means that you should allow several weeks to a month in order to achieve your tanning goals and reach the full amount of time you can lay or stand in a bed. With a little patience and some help from your local salon, you can achieve the tanning results that you seek with relative ease.

Tanning Near Me – Tanning Facts

Improve Your Mood While Getting a Glow

While searching tanning near me, keep in mind that tanning won’t only benefit your skin tone, it can also improve your mood! Exposure to sunlight has not only been linked to higher energy levels, it has also been linked to elevated mood. This may have to do with the belief that people look better with a tan. A report on the tanning attitudes of young adults and individuals under 30 found that 81% of people in 2007 felt that having a tan improved their appearance. Only 58% of individuals in 1968 had the same belief. In fact, individuals with seasonal affective disorder reported improved mood status when exposed to sunlight and tanning beds. It has also been shown that tanning can increase endorphin levels.

Natural Protection Against Sunburn

On your quest to find tanning near me, you’ll likely be happy to know that the Indoor Tanning Association claims that having a base tan can effectively act as the body’s natural protection against sunburn. Citing that a UV induced tan offers a sun protection factor of 3 or 4. While an SPF of 3 or 4 may not protect against sunburn, it can prove handy in warding off those harmful rays or walking around in the sun. Of course, always wear sun protection and appropriate clothing if you’re going to be exposed to the sun longer than 30 minutes. Base tan or not, you should always air on the side of caution.

Sunless Tanning

While searching sunless tanning near me, you may come across tanning booths that offer spray tans or faux tan options. If you’re fair skinned and a little wary of a traditional tanning booth, a spray tan may be your best option. Sunless agents on the market currently include spray on tans and sunless tanning lotions. Both of these products contain dihydroxyacetone, which reacts with the amino acid groups in the stratum corneum to help stain the skin brown. It’s also been proven that people who rely solely on sunless tanning products, exhibit better sun protection habits than those who tan indoors.

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