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Tanning Salons are a useful tool for those who want to get some nicely toned skin and avoid having to face the natural sunlight. Did the long nights of winter give you a nice ivory skin tone? Does your lifestyle not permit you to get out into the sunshine as much as you would like? Tanning Salons are a nice option to help you have the golden skin that you want.

Use the Tanning Salons Near Me Map to help you track down a tanning salon near you. Simply click on the location you want to look at and you can see the address, phone number, business hours and even reviews of the location. Once you have selected the tanning salon you want to go to, you can check for directions to get their quickly and efficiently.

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History of Tanning Salons

How long do you think that tanning was popular? Well, the popularity of nicely golden skin didn’t come around until after the First World War. Prior to that, dark skin was always associated with the working class, which was not something that the upper classes wanted to be associated with. The leisurely life, which meant staying inside due to all the nice toxic air outside, was highlighted by pale skin. So, the nice white skin of the compulsive video gamer was highly sought after because that meant that you didn’t have to exert yourself outside.

tanning salons near me

A tanning bed simulates sunlight by emitting UV rays, which darken the pigments of the skin.

The popularity of sunbathing became highly prized, thanks to a mistake made by the ever famous Coco Chanel who got sunburnt on a cruise. The photos of her became popular and various methods of skin darkening became popular. Methods such as cosmetics, sunless tanning sprays and creams, tanning beds (sunbeds) and good old sunbathing have had various degrees of popularity over time.

Health and Safety Concerns

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Agency, there are important health and safety concerns that you need to be aware of before using a tanning bed.
The biggest concern associated with the use of sunless tanning beds is an increased risk of cancer. Two types of cancer have been associated with tanning beds: squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma. There have been associations with cancer of the eye. In addition, for those under the age of 35, there have been a 75% increase in the risk of melanoma of the skin.

Beyond the cancer risks, there are risks associated with those who are immune suppression, pre-mature aging, eye damage and allergic reactions.
Indoor Tanning does help produce Vitamin D; however, be sure to follow the following safety tips.

1. Wear proper UV goggles, that are well fitted. This will help protect your eyes.

2. Always follow the manufacturers recommendations for how long to use the tanning booth and with the right setting and time for your skin tone.

3. Try to use the shortest exposure time.

4. Progressively increase the intensity of your exposure, don’t start at the highest level.

5. Don’t use a tanning bed more than once a week.

Be sure to always be careful with your health and if you are just using a tanning bed to get your Vitamin D, remember that you can always find it available in cheaper vitamin sources. Doctors normally say that 15 minutes of sun exposer a day will get you enough Vitamin D, especially when there are foods available with it fortified.
With all the safety concerns out of the way, if you are looking to get your tan ready for swimsuit season, enjoy searching your Tanning Salons Near Me and check the map for a convenient Tanning Salon.

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Tanning Salons in America

America has got A LOT of tanning salons. People just love to get their tan on. There are over 12,000 tanning salons in the United States, which means there is likely one close to you when you search Tanning Salon Near Me. The market has over a $2 billion dollar a year revenue, with over 10 million customers per year. With that, here are the biggest and best chains.

Tanning Methods

There are several popular methods for tanning that people like to use. Some of the methods you can do yourself and others you can get at a Tanning Salon.

Method 1: Good old fashion sunbathing.

Sunbathing is the oldest and cheapest method of sun tanning. All you need is a good amount of sun and usually a beach towel to lay on. Some good tips are to use a good sun tan lotion, using lower SPF to help you get a tan. Be sure to use sun tan lotion and not sun block. Sun glasses and an umbrella will also help keep the amount of direct light off if you plan to be in the sun for a long period of time. Also, remember after you are done, put on some lotion, aloe based is a good choice.

Method 2: Sunless Tanning Lotion

Sunless Tanning Lotion, also known as self-tanners, is a lotion that helps darken the pigments in the skin. Self-tanners aren’t always lotions. You can get gels, foams, sprays, creams and oils. When applying self-tanners, be sure to wear medical gloves to help keep your hands from getting over covered. Be sure to start applying layers a few days before you want to reach your desired degree of tan.

Method 3: Spray Tan

Spray tans are popular at tanning salons. They work very much like a tanning lotion, by darkening the pigments of the skin; however, they are applied more quickly using a spay. Prior to spraying, be sure to exfoliate the skin. Some important tips. Due to the difficulty of making sure the spray goes on evenly and reaching parts of your back, it is a good idea to have a professional do the job. The number of layers that you apply is also important, like with a tanning lotion. If you put on too many layers, you will get a nice fake looking tan, which won’t be flattering.

Method 4: Tanning Bed

The tanning bed is a bed that has lights which create Ultra Violet light. As mentioned above, there are a number of health and safety concerns, so be careful with using this method. The best advantages are that you get a nice even tan quickly. It can also be done in a private fashion. Just like the other methods, be sure to watch the amount of tanning time being applied. The average amount of time in a tanning bed is 12 minutes, but range between 8 and 20 minutes depending on the amount of darkening skin that was needed.

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